Why Scientists Don’t Freak Out About UFO Videos

If you’ve been online at all recently you’ve probably seen this video.  This is one of two clips released by the Department of Defense.  Both videos show a thermal image of an unidentified flying object. The videos have been widely shared and scrutinized and a lot of people think that this is the first real evidence that extraterrestrials exist and that they’re visiting us here on earth. There’s just one thing – most people in the scientific community don’t think these videos prove anything.

People have been claiming to see UFOs for decades  and countless videos purporting to show alien aircraft have been popping up since the invention of film, but this video is unique. It was released by the Department of Defense which found the video noteworthy enough to study, then release, which is a first for the US government.

Until 2012 the DoD says it ran a secret advanced aerospace threat identification program. The program was funded by 22 million dollars worth of  “black money” those are funds the Pentagon sets aside for classified programs.  Both airplanes see disturbance in the water and a white 40 foot long tic-tac shaped object. This commander was one of the Navy pilots that spotted the UFO get over to the eight o’clock position “It’s at about the two o’clock position and I decide I’m gonna go and see what it is and it’s about 2,000 feet below me and I cut across the circle and as I get within about a half mile of it it rapidly accelerates to the south in about two seconds and disappears.”

All this seems pretty incredible so why don’t scientists care? I think it’s very very difficult as a scientist to look at something like this and say anything except what’s intriguing.  We spoke to Caleb Scharf.  He’s an astronomer and director of the multidisciplinary Columbia astrobiology Center. He says “I would need a vast amount more documentation and context to really understand what’s going on here yeah because I think that that’s exactly yeah one cannot tell much from the video.” That’s Carolyn  – she’s an assistant professor at Purdue school of Aeronautics and Astronautics – ” I would like to know more about wind what was the turbulence.  With a lot of unexplained natural phenomena on the earth that in the Earth’s atmosphere that don’t require so the further investigation but again it’s jumping to saying that what you’re seeing could be some advanced technological alien spacecraft but that’s a really big leap to make.”

What they’re talking about is the scientific method. Before scientists will accept something as fact a lot of research and testing has to be done and it has to take place in a controlled environment you can’t really set up thorough proper scientific experiment its reliance on serendipitous data that’s one of the most difficult kinds of problems solved in science so I’m not surprised that we don’t have a good answer yet but these videos were released by the US government there has to be some significance there right?

The spirits have opened us about it and if you don’t know what you’re looking at then throw it out to the world and say look this is what we got you could interpret it in a variety of different ways if we’re just going off of the scientific method hard evidence and akincana of data are the best metrics for explaining this phenomenon but what if you did see it for yourself would you still need an experiment to explain it so bottom line what do you think this was I believe as do the other folks that were on the flight that we visually saw that it was something not from this world the commander is not alone the videos continue to be scrutinized by a lot of people who think that this is an alien spacecraft as for the DoD other than releasing the videos they haven’t said much presumably they have access to more data from the flight and from reports made immediately after the encounter releasing more info could begin to answer scientists questions but ultimately even that might not be enough on the one hand I could be really cynical battles it but I think it’s wonderful that people are intrigued by phenomena that they see out in the world that that’s a good thing that’s a positive thing our curiosity is a positive thing and to be honest if there are any strange things floating around up there I’d like to know what they are the difficulty with this kind of problem is that you can’t plan for.

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How Should We Talk To Aliens?

What would you send an alien civilization? Just a ‘Hello!’ or the whole internet?

The idea that we are alone in the universe is as one certain bulk and scientists might say illogical and I’m not saying that just because I’m fascinated with the idea of alien. Statistics are actually on my side. When you have a universe the size of ours, the odds are that there are millions of alien civilizations out there, so why haven’t we heard from them yet?

Well that’s a question that the people at the search for extraterrestrial intelligence or SETI, have been trying to answer since the 1960s. Tey’ve been scouring space for evidence of ETS and they found zip, zero, nada nothing, so what’s going on? Well it could be that any alien civilizations are so far away that their messages haven’t had time to get to us or it could be that aliens are purposefully hiding from us or maybe they’re stuck in the equivalent of the human Stone Age or even the Precambrian era or maybe we have received messages from aliens and we just don’t know it yet.

It’s not all that far-fetched to imagine aliens communicating in a very different way like through chemical excretions or being able to see magnetic fields. After all we have organisms here on earth that are capable of doing that so that raises the question how do we understand a message that might be coming in from an alien civilization? Well to think through the answer SETI held a conference that asked a similar question – how would we send a message out to aliens that aliens could understand? Now if we look at the previous messages we’ve sent out they’re very limited in scope. You’ve got the engraved tablets aboard the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft, there’s the encoded radio broadcast that the Arecibo Observatory blasted off into space and then of course there are the golden records aboard the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, but all of these assume that the aliens have human-like vision and hearing plus they also require some form of decryption based on limited clues and zero context. We’re not exactly setting them up for success here but the problem of choosing what and how to say something when you have no information about the recipient is nearly insurmountable!

We even encode mathematics generally considered the universal language in arbitrary symbols – after all, how is an alien supposed to know that a stick sticking another stick with double sticks is an egg? Some of the attendees said we should be sending more simplified messages into space and they used a doorbell as an example. When you hear your doorbell ring you have very little information other than someone has rung your doorbell. Presumably they did it on purpose and they are capable of ringing a doorbell and they probably have the imagination to anticipate what would happen once they rang your doorbell so actually you’ve got more information than you first imagined but other attendees said no no no no no no no forget the simplified messages let’s go the opposite way, let’s send everything!

I’m talking about the entire internet -blasting it off into space. That way the aliens have a lot to draw from – they can build an understanding based on the massive amount of context they’re perhaps creating a rosetta stone for the entire Earth. It would be the good the bad and the cute cats!

Alright, here’s your question for this week if you were sending a message out to aliens what would you want to say and what would you not want to say?

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