UFO Falls Out of Sky in Brazil after Exploding in a Flash of Light

A strange bright object was seen in the sky in Bahia in Brazil, and then a few moments later the UFO exploding amid a bright flash of light and debris was scattered onto the ground leaving officials in Brazil baffled. Debris Not Consistent With That from a Meteor Witnesses said that it looked like a meteor had exploded in the sky but when checking out the debris that had fallen following the explosion it was said to be too thin for it to have come from a meteorite. Another suggestion was that perhaps the debris was parts of a satellite. Locals described hearing an explosion and then came across the weird debris on their land. The debris they came across was said to be of different shaped metallic fragments, which were also of different sizes. Huge White Flash Lit Up the Night Sky The strange event was captured on video and seems to show a white flash in the sky that is hurtling towards the ground.

When it is close to the ground, it seems to explode in a bright flash of light, so bright that it lights up the night sky and the vicinity for a few seconds before once again plunging into darkness. The event was captured at different angles by different cameras, with the time stamp on one of the cameras showing as 22: 28: 04 on 20 February 2018. The officials in Brazil along with those who witnessed the incident say that the explosion and debris remain something of a mystery. .

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3 Videos From The Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program


This week on BuzzFeed unsolved we once again tackle the age-old question “Do aliens exist?”

To attempt to answer that question we’ll take a deep dive into the government’s newly uncovered advanced aerospace threat identification program and in particular we’ll examine some recent video evidence that has emerged from the program and it’s good footage.

Dare I say it is undeniable? I have to say this every single time we do an episode about aliens but I DO believe in aliens and I have to say this every time as well, he believes in aliens but in a very boring way. I just don’t think they’re bipedal.

I think they’re probably clouds or a little bacteria – they’re intelligent. Do you think they have belly buttons? Not gonna play this game with you. I’m not, I refuse. I know what you’re trying to do right now. I just wanna open the file. In 2007 three senators Ted Stevens a Republican from Alaska Daniel K Inouye a Democrat from Hawaii and Harry Reid a Democrat from Nevada in the Senate Majority Leader at the time worked to secure funding for a new secret but not classified government program to investigate reports of UFOs or as they’ve been more recently dubbed, UAPS -unidentified aerial phenomena

Why change it? There are people crazier than me that have tarnished the reputation of UFOs to the point where they now have to rebrand it to UAPS and even when I say you UAPS does that not sound military? yeah I guess people like you have sort of tarnished it. Senator Reid’s interest in the unexplained phenomena stemmed from a meeting with Nevada billionaire Robert Bigelow who has stated that he’s absolutely convinced aliens have visited earth.

Years after their meeting Bigelow received a letter from a senior member of a federal national security agency with a PhD according to Reid, the letter expressed interest in Bigelow’s fascination with UFOs the individual told Senator Reid after meeting with both him and Bigelow that study should be done on the matter and he created an outline for what should be covered in the study.

It was then that Reid connected with fellow senator Stevens in NOAA both of whom have long been a part of the defense Appropriations Subcommittee. The three met for what Reid described as “one of the easiest meetings I ever had end”. Stephens’ interest in UFOs stemmed from his time in the military. He said that he never reported seeing suspicious things for fear of damage it may cause to his reputation or career to fund the project. Reid Stevens and Noaa decided to use black money  it or black budget as it’s more commonly referred to which is government money used for classified programs and projects.

That way the formation of the program would not be debated on the Senate floor and just like that the advanced aerospace threat identification program was created in 2007 and why that’s crazy is because you know as a society we haven’t seen the government even admit UFOs are real and now we’re learning that they essentially were lying to us/  One of my big dreams is to work at a place like this where it’s like secret but the entrance to the place doesn’t look like the place where you’re going so you go behind like a bookshelf or it’s like a bagel shop and you walk to the counter and you’re like I’ll have a sesame, and the person behind the counter just says like we’re all out of sesame and then you have to say something like “Oh I love sesame on a Tuesday!”

In all at least 22 million dollars was spent on the project with most of it going to Bigelow’s company Bigelow Aerospace the company’s underground Las Vegas complex would be home to the research conducted for the program while the program itself was operated out of the Pentagon. In 2010 military intelligence official Luis Elizondo took over the program.  Elizondo was an experienced Department of Defense employee who worked on classified counterintelligence missions and operated with top-level security clearance he claims that the program was so secretive that even some of those inside the Pentagon were unaware of its existence the program’s mission was to investigate detection eyewitness sightings and or military video footage of unknown identify them and then according to Elizondo quote ascertain and determine if that information is a potential threat to national security end quote anomalous aircraft that would operate outside the normal laws of aerodynamics would be investigated,

Elizondo describes aircrafts quote that don’t have any obvious flight services any obvious forms of propulsion and maneuvering in ways that include extreme maneuverability beyond I would submit the healthy g-forces of a human or anything biological end quote the information the program collected came mainly from military personnel in particular military pilots who witnessed the bizarre occurrences when you’re in the military you’re probably probably got a lot of discipline probably not rattled by too much yeah they see planes fly by them every day I’m imagining for the past like 20 years of their life I see that all so they’re up there in the air they’re seeing things move in ways that defy the laws of physics things that would make their bodies implode if they were inside that vehicle and they have footage of it so I just don’t know how you can look at that kind of stuff can’t wait to hear these folks holler are they hollering what do you think they’re all pulled up some kind of rally or something they these are trained professionals there yeah but you said they go nuts crazy for these UAPS.

This is it’s not catchy enough what is it called UAPS?  it’s not supposed to be catchy it should be somewhat cut it begins catchy then it starts to slip into the you know I guess they’re saying you AP’s all the time let’s make it just as crazy as UFOs Jesus Christ those investigating the incidents were highly trained and qualified according to Elizondo quote we had PhDs we had CI people we had trained intelligence officers and human case officers pretty much a full range of talent most of us tend to be by nature skeptical because we are in the field of intelligence and national security but I think once you get into the data itself and the specifics regarding what we’re actually seeing we begin to realize that there may be something here a little bit more than just what people think are drones or whatever people may chalk it up to be and quote he went on quote there’s a lot of rigor and diligence that’s placed in looking at these we look and say oh that’s X Y Z and the reason why it looks this way is because of ABC but unfortunately there are some other incidents that can’t be explained and what our job is to do is to figure out really it’s very simple what is it and how does it work end quote the previous director of the advanced aerospace threat identification program created a briefing summary in 2009 on the program that stated quote what was once considered science fiction is now science fact end quote that’s a good quote that’s ballsy that should be on a t-shirt the logo should just be like an alien just giving the middle finger that seems like something he practiced in the mirror several times that morning yeah

There’s probably way less cool about he was like back his wife walks in on him when he’s practicing yeah I’m sure he delivered it was some kind of gravitas I don’t know even better zero gravitas gravitas gravitas his gravitas gravity thanks around the same time promising discoveries were made by the program and in an attempt to limit access to the information Reid requested that it be given a special designation of quote restricted special access program end quote but his request was denied the brief summary also stated that if some of the discovered technology were to be used against the u.s.

We would have no way of defending ourselves against it according to Elizondo the sightings often took place near nuclear facilities be it power plants or ships the program investigated unidentified flying objects and metal alloys and other debris picked up from encounters Elizondo said of the program and the objects investigated quote if you’re asking my personal opinion from here look I’ve got to be honest with you I don’t know where it’s from but we’re pretty sure it’s not here now what does that mean it’s out there whether or not it’s Russian or Chinese inside or little green men from Mars or frankly your neighbor’s dog I wanted to purposely steer away from that because I wanted to focus on truly the raw science what were we seeing and did it pose a threat to national security end quote love it this guy he knows how to level with with people you pepper in a couple times you saying I’m in it for the science and skeptics will just really have a big old boner for that they’ll love it.

Yeah though you have their full attention you got me I just don’t think that another country so far ahead of us that they could like lapis like this who made fidget spinners where’d those come from that’s probably us that’s not tech now that we’ve covered the genesis of the advanced aerospace threat identification program let’s get into a few of its many discoveries we’ll dissect three videos recently released by to the Stars Academy of Arts and Science from the department of defense that are both exciting and dare I say unearthly for the first video dubbed gimble little information has been released to the public what we do know is that it is footage taken from a Navy f-18 Super Hornet during an encounter with an unidentified object however there is audio capturing real military pilots reactions to what they’re seeing well going against the wind the window hudson playing it was interesting when you see it just sort of rotate yeah yeah that was merely to whet your appetite he’s rapid tight wet now is it are you ready for some more yeah I’m excited for more videos there’s a good one the next video known as go fast was released by the Department of Defense in March of 2018 what we know about go fast is that this video was taken in 2015 somewhere along the East Coast the footage is also from a f-18 Super Hornet and has audio of the pilots experiencing the encounter yeah it would look like it was going very fast it looks very small yeah I mean it’s were medicinally up very very high and it was allegedly closer – yeah it was closer and most people have the same description and that kind of looked like the other object where they kind of look like tic tacs like flying little tic tacs and once again no signs of visible propulsion.

Wouldn’t it be cool if aliens were really small like a cop like a coffee cup? Like if we were shooting this episode in something just hovered by her head right here yeah that’d be cool if they were a little and then a cat like jumps up and grabs and now on to the last and perhaps most compelling video titled FLIR one also known as the nimitz incident on november 14 2004 commander david forever a commanding officer of the VFA 41 black aces and Lieutenant Commander Jim Slade were told to go check out mysterious aircrafts that had been spotted multiple times over the past two weeks interviews and reports about the craft noted aerial feeds that the US military was not capable of maneuvers such as dropping from more than 60,000 feet to just about 50 feet above water at supersonic speeds than stopping abruptly and hovering in that position as forever and Slade made their way to the aircraft’s traverse says that he looked down at the ocean and saw a disturbance in the water that looked like boiling water over something that just barely submerged above that he noticed an oval-shaped hovering aircraft just 50 feet above the water measuring about 40 feet in length which he likened to a tic-tac.

The aircraft seemed to be moving irregularly over the water in all directions forever started to descend in a circular motion toward the mysterious aircraft but it began ascending when he tried to go directly toward the object it darted off quote it accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen end quote the pilots were then instructed to make their way 60 miles to a meet-up point known as the cap point moments later the pilots were radioed quote sir you won’t believe it but that thing is at your cap point end quote the aircraft had reappeared in their radar the two pilots were still over 40 miles out from the point the object had disappeared before the pilots weren’t able to reach the meet up point this is a great example of you know they’re being called out there to go it’s not like they were just like doing something else and they saw the Tic Tac flying by like what’s the Tic Tac doing here someone called them and said hey we got tic tacs we need you out here stat yeah like we got a tic tac call let’s go check out these tickets well they also asked them do you guys have missiles on board in case they had to blow it out of this guy these are some serious tic tacs these are some with some tactical tic tacs we need your missiles out here so they get out there they’re hunting down tic tacs and they don’t bring better cameras they just got this dumb pitch and it’s in the moment no but but and frankly the the camera that locks on to it it’s less impressive get a nice wide shot of that thing zipping past upon his return to the USS Nimitz forever became the butt of jokes as news of his encounter had made its way around the ship forever told another pilot about the incident quote I have no idea what I saw it had no plumes wings or rotors and outran our f-18s I want to fly one end quote those ranking higher than forever did not investigate the incident further in 2017 forever recalled his experience saying quote I don’t think I was a nut job as an officer in the Navy I wasn’t drunk I don’t do drugs I got a good night’s rest it was a clear day I think someone should have looked into it having talked to some of the other folks it’s a big frustration that it’s coming out now and wasn’t discussed back in 2004 end quote forever spoke of the technology he witnessed saying quote this is revolutionary technology to be able to accelerate go up and down think about the advances that would bring to mankind what if it actually starts to get people to think outside the box end quote you imagine seeing the ocean boil and then just having to you know you get back I’ll tell you what if you’re out there and if you’re out there and you see something extraordinary and you look around yourself and you see that you’re the only person seeing this extraordinary feat just know that you are going to be crazy from then on that’s what you’re gonna be labeled as no one’s ever gonna believe you saw anything and that is the most frustrating thing on earth and on that note let’s get into some theories as to what these pilots could have been seeing there seems to be two camps there are those very encouraged by these encounters and what they could mean for the existence of extraterrestrials and then there are those that are not so convinced that they indicate anything let’s start with the latter the first theory is that perhaps these unexplained phenomena are simply unexplained happenings that don’t specifically indicate anything including aliens MIT astrophysicists Sara Seager an unknown object origin quote when people claim to observe truly unusual phenomena sometimes it’s worth investigating seriously well people sometimes don’t get about science is that we often have phenomena that remain unexplained end quote it’s also possible that these encounters are of completely terrestrial origin another country could be creating and testing advanced technology that we are simply unaware of an anonymous former congressional staffer claims this was a reason for forming the program in the first place posing the question quote was this China or Russia trying to do something or has some propulsion system we are not familiar with and quote Andrew Simeon the director of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence Institute Center in Berkeley says that after years of studying were still short on research indicating that aliens do exist quote objective description of any phenomena should be backed up by compelling evidence and despite many decades of reports of various UFO and abduction phenomena we don’t have much evidence moreover astronomers spend their lives looking at the sky with a wide variety of telescopes and techniques and we have never snapped a picture of an unexplained spaceship end quote and Neil deGrasse Tyson simply says quote call me when you have a dinner invite from an alien end quote well I’ll tell you what I don’t like being lumped in with him why is that you’re not on the Neil deGrasse Tyson train he’s always a little too pleased with himself and I know I’m often pleased with myself you’re quite pleased at yourself I think you dig the smell of your own farts mmm that’s not true theory though the second theory is that the encounters like the ones shown in these videos perhaps suggest extraterrestrial life people in this camp claimed the videos are just scratching the surface and our grounds for even more research into the topic those who come out about their involvement with the program all seem to criticize the government and its research or lack thereof Elizondo states that there were senior officials in the Department of Defense that objected to the program for various reasons Allison – explained quote in the end however I couldn’t carry out that mission because the department which was understandably overstretched couldn’t give it the resources that the mounting evidence deserved end quote Christopher Mellon the deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence under both Clinton and Bush cites embarrassment or potential damage to a reputation as a reason for the lack of attention on the issue within the Pentagon quote nobody wants to be the alien guy in the National Security bureaucracy nobody wants to be ridiculed or sidelined for drawing attention to the issue this is true up and down the chain of command and it is a serious and recurring impediment to progress end quote in the end the government said the program was shuttered in 2012 however its existence was not made public until late 2017 that means the program was mostly hidden from public knowledge for 10 years spokesperson Thomas Crossan for the Pentagon on the closing of the program quote it was determined that there were other higher priority issues that merited funding and was in the best interest of the DoD to make a change end quote however since its official closing program supporters say officials that worked on the project continue their work in investigations on top of their other assigned tasks in the Defense Department Elizondo resigned in October 2017 as a protest to the secrecy surrounding the project Elizondo wrote a resignation letter to Secretary of Defense Jim mattis in which he described the problems with the government’s operation of the program quote despite overwhelming evidence at both of the classified and unclassified levels certain individuals in the department remain staunchly opposed to further research on what could be a tactical threat to our pilots sailors and soldiers and perhaps even an existential threat to our national security and quote Elizondo entered the private sector to continue the research he wasn’t able to further with the government quote I left to find an environment where investigating these phenomena is priority number one end quote this is typical you know in every disaster movie or alien movie or whatever something along those lines there is a character in it that everyone thinks is crazy and everything goes to hell and everything now people are running to this dude for answers and he’s not so crazy I’m just saying I know that’s a movie obviously when it seems that you know reality is mimicking fiction here yeah along with a few other people involved in the program including Christopher Milland Elizondo has gone on to become part of the to the stars Academy of Arts and Science to continue their study of the unexplained the Academy’s president and CEO is Tom DeLonge formerly of the band blink-182 the corporation’s mission is to look into quote exotic science and technologies end quote by blending and utilizing science aerospace and entertainment Mellon claims that those involved in the military are approaching to the Stars Academy to investigate more happenings similar to those he’s described because of the department of defense’s poor handling of reported incidents it’s admirable to maybe hang your hat on your belief so strongly and devote this amount of time in research to the aid of everyone else I’m gonna assume he’s doing it to eight everyone else not just to be like I told you so well but at the same time these people probably have fat stacks right blink-182 it’s a lot they sell a lot of albums he had a lot of reps lives in a cozy life what if aliens this is bringing you back full circle impact what if aliens are small uh-huh like you said before I’d still offend Tom DeLonge sings all the small things and we look back at all the small things and we see that inside the song is actually a coded message that explains aliens are small things I let’s examine the lyrics after this but I think we might find a code in here I think we could national treasure to this so do a Lian’s really exist despite numerous sightings it seems that no one can agree on this topic until we get a clear visual hard evidence and maybe even a declaration from aliens themselves the mystery will remain unsolved when it comes to trying to prove aliens existence this program and its findings are the best chance we have in doing that it’s definitely offered the best case I would say yeah it seems like they’re going about it in a somewhat respectable way well because think about it when you’re trying to prove aliens what do you need you need proof number one you need parama you need video uh-huh and you need people of stature or people with credentials yeah to believe that that proof this has both of them I feel like the video speak for themselves I feel like they show things that are clearly unexplainable and I think that’s enough to make the jump at least to say maybe we should research this a little more I think we should research it more cuz we don’t know what it is probably no can’t say that it might be aliens could be could be a thousand things.

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Haunted Castle | Leap Castle, Ireland | Ghost Stories & Paranormal Investigation

Whoa, that’s kind of scary. What the F*** was that? Hey guys. Thank you so much for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt. Today I am in Ireland. I’m here to check out one of the world’s most haunted castles. I’m so stoked to be here at Leap Castle, so let’s go check it out. Just rocked up to the front of the castle. I was just greeted by the cutest little dog and I don’t know where he’s run off to now, but this place looks amazing. So Leap Castle is quite old and has become so notorious because it has a long and very dark history. It was actually built in around 1250. Now just at the top of the building is a room known as the Bloody Chapel and that place really did earn its name. It was where one of the most gruesome murders within the castle occurred, which probably caused the earliest ghosts to haunt that castle. So the story goes in the Bloody Chapel there was a priest.

He was there with his family. His brother came in and drove a sword through his back fatally wounding him. He fell to the ground and took his last breath, bleeding out in front of his family. Now, that priest is said to still haunt the Bloody Chapel to this day. Many, many people passing by the castle have noted that top window in the Bloody Chapel coming alight at night and people think that that is the priest still hanging out in that room. Another creepy thing about the Bloody Chapel is that there was a Hidden Dungeon uncovered in the 1920s which was full of Human Bones. So just heading upstairs into what is known as the Bloody Chapel that is supposed to be one of the most haunted places of Leap Castle and wear a hidden dungeon was found.

Can you see? I’m gonna keep going further up this dark staircase with the hole through the floor. Seems safe. It’s kind of scary. It’s so dark when you turn that light off. I think that torch is dying. Yea, that will be right. I cam currently in what is known as the Bloody Chapel. It has very good reason to be named that. It is supposed to be haunted by a priest who was murdered here. I’m gonna have a look around there. There is supposedly a dungeon here which is just a drop and the story of that is they would just drop the people down there and they would be impaled on spikes that lay at the bottom of it.

And that was actually covered up and it was revealed or found again in the 1920s. And there was that many human bones that they found in there that they extracted three cartloads out of the dungeon. So, very, very, interesting and spooky. I’m just walking down a staircase out of the chapel now and I don’t know if this goes to the dungeon. There is a big hole down here. I’m really more concerned about this thing that looks like a bird nest right next to me. I am extremely scared of birds, so, can maybe deal with a dungeon but if a bird flies in here for its egg or something.. Okay so this is the hole. Yeah that is deep. That’s deep. Okay. that’s quite deep – I don’t know if you can see as far down on my camera as I can see. That hole is deep. I don’t know if that’s the dungeon there’s a door here and then through that it’s just kind of like ruined bits of the castle.

Let’s go back up these stairs now. I love your choice of footwear today Jarrad. There’s definitely birds up here because I can hear them. There is another drop over here. That’s what I was just down that staircase. If I come over here. Okay there’s another drop down here. This one doesn’t look as deep but you’d still get pretty hurt if you fell down there and there were spikes at the bottom. So that’s creepy. There’s no window here so, I dunno, it is a pretty big drop. I am not like too scared of heights though.

So yeah, that is super cool. Yeah, the Bloody Chapel. Should we do a Spirit Box cause we have it to ourselves for a bit. This is a Spirit Box Session inside the Bloody Chapel of Leap Castle. Hi my name is Amy, is there anybody in this chapel that wants to talk to me? Could you come close and tell me your name? Is there a priest in here? How did you die? Okay, that’s a dog barking, I hope. Were you killed in the dungeon here? What is your connection to the Bloody Chapel? Why are you still at Leap Castle? Can you come close and say anything to me? What is your name? How many people died? We don’t seem to be getting much through on the Spirit Box so we might continue having a look around the castle. Of the more gruesome murders to happen here at Leap Castle was actually the murders of about forty men. Basically these men were invited by Leap Castle by the owners after they had helped out in a victory against another rival clan.

Yet, they did not know that the owners had poisoned all of their food so those forty men died during the feast here at Leap Castle and it has thought that all of their souls still haunt the castle to this day. So another one of the cool stories from Leap Castle that involves a little bit of legend and of course more murder dates back to the 1600s. So around this time the owner actually hid a large amount of treasure somewhere in the castle or its grounds. He then had the two servants that assisted him murdered so that they couldn’t tell anyone where the treasure was. He later was imprisoned for treason, went a little bit insane and then when he was released from prison, couldn’t remember where he hid the treasure – so there very well may be some riches still hidden in this area. Let’s go look down here… Just wood – it is not the hidden treasure.

This is really, really amazing. There is lot of cobwebs everywhere that adds to the feel but then all of the paintings, the furniture, everything – it’s just unreal. Like this heart. I love it. This is cool. There is like a secret room in here. I don’t think we can go in there, but… Hi guys I’m in a different room of Leap Castle that is much quieter. I’m gonna try an EVP session in here and see if we can pick up on any voices in this recording that aren’t mine. Hellow my name is Amy. Are there any spirits around me in this castle that wish to talk? Could you come close and say something to me? Alright, nothing obvious picked up there.

Can always listen back to it later. There is another spirit that haunts Leap Castle. It is known as an Elemental Spirit which is basically a very primitive ghost that is described as being insanely scary. There has been stories and retellings of encounters with this spirit for hundreds of years. Thankfully for the current owner who I just spoke to he said that he hasn’t encountered the elemental spirit at all during his time here at Leap Castle. He also doesn’t want to so hopefully it stays that way. So the owner here at Leap Castle is a really really lovely chap. He is working hard to restore the castle but there’s a lot of work to be done like you can see the area that I am in now is quite ruined.

Oh here’s my little dog friend! Hello! Hello buddy! So this guy is actually a stray that just hangs around the valley and like goes to all the different houses supposedly. He has no name but everyone loves him and he’s so friendly and they all just kind of pitch in and look after him. But as I was saying yeah this part of the castle was quite ruined. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope that you enjoyed exploring the awesome and very haunted Leap Castle in Ireland here with me. If you did please remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe. If you’re looking for a little bit more reading on haunted places head to AmysCrypt.com but remember until next time, stay spooky. .

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Top 10 Creepy Reincarnation Stories

I used to think I had lived a past life. I wish I could tell you more than that – but the memory started to fade as I left childhood and now I cant remember it at all – have any of you had a similar experience? That feeling that youve seen this all before – that you were another person once who loved and cried and eventually died? A few of you will – but once in a blue moon, someone is born with a much stronger version of that. They can remember names and faces – sometimes they even still feel like their old self and refuse to accept their new life.

It gets very strange. These are my favourites – Im Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Creepy Reincarnation Stories. Starting off at number 10 we have The General. In 2015, retired Fire Chief Jeffrey Keene came across evidence which he suggested was proof that he was Civil War General John B Gordon in a past life. Yeah, not everyone can say that. While visiting a civil war battlefield, he was inexplicably overcome with emotion and had trouble breathing – at one point he even thought he was having a heart attack. A while later, he spoke to a psychic – as they talked – he felt compelled to say the words -Not Yet- … for no reason. He didnt know why he said it. Later on, he found a Civil War magazine and while flicking through it, the words -not yet- in quotations marks jumped out him. It was quoting the words of General Gordon who repeated those words while telling his troops to stay back – on the exact same part of the battlefield where Jeffrey felt like he was having a heart attack. The picture of the general also looked a lost like it.

It gets weirder though. When Jeffrey turned 30, he went to the hospital with an immense pain in his jaw and face – no cause was found. Sure enough, when investigators looked through General Gordons life, he was shot in the face when he was 30 years old. It could all be a coincidence, but its pretty strange don’t you think? Next up at number 9 we have the Golden Age. Ryan Hammons was a boy who, at the age of 4, began having nightmares of people and places he didnt recognise. After a few months, he began to describe the details – it sounded like he was remembering the golden age of Hollywood. He told his mother Cyndi about expensive vacations and the many wives he had. Cyndi became concerned that there was more to Ryans nightmares than initially thought.

Cyndi looked through a book about Hollywood and was amazed when Ryan pointed to a man in a photo and calmly said that it was him in a past life. A child psychologist interviewed Ryan and found that he accurately described about 55 details about the man in the photo – an actor and Hollywood agent who died in 1964. One creepy thing that stood out was that first, they thought Ryan had got the age of death wrong for Marty.

He said he was 61 when he died and the death certificate was wrong. Well, after doing a bit more digging – they found that the death certificate was wrong and Ryan was right. Coming in at number 8 we have the Grandfather. This is the story of a boy called Sam who was studied by Dr Jim B Tucker of the University of Virginia. When Sam was 4 years old, his Grandmother died. His father brought out an old photo album – Sam had never seen a picture of his grandfather.

When Sam saw a picture of his grandfathers first car, he pointed to it and said -thats my car-. When they showed him a picture of his grandad and friends when he was a boy, Sam pointed to his grandfather right away and said -there I am- … they told him no, thats your grandfather, he said again -no, thats me- … he then began to share a lot of details that were creepily accurate. One that stood out was when he turned to his mother one day and said that in his past life, someone had -turned his sister into a fish- … they asked him, who? He said -bad men-. His grandfathers sister had actually been murdered and her corpse was dumped in a body of water. Is this proof of his reincarnation or a bit of a stretch? Id be interested to hear your opinions on this one.

Next up at number 7 we have The Fire. This is the story of Luke Ruehlman, a 5 year old boy who claimed to have lived a past life as Pam Robinson, an African-American woman from Chicago who died in a fire at the Paxton Hotel in 1993. It all started when Luke was just 2 years old, he would talk about a woman called Pam. Eventually, his mother asked him who this Pam woman was, he said he used to be her but then he died and went to heaven. He saw God and then eventually, God pushed him back down and he was a baby and then he was named Luke. More details came later. Luke said he used to travel by train to Chicago.Lukes mother investigated and found Pab Robinson, one of the 19 who died in the 1993 hotel fire.

Luke said that was him. I encourage you guys to read the full story and see for yourselves if there is anything to Lukes story of reincarnation … Moving on to number 6 we have Shanti Devi. When this Indian woman was 4 years old, she told her parents that her real home was in Mathura where her husband lived. That town is about 90 miles from her home in Delhi. Her parents tried to ignore her story, which frustrated Shanti so much that she ran away from home at the age of just 6 years old. She was trying to reach Mathura but was taken back before she could get there. She kept telling details of her past life though, telling people that she used to be married and died 10 days after giving birth to her child. Eventually, her headmaster found a man in Mathura who said this story matched that of his wife who had died, Ludgi Devi. He too became convinced that Shanti Devi was the reincarnation of his wife. Shanti never married and continued to tell her story for the rest of her life.

Coming in at number 5 we have The Murder. Karanfil Tutusmus was two days away from the birth of her son in 1958 when she had a dream one night. In the dream, she saw a man whos face was covered in blood enter her room. She asked him why he had come and told him to leave as her husband was away. He told her that his name was Selim Fesli and that he had been shot in the ear. When she awoke, Karanfil remembered hearing about a man like that in a nearby village who had been accidentally killed. She told her husband about the dream, her husband said he used to know the man. The boy was born and as soon as he began to talk, he insisted he was the reincarnation of the man in the dream – except he claimed his death had been no accident and that he had been murdered. At the age of 4, he went to the village and talked with the mans widow. He recounted their life together and told the woman that he, the reincarnation of her husband, had not been killed in a hunting accident – he had been murdered.

The widow and her children visited the boy as he grew up and very much believed that he was the reincarnation of the man they knew … Moving onto number 4 we have Solving a Murder. There isnt too much to go on with this story. In 2015, he was reported that a 3 year old boy from Golan Heights had a long red birthmark on his head. He claimed that he had been murdered in a past life – that the mark was a sign of his murder.

Dr Eli Lasch investigated the case. When they went to a city, the boy recalled his original first and last names and the name of his murderer. A local overheard this and said that the name of the man who the boy claimed to be had actually gone missing 4 years before. The boy was then able to find his old home – he walked right up to a man nearby and said -I used to be your neighbor. We had a fight and you killed me with an ax- … the man turned pale and the boy said -I even know where you buried my body- … the boy led them to the site and also found where the ax was hidden. The man then confessed to the murder. Incredibly, the location on the mans skull where the murderers axe hit, was exactly the same as the boys birthmark … Next up at number 3 we have Anne Frank. Babro Karlen was born in Sweden in 1954 to Christian parents.

Around the age of 3, she told her parents that she was not Barbro, but Anne Frank. She stopped acknowledging them as her real parents and told them that her real parents would come and get her soon. As she got older, she told them details of life as Anne. Around aged 7 or 8, she became confused when her teacher began talking about Anne Frank in Class. She wondered out the teacher could be talking about her. Thats when she found at that Anne Frank was already a famous person who had lived before – a victim of the holocaust whos diary became one of the most important books in history. When she visited Amsterdam for the first time, she walked straight to Anne Franks house without directions. Inside the house, she was stricken with anxiety, broke out in a cold sweat and grabbed her mothers hand. She told her mother than the movie star pictures were still on the wall, her mother couldn’t see any, thats when one of the tour guides told them that they had been taken down for the day to be mounted on glass. This story goes on and on – there have been books written about it if youre still interested to hear more.

Its really interesting … Moving on to number 2 now we have the Pollock Twins. Mrs and Mrs Pollock were a couple who lived in Hexham, England. In 1957, tragedy struck when their daughters, Joanna, aged 11 and Jacqueline aged 5 were killed in a car accident. Their parents were devastated. A year went by and Mrs Pollock became pregnant. To their surprise, she gave birth to identical twin girls. They named them Gillian and Jennifer. Although there were identical, they had different birthmarks. Jennifer had a birthmark on her waist that looked just like a birthmark that Jacqueline had.

She also had a birthmark on her head that looked like one of Jacquelines scars. The family moved when the twins were 3 months old. Two years later, the girls started asking for toys that belonged to their older sisters, even though they had never seen the toys before. Eventually, the family returned to Hexham. Despite being too young to remember the town, they girls new landmarks only their sisters should have known. They were also scared of moving cars and kept telling their parents the car is coming to get them. After the age of 5, these memories began to fade and the girls led normal lives … And finally at number 1 we have Nazih Al-Danaf. In 2000, this boys story was studied by Dr Haraldsson, a psychologist from the University of Iceland.

At the age of one and a half, he told his mother -I am not small, I am big. I carry two pistols. I carry four hand grenades. I am a fearless strong person. Don’t be scared by the hand grenades. I know how to handle then. I have a lot of weapons. My children are young and I want to go see them- … the guns and grenades talks is shocking as it is – but his parents didnt even know how he knew these words at this age. The boy also showed an unusual interest in cigarettes and whisky. He asked them if he could go back to his -home town- which was 10 miles away. When they arrived, he directed them to a house and jumped out of the car. He ran ahead with his father while his mother and sisters talked to a local and told them what Nazih had told them. The man was stunned – the details matched his deceased father.

When Nazih returned, the man asked him questions about the house which he got correct. He got details about the familys history completely right. He even found weapons in the house that he had stashed in his past life. They showed him a picture of the man who had died and asked Nazih who it was – he said -This is me, I was big but now I am small …- Alright – thats all weve got time for but theres always time for a part 2 if thats what you want. Does anyone have any reincarnation stories of their own? What do you think you were in a past life? I cant wait to hear what you come up with – in the meantime, thanks for watching as always guys, my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video! .

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10 CREEPY Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape

Chills 10. “Ghost Jail”: A YouTuber named JunkedUpKitten and his friends are exploring an old county jail. They take a video camera with them so that they can make a parody of the “Ghost Hunters” television series. Little did the small group know that on this night they would accidentally capture actual evidence of real ghosts. JunkedUpKitten wanders around the property with the camera close to his face while narrating. He passes by an ordinary-looking jail cell window and doesn’t think much of it at the time. When he goes back to review the footage later, he makes a startling discovery in the window. It looks like his parody show has turned out to be the real thing. From the other side of the glass, the colorless reflection of a man’s face stares at him. You can clearly see the outline of the ghost’s brow, nose, and empty eyes. His head is cocked to the right, almost like he is sizing up a newcomer. His mouth appears to be a thin expressionless line.

If anything, the ghost has incredible timing. Right when JunkedUpKitten says that he is looking for evidence of ghosts, one just happens to show up in the window. It’s almost as if the ghost was trying to make its presence known. Perhaps it was even trying to get ahold of someone who could free it from its miserable cell. 9. “Restaurant Spooks”: Most people think of houses, hospitals or jails when they think about ghost sightings, but some of the most unsuspecting of places can turn out to be the most haunted. This footage was taken in a popular food joint during broad daylight. A shadowy ghost suddenly materializes in a Subway restaurant. It starts out in the shape of a human and almost appears to be getting a table. When it gets to its seat, the black shadow suddenly changes into a floating black blob of an orb. At this point an employee or maybe a customer appears to see the ghost in the doorway. Whoever they are, they look stunned for a second and then quickly back away. The shadow orb pays no attention to the human as it floats up to the window and lingers there.

It’s almost as if it is taking a look at the outside world. The ghost starts to rise even higher and shrinks until it fully disappears back to wherever it came from. 8. The Ghost Stadium”: Ghosts don’t have to wait until nighttime before they can begin to haunt, as this Brazilian soccer footage shows. The crowd is happily cheering on their favorite team when suddenly a shadow ghost starts sprinting through all of them. Look closely and you’ll notice how nobody tries to move out of the way.

Even though a person is clearly running full speed at them, not a single person tries to pull their legs in, or even bothers to look up. They are so concentrated on the game that they do not see, feel or hear the ghost as it runs directly through the half-filled stadium in a straight line. 7. “Fridge Ghost” A YouTuber named NOGHOSTHUNTER grows tired of living in a haunted home and decides to videotape the disturbances for evidence. It’s a little past midnight when he hears scratching noises, which soon progress into running footsteps and loud bangs. These noises appear to be coming from all different areas of the home at once. The next day, his HDTV literally begins rocking violently from side to side all by itself. The rocking motion picks up speed until the corners of the TV are almost hitting the entertainment center and it looks like the base is going to break. Then the TV starts rocking back and forth the other way.

There is nobody behind the television and there’s no way they could have been using strings to do this. The day after, NOGHOSTHUNTER finds a short video on his phone that he is 100% sure he did not make. The video is shot from the ground level of his kitchen. When you look at the reflection in the oven, you can see that nobody is holding the phone. The phone is literally floating in midair. Additional footage shows the TV shaking by itself again. This time NOGHOSTHUNTER is able to film behind the television to show that this is not a prank at all. He waves his hand above the television to show that there’s no wires, and he even films underneath the base to show that there is no rod coming up from the entertainment center or anything like that.

The lights cut out multiple times while he films. A few days later, he captures his refrigerator door slamming open and closed again and again. The brazen poltergeist leaves the door open to make sure its presence is fully known. 6. “Watched from Above”: A group of British friends are playing catch in a courtyard when one of them sees something strange and points it out to the others. The camera follows his gaze and stops on a pale face looking at them from high above. The sickly person looks at them for a second longer before silently slipping out of view. The group is now creeped out and wants to know who has been spying on them this whole time.

They tell the property manager about the face they saw in the window, but she says that it’s impossible. The room they are talking about has been locked and unoccupied for quite some time. The manager goes up with them to unlock the door and show them around. They try and find the person, but the place is completely empty. There’s no way anyone could have been up there, yet the camera obviously says differently. The mysterious peeper has never been identified. 5. “Old Pete’s Ghost”: There’s a famous pub in Sydney, Australia called the Carlisle Castle Hotel. For years this local watering hole has been haunted by the ghost of Old Pete, a bitter ex-employee who left this earth quite some time ago, but not his job. His ghostly antics have been caught on camera no less than three times. The first time Pete was caught on tape, he was helping a customer. The unsuspecting man opens the door to the cooler when Pete decides to grab two bottles of red wine for himself. His ghost grip must not have been too tight though because both bottles go crashing to the floor.

Looking at the footage, there’s no way that the shelf gave out or anything like that – the bottles were thrown to the ground with deliberate force with no one nearby. Another incident occurred when the bar was full of witnesses. Everyone is happily enjoying themselves when a hanging red wine glass suddenly dislodges itself and smashes into the counter. Glass shards fly everywhere and the entire bar takes notice. Although this could have simply been a freak accident, what are the chances that, of all the red wine glasses, the one that’s directly underneath the server happens to be the one to fall and break? The timing is almost too perfect to be a coincidence. Old Pete strikes again. The third and final tape reveals a glimpse of Old Pete himself. The bar is empty this time when the angry ghost suddenly materializes in front of the security camera. If you look closely, you can make out Old Pete’s head at the bottom of the screen.

He appears to be waving. Many other bartenders and customers all claim to have seen Old Pete for themselves in one way or another. It isn’t uncommon for taps to turn on by themselves, and the bartenders have seen what they can only describe as “strange things” while counting down their registers after close. To make this all even stranger, all of the bottles that go crashing to the floor are always high-end red wines. This just so happened to be Old Pete’s favorite drink . . . at least, when he was still with the living. 4. “The Church Disturbance”: Steve and Jake are wandering around the woods one summer night with a single goal in mind: they want to explore an abandoned local chapel that’s rumored to be haunted. As they approach, they see that someone has written prayers and warnings all over the outside wall.

The two friends instantly get a bad feeling about this adventure, but they swallow their fear and decide to press on. The rickety main door is locked so they sneak around back. Already they don’t want to be around here much longer. They had explored an old clock tower earlier in the day and were greatly disappointed by a lack of paranormal activity, but they could tell this church is way different. This place looked and felt quite haunted. They go up some wooden steps and enter through the backdoor. They shine their flashlights deep into the church’s main assembly. There’s rows and rows of wooden pews ahead of them. They pass by a podium and notice a piano, then they head deeper inside. Now they find themselves inside of a small maintenance closet. They close the door behind them because they don’t want anything sneaking up on them. It feels like anyone could be watching right now. They see a ladder to the left. Steve is about to climb it until Jake jokes that a body is going to fall down on him if he does, so he decides not to.

That’s when piano starts to play from outside. It’s a soft and haunting piano melody that fills the church. Steve and Jake shut off their flashlights and keep recording. They debate whether or not they should go outside or stay here, where it’s semi-safe. They realize that they can’t spend the entire night trapped in the broom closet of a haunted church, so they turn their flashlights back on to see who is playing. Sitting at the piano at the far end of the room is a black hunched-over phantom. They scream and shut the door. Jake cries for a bit and then they run away through the back exit. The music stops as soon as they leave the church. They were hoping that the music stopped because it was over, but in reality, it was because the ghost had gotten up from the piano to chase them. They run a good distance before pausing to look back into the dark scenery. It seems like they’ve gotten away, but then the ghost finds them and they run away screaming. The camera cuts off as they fall back deeper into the woods. At least one of them survived and uploaded this video onto YouTube, where it has remained for the past 10 years.

3. “The Teleporter”: Two girls are alone in their house when one of them sees something in the doorway. Pause the video and you can see it’s clearly the upper-half of a young girl who is dressed in old-fashioned clothes from another time period. She is floating in mid-air as she curiously peeks in on the two children to see what they are doing. One of the girls still doesn’t see the ghost. She shouts at something that’s on television and accidentally startles the ghost away. The girl with the camera follows the ghost as it retreats. The ghost instantly teleports and now stares at them from the top of the steps. The scared girls run out of the house screaming. They stop only for a second to turn around from the street. They can see the ghost girl walking across the left window on the top floor. It vanishes and then suddenly appears on the bottom floor in less than a second. They scream even louder and take off again.

2. “Stay Out of the Attic”: Back in 2008 a man started to notice some strange activities around his house. He would often come home from work to find his dogs cowering under the bed, too afraid to come out. One his dogs would only come out from under the bed for brief about 10 seconds at the most before going straight back into hiding. Something was intimidating these large dogs badly. The owner start to hear banging noises coming from all over his home, and he begins to look around. He eventually traces the noise to his attic and goes upstairs with the camera for a closer look. Everything is completely trashed. Boxes are overturned and clothing is scattered everywhere. Something had violently flung all of his personal possessions all around. As soon as he goes back downstairs, he hears another huge bang and runs right back up the steps. He puts the camera down and searches the empty attic for clues.

A nearby metal bucket falls over and he runs out of the room before he gets hurt. Another object hits the ground on its own and the camera moves to the right on its own, too. The homeowner was too scared to look at the footage. He waited a week before going back upstairs to get his camera. By now, he is understandably quite paranoid. He begins recording everything he does in his home, and it isn’t long before he has more paranormal evidence. One day his radio turns to static and a spirit orb rushes out the window. Later, someone violently jiggles the doorknob to the door that leads to the attic.

The door opens and shuts by itself. The radio goes back to normal soon after. Things look to be going back to normal for a second, but then a paper towel roll suddenly flies up from the table to the couch, and the radio starts making more sounds again. The video recording starts to get fuzzy, too, as if a ghost causing electrical disturbances by passing by. Both of his dogs begin to look in the same spot as if they are following something.

Whatever it was, the man was never able to physically catch it on film. He was only able to record its strange and oftentimes violent behaviors. Before we get to number 1, if you’ve ever been curious as to what I look like in real life, then follow me on Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt, with underscores instead of spaces. I also have Twitter @YT_Chills where I post video updates. I’d really appreciate it if you followed me and feel free to send me a DM if you have a questions or suggestions. If you’d like to see more of these videos in the future, then hit that subscribe button because I upload a new scary video every Thursday. 1. “Ghoul School”: This footage comes from somewhere in the Middle East. A group of teenagers are curiously exploring an old school.

They go up a flight of steps and pause when they hear a dog whining on the other side of the door. They all run down the steps and gather at the bottom. They’re afraid of being attacked by a group of stray dogs now, but they decide to press on and explore the lower areas. The group finds bravery in their numbers and begins to joke and laugh again as they make their way down a long hallway. They open a door and find graffiti on the wall. Other people had been here before them. Maybe this place isn’t so bad after all. The teens grow a little more nervous as they continue to poke around.

They are laughing less and starting to go silent. Something just isn’t right about this section of the building. A YouTuber named Zaben Jaguar translated their comments. He says that at this point one of the teens says that their phone shut itself off even though it was fully charged only a moment ago. Another person was able to keep recording, though they probably now wish that they hadn’t. They enter one empty classroom in particular and get a dreadful feeling. Suddenly a figure actually appears out of the air and walks towards them. The ghost is missing his head, but there’s somehow no blood. A loud chanting begins as soon as the ghost walks towards them, but this may be prayers from a nearby mosque . Amazingly, the group all appears to have missed the ghost, which explains why they calmly continued to keep exploring. They wouldn’t see the apparition until much later, but when they did, they would never forget what was heading straight towards them in that room.

Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because I upload a new scary video every Thursday. Or if you’re still not convinced, here are some of my other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy! .

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