3 Real Life Time Travelers?

Are time travelers real? – Let’s talk about that.  Good Mythical Morning! – Today is October 21st, 2015, the infamous destination day for Marty McFly and Doc Brown in – Back to the Future Part II. – Mm! Now, that movie was released in 1989, so their 26-year leap into the future is now – our present. – Whoa! And they delivered on a number of predictions including hoverboards, thumb print payment, drone cameras, video calling, and the wild popularity of – PewDiePie. – Oh ho! That’s not true. So, in the spirit of Marty McFly, the DeLorean, and the Flux Capacitor, we’re gonna be talking about some real life time travelers! Now, you may remember last year we did an episode called “4 Cases of Time Travel.” – I do. – Well, it turns out there are so many amazing cases and claims about time travel that that’s not enough to cover it! So we did a little boopity-boop-boop- badoop-boop-boop research and we got – some more for you. – Lemme hit you with this…open cockpit – biplane pilot from 1935, – Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Sir Robert Victor Goddard, a pilot for the British Royal Air Force. When you got “Sir” in front of your name and you say you’ve traveled in time, listen. – Listen to that guy. – ‘Cause that means he’s like a knight, right? He’s been knighted. If you’re a “Sir,” right? Well, he was flying during the day, and it was a round trip flight. – Yep, the best. – And he’s going to Edinburgh and he looks down on his way and he sees the abandoned airfield in Drem, Scotland.

– You’ve heard of it. – There it is, yeah. Everybody has. Nothing out of the ordinary here, you know? Dilapidated tarmac, four hangars in disrepair, pastures with some cows… but then, on his way back on the round trip, coming back through, he encounters some problems. He enters a downward spiral, almost dies, okay? But then he recovers and he finds himself flying in these strange yellow clouds, and then the clouds– You sure they weren’t yellow puddles on the inside of the cockpit? (chuckles) Could’ve been. And the clouds part and he looks down and lo and behold, there is the same Drem Airfield in Scotland, but now– – (dramatically) In the future! – It’s totally operational and renovated. It looks good as new. There are four planes down there painted yellow.

Now, we all know that back then the RAF planes were not painted yellow. – Oh yeah. Who would’ve thought of that? – There was one monoplane down there which was unlike anything in the Royal Air Force in 1935. The mechanics’ overalls… you know, they were all working and bustling down there– they were all wearing blue overalls. You know they don’t wear blue overalls back then! – This guy’s got good vision. – They wear what? What color do they – wear back then, Rhett? – I dunno. – (whispers) Brown. – Brown! Brown! That’s right. Made it safely back, tells his friends, they don’t believe him. And then, four years later, 1939, guess what happened. They did reopen Drem Airfield, and what color did they paint the training planes? – Yellow. – Yellow! And they had one monoplane called “The Magister” just like the one he witnessed, was added to the fleet.

And the mechanics’ overalls were changed to what color, Rhett? – Blue. – Blue! Was he on the planning committee for the new Air Force base? – (laughs) – I mean, there’s a way to confirm that your prediction comes true, just be on the board of directors. Do you know that – he wasn’t? – I don’t know. – And maybe he just has insight– – He was a “Sir.” into aviation fashion. I mean, I could totally see that going from brown to blue. – He wrote a book! – Seems innovative. In 1975, called “The Flight Towards Reality.” That’s good enough for me. I’m gonna read that! Okay, so that’s his story. I’ve got another story. – A little more recent. – Top that. Andrew Basiago. This guy’s a lawyer with five degrees. He’s also a writer and a member of Mensa. He also happens to be the first child to teleport! – Okay. – Through time.

– Smart lawyer. – Okay. This guy has gone on Coast to Coast AM, this AM radio show that’s absolutely amazing. And they don’t just let anyone on that show. – No, they don’t. – (Rhett and crew laugh) And he’s told this entire story, so these are some tidbits from the story. – Okay. – So, he claims that back in 1968 when he was a boy, he was part of something called “Project Pegasus,” which is a supposed classified exploration of time travel and teleportation project sanctioned – by the US government. – So they would send kids on time travel – excursions? – Yeah! Yeah, because, you know, I guess the time machines are small.

You gotta put youngsters in there. 140 of ’em supposedly involved in this. He claims, among a number of things, to have gone back to 1 million BC to check out the dinosaurs, where he was almost eaten alive. Either he was misquoted or… 1 million BC is not far enough for the dinosaurs. You gotta go– remember, like 65 million years is when – they went extinct, so… – Well, he was a kid. – Maybe he got his math mixed up. – Maybe. He went to 2045 to pick up some microfilm. That’s in the future.

Can’t wait to see what that is! Microfilm. He’s also said that he traveled back and forth to Mars as part of the military’s plan to establish an American presence on the Red Planet, and, for one of those trips, he was accompanied by none other than President Barack Obama, who, at that time, was going by the name – “Barry Sotoro.” – And going through puberty? I mean, what are these, middle schoolers traveling around Mars? I think it said that Barack was a teenager at the time, which 1968…

Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but… okay, anyway. As if that wasn’t believable, he says that because of his good performance in these duties, – Okay. – he was given the opportunity on November 19, 1863, to go back and see Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address. And there’s photographic evidence, everybody! – Bring it on! – Here’s the photo. This is what Andrew says, quote, “I am the boy standing in the center of the image looking to his right.

My shoes were lost in the transit through the Quantum Plenum that took me from the plasma confinement chamber. A cobbler–” that’s a shoemaker, not a peach cobbler that you would enjoy– “by the name of John Lawrence Burns furnished me with a pair of men’s street shoes and a Union winter parka. In this image, you can see how oversized the shoes were. When I walked over to this location and stood in this manner to detract attention from my shoes–” This is how I always stand when I wanna detract attention from my big shoes. – (Link laughs) – (Rhett) I just kinda look to the right and point both of ’em in the same direction. – (laughs) – “Lincoln had not yet arrived and I only stood in this position for several minutes before the quantum field effect produced by the plasma confinement chamber ended and I found myself back in the Time Lab in New Jersey!” So he didn’t get to see the Gettysburg Address! What a bummer! – But he got some sweet new kicks! – Yeah he did.

– (crew laughs) – A little oversized, but you know, you can just stand sideways and nobody’ll notice. – So the proof is right there! – So, this is photographic evidence. – Proof is in the shoes. – And this guy’s made quite a stir – on the radio circuit, Link! – Has he, now? He has. So there’s that. You got another one? Well, is there any other pictures of the shoes? Because I’m really into that. Nope, but I could do, like, a CSI zoom-in on ’em though. On November 2nd, in the year 2000, a user by the name of “Timetravel_0” began a thread on the Time Travel Institute Forum’s web site and claimed that he was – from the year 2036. – Mmhm. And he was like, “I’ll answer any questions you got.” – (laughs) Here I am at the forum. – I’m a time traveler and here are my – office hours. Um, so– – This is the place to go if you come back from the future, though. The Time Travel Institute forums. – Right. – I mean… don’t go to the press. Quickly, some of the things you gather are: he was an American soldier from the year 2036 based in Hillsboro County, Florida, and his name was John Titor.

He started traveling in time as part of an undercover secret government project where he had to return to the year 1975 and retrieve an IBM 5100 computer – Of course! – and bring it back to 2036. But instead of just going back to the future, he stopped in the year 2000 for, quote– Hold on. Why was he getting a computer from 1975 to solve a problem in the future? To debug the Unix Year 2038 problem, which is– – Oh! Oh, okay. Continue. – (Rhett and crew laugh) – It’s like Y2K but in 2038. – Yeah, gotta have those 1975 computers. Instead of going back to the future, he stopped in the year 2000 for, quote, – “some personal reasons.” – That was a good year! As he’s answering all these questions in the forum, he’s giving all types of details.

You can read all this stuff. It’s really fascinating. He explained time travel, he said he travels using a Displacement Unit that was made by General Electric. He’s very forthright. He scanned user manuals. – He had a brand integration in his story. – (laughs) – GE! – (both laugh) Yeah. And he showed pictures of equipment and he had taken those photos with – Polaroid cameras. – Yeah. He’s into retro stuff. – (laughs) – He goes back to 1975, he only takes – Polaroids… I like this guy. – So, the situation is, you know, if in 2036, this guy was in the military, then, if you look at the range of time, – well, right now in 2015– – He’s alive right now. ‘Cause they’re not gonna send, like, an 18-year-old on this mission.

Well, if they did, he could be about to be born, or he could be in grade school. – No, Link, he’s alive. – Most likely. You can’t be but at least 30 years old to go on a mission like this, so 30 years old in 2036, he’s like 9 years old right now. This is a 9-year-old! John! – And he’s going to be a time traveler. – Well, we should have him on the show. – Right. Or his mom. Or both. – Or both! You can both come. If you don’t travel by yourself, come with your mom.

I don’t care. Now, his mom went on Coast to Coast and, speaking through a lawyer, because she actually wouldn’t talk, the lawyer was trying to support her case of being John’s mother, and that didn’t really amount to much. But I think we can get to the bottom of it, especially, John, if you reach out to us. Bring your Polaroids, bring your mom, and bring a 1975 computer. We’ve got a NASCAR – computer we can trade. – John predicted that a world war in 2015 – would kill 3 billion people, so… – Oh, there’s still some time left.

There’s some other predictions I can go through in Good Mythical More, but for now, I’m pretty excited about the cases for time travel! – (laughs) – Let us know what you think in the – comments. – Thanks for liking and commenting and – subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Avery. – Hi, I’m Shea. – Hi, I’m Sophie. – Hi, I’m Liv. Hi, I’m Ava, and it’s my birthday. (all) And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! Woooooo! Today is the last day that you can get the hoverboard shirt! You have to act – (both) now! – to get that shirt, people! – (Rhett) RhettandLink.com/store. – Click through to Good Mythical More. We are gonna play Guess that Celebrity Time Traveler Game. (high pitched) Ooh, it’s gonna be so fun! Rhett’s got some pictures of celebrities in the past.

(Rhett) Unisong about beepers. – ♪ (both) Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep ♪ – ♪ What’s that sound… ♪ – ♪ coming from my pocket ♪ – (both) ♪ it’s a beeper ♪ ♪ (both) Beep, beep, beep! What’s that sound coming from my belt loop? ♪ – ♪ It’s my beeper! Beep, beep, beep ♪ – ♪ Let me take you to the future ♪ – ♪ But not really ♪ – (crew laughs) – ♪ (both) Take me to the future ♪ – ♪ Gonna meet John Teeter ♪ – (laughs) – Titor. I said “Teeter.” .

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3 Videos From The Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program


This week on BuzzFeed unsolved we once again tackle the age-old question “Do aliens exist?”

To attempt to answer that question we’ll take a deep dive into the government’s newly uncovered advanced aerospace threat identification program and in particular we’ll examine some recent video evidence that has emerged from the program and it’s good footage.

Dare I say it is undeniable? I have to say this every single time we do an episode about aliens but I DO believe in aliens and I have to say this every time as well, he believes in aliens but in a very boring way. I just don’t think they’re bipedal.

I think they’re probably clouds or a little bacteria – they’re intelligent. Do you think they have belly buttons? Not gonna play this game with you. I’m not, I refuse. I know what you’re trying to do right now. I just wanna open the file. In 2007 three senators Ted Stevens a Republican from Alaska Daniel K Inouye a Democrat from Hawaii and Harry Reid a Democrat from Nevada in the Senate Majority Leader at the time worked to secure funding for a new secret but not classified government program to investigate reports of UFOs or as they’ve been more recently dubbed, UAPS -unidentified aerial phenomena

Why change it? There are people crazier than me that have tarnished the reputation of UFOs to the point where they now have to rebrand it to UAPS and even when I say you UAPS does that not sound military? yeah I guess people like you have sort of tarnished it. Senator Reid’s interest in the unexplained phenomena stemmed from a meeting with Nevada billionaire Robert Bigelow who has stated that he’s absolutely convinced aliens have visited earth.

Years after their meeting Bigelow received a letter from a senior member of a federal national security agency with a PhD according to Reid, the letter expressed interest in Bigelow’s fascination with UFOs the individual told Senator Reid after meeting with both him and Bigelow that study should be done on the matter and he created an outline for what should be covered in the study.

It was then that Reid connected with fellow senator Stevens in NOAA both of whom have long been a part of the defense Appropriations Subcommittee. The three met for what Reid described as “one of the easiest meetings I ever had end”. Stephens’ interest in UFOs stemmed from his time in the military. He said that he never reported seeing suspicious things for fear of damage it may cause to his reputation or career to fund the project. Reid Stevens and Noaa decided to use black money  it or black budget as it’s more commonly referred to which is government money used for classified programs and projects.

That way the formation of the program would not be debated on the Senate floor and just like that the advanced aerospace threat identification program was created in 2007 and why that’s crazy is because you know as a society we haven’t seen the government even admit UFOs are real and now we’re learning that they essentially were lying to us/  One of my big dreams is to work at a place like this where it’s like secret but the entrance to the place doesn’t look like the place where you’re going so you go behind like a bookshelf or it’s like a bagel shop and you walk to the counter and you’re like I’ll have a sesame, and the person behind the counter just says like we’re all out of sesame and then you have to say something like “Oh I love sesame on a Tuesday!”

In all at least 22 million dollars was spent on the project with most of it going to Bigelow’s company Bigelow Aerospace the company’s underground Las Vegas complex would be home to the research conducted for the program while the program itself was operated out of the Pentagon. In 2010 military intelligence official Luis Elizondo took over the program.  Elizondo was an experienced Department of Defense employee who worked on classified counterintelligence missions and operated with top-level security clearance he claims that the program was so secretive that even some of those inside the Pentagon were unaware of its existence the program’s mission was to investigate detection eyewitness sightings and or military video footage of unknown identify them and then according to Elizondo quote ascertain and determine if that information is a potential threat to national security end quote anomalous aircraft that would operate outside the normal laws of aerodynamics would be investigated,

Elizondo describes aircrafts quote that don’t have any obvious flight services any obvious forms of propulsion and maneuvering in ways that include extreme maneuverability beyond I would submit the healthy g-forces of a human or anything biological end quote the information the program collected came mainly from military personnel in particular military pilots who witnessed the bizarre occurrences when you’re in the military you’re probably probably got a lot of discipline probably not rattled by too much yeah they see planes fly by them every day I’m imagining for the past like 20 years of their life I see that all so they’re up there in the air they’re seeing things move in ways that defy the laws of physics things that would make their bodies implode if they were inside that vehicle and they have footage of it so I just don’t know how you can look at that kind of stuff can’t wait to hear these folks holler are they hollering what do you think they’re all pulled up some kind of rally or something they these are trained professionals there yeah but you said they go nuts crazy for these UAPS.

This is it’s not catchy enough what is it called UAPS?  it’s not supposed to be catchy it should be somewhat cut it begins catchy then it starts to slip into the you know I guess they’re saying you AP’s all the time let’s make it just as crazy as UFOs Jesus Christ those investigating the incidents were highly trained and qualified according to Elizondo quote we had PhDs we had CI people we had trained intelligence officers and human case officers pretty much a full range of talent most of us tend to be by nature skeptical because we are in the field of intelligence and national security but I think once you get into the data itself and the specifics regarding what we’re actually seeing we begin to realize that there may be something here a little bit more than just what people think are drones or whatever people may chalk it up to be and quote he went on quote there’s a lot of rigor and diligence that’s placed in looking at these we look and say oh that’s X Y Z and the reason why it looks this way is because of ABC but unfortunately there are some other incidents that can’t be explained and what our job is to do is to figure out really it’s very simple what is it and how does it work end quote the previous director of the advanced aerospace threat identification program created a briefing summary in 2009 on the program that stated quote what was once considered science fiction is now science fact end quote that’s a good quote that’s ballsy that should be on a t-shirt the logo should just be like an alien just giving the middle finger that seems like something he practiced in the mirror several times that morning yeah

There’s probably way less cool about he was like back his wife walks in on him when he’s practicing yeah I’m sure he delivered it was some kind of gravitas I don’t know even better zero gravitas gravitas gravitas his gravitas gravity thanks around the same time promising discoveries were made by the program and in an attempt to limit access to the information Reid requested that it be given a special designation of quote restricted special access program end quote but his request was denied the brief summary also stated that if some of the discovered technology were to be used against the u.s.

We would have no way of defending ourselves against it according to Elizondo the sightings often took place near nuclear facilities be it power plants or ships the program investigated unidentified flying objects and metal alloys and other debris picked up from encounters Elizondo said of the program and the objects investigated quote if you’re asking my personal opinion from here look I’ve got to be honest with you I don’t know where it’s from but we’re pretty sure it’s not here now what does that mean it’s out there whether or not it’s Russian or Chinese inside or little green men from Mars or frankly your neighbor’s dog I wanted to purposely steer away from that because I wanted to focus on truly the raw science what were we seeing and did it pose a threat to national security end quote love it this guy he knows how to level with with people you pepper in a couple times you saying I’m in it for the science and skeptics will just really have a big old boner for that they’ll love it.

Yeah though you have their full attention you got me I just don’t think that another country so far ahead of us that they could like lapis like this who made fidget spinners where’d those come from that’s probably us that’s not tech now that we’ve covered the genesis of the advanced aerospace threat identification program let’s get into a few of its many discoveries we’ll dissect three videos recently released by to the Stars Academy of Arts and Science from the department of defense that are both exciting and dare I say unearthly for the first video dubbed gimble little information has been released to the public what we do know is that it is footage taken from a Navy f-18 Super Hornet during an encounter with an unidentified object however there is audio capturing real military pilots reactions to what they’re seeing well going against the wind the window hudson playing it was interesting when you see it just sort of rotate yeah yeah that was merely to whet your appetite he’s rapid tight wet now is it are you ready for some more yeah I’m excited for more videos there’s a good one the next video known as go fast was released by the Department of Defense in March of 2018 what we know about go fast is that this video was taken in 2015 somewhere along the East Coast the footage is also from a f-18 Super Hornet and has audio of the pilots experiencing the encounter yeah it would look like it was going very fast it looks very small yeah I mean it’s were medicinally up very very high and it was allegedly closer – yeah it was closer and most people have the same description and that kind of looked like the other object where they kind of look like tic tacs like flying little tic tacs and once again no signs of visible propulsion.

Wouldn’t it be cool if aliens were really small like a cop like a coffee cup? Like if we were shooting this episode in something just hovered by her head right here yeah that’d be cool if they were a little and then a cat like jumps up and grabs and now on to the last and perhaps most compelling video titled FLIR one also known as the nimitz incident on november 14 2004 commander david forever a commanding officer of the VFA 41 black aces and Lieutenant Commander Jim Slade were told to go check out mysterious aircrafts that had been spotted multiple times over the past two weeks interviews and reports about the craft noted aerial feeds that the US military was not capable of maneuvers such as dropping from more than 60,000 feet to just about 50 feet above water at supersonic speeds than stopping abruptly and hovering in that position as forever and Slade made their way to the aircraft’s traverse says that he looked down at the ocean and saw a disturbance in the water that looked like boiling water over something that just barely submerged above that he noticed an oval-shaped hovering aircraft just 50 feet above the water measuring about 40 feet in length which he likened to a tic-tac.

The aircraft seemed to be moving irregularly over the water in all directions forever started to descend in a circular motion toward the mysterious aircraft but it began ascending when he tried to go directly toward the object it darted off quote it accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen end quote the pilots were then instructed to make their way 60 miles to a meet-up point known as the cap point moments later the pilots were radioed quote sir you won’t believe it but that thing is at your cap point end quote the aircraft had reappeared in their radar the two pilots were still over 40 miles out from the point the object had disappeared before the pilots weren’t able to reach the meet up point this is a great example of you know they’re being called out there to go it’s not like they were just like doing something else and they saw the Tic Tac flying by like what’s the Tic Tac doing here someone called them and said hey we got tic tacs we need you out here stat yeah like we got a tic tac call let’s go check out these tickets well they also asked them do you guys have missiles on board in case they had to blow it out of this guy these are some serious tic tacs these are some with some tactical tic tacs we need your missiles out here so they get out there they’re hunting down tic tacs and they don’t bring better cameras they just got this dumb pitch and it’s in the moment no but but and frankly the the camera that locks on to it it’s less impressive get a nice wide shot of that thing zipping past upon his return to the USS Nimitz forever became the butt of jokes as news of his encounter had made its way around the ship forever told another pilot about the incident quote I have no idea what I saw it had no plumes wings or rotors and outran our f-18s I want to fly one end quote those ranking higher than forever did not investigate the incident further in 2017 forever recalled his experience saying quote I don’t think I was a nut job as an officer in the Navy I wasn’t drunk I don’t do drugs I got a good night’s rest it was a clear day I think someone should have looked into it having talked to some of the other folks it’s a big frustration that it’s coming out now and wasn’t discussed back in 2004 end quote forever spoke of the technology he witnessed saying quote this is revolutionary technology to be able to accelerate go up and down think about the advances that would bring to mankind what if it actually starts to get people to think outside the box end quote you imagine seeing the ocean boil and then just having to you know you get back I’ll tell you what if you’re out there and if you’re out there and you see something extraordinary and you look around yourself and you see that you’re the only person seeing this extraordinary feat just know that you are going to be crazy from then on that’s what you’re gonna be labeled as no one’s ever gonna believe you saw anything and that is the most frustrating thing on earth and on that note let’s get into some theories as to what these pilots could have been seeing there seems to be two camps there are those very encouraged by these encounters and what they could mean for the existence of extraterrestrials and then there are those that are not so convinced that they indicate anything let’s start with the latter the first theory is that perhaps these unexplained phenomena are simply unexplained happenings that don’t specifically indicate anything including aliens MIT astrophysicists Sara Seager an unknown object origin quote when people claim to observe truly unusual phenomena sometimes it’s worth investigating seriously well people sometimes don’t get about science is that we often have phenomena that remain unexplained end quote it’s also possible that these encounters are of completely terrestrial origin another country could be creating and testing advanced technology that we are simply unaware of an anonymous former congressional staffer claims this was a reason for forming the program in the first place posing the question quote was this China or Russia trying to do something or has some propulsion system we are not familiar with and quote Andrew Simeon the director of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence Institute Center in Berkeley says that after years of studying were still short on research indicating that aliens do exist quote objective description of any phenomena should be backed up by compelling evidence and despite many decades of reports of various UFO and abduction phenomena we don’t have much evidence moreover astronomers spend their lives looking at the sky with a wide variety of telescopes and techniques and we have never snapped a picture of an unexplained spaceship end quote and Neil deGrasse Tyson simply says quote call me when you have a dinner invite from an alien end quote well I’ll tell you what I don’t like being lumped in with him why is that you’re not on the Neil deGrasse Tyson train he’s always a little too pleased with himself and I know I’m often pleased with myself you’re quite pleased at yourself I think you dig the smell of your own farts mmm that’s not true theory though the second theory is that the encounters like the ones shown in these videos perhaps suggest extraterrestrial life people in this camp claimed the videos are just scratching the surface and our grounds for even more research into the topic those who come out about their involvement with the program all seem to criticize the government and its research or lack thereof Elizondo states that there were senior officials in the Department of Defense that objected to the program for various reasons Allison – explained quote in the end however I couldn’t carry out that mission because the department which was understandably overstretched couldn’t give it the resources that the mounting evidence deserved end quote Christopher Mellon the deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence under both Clinton and Bush cites embarrassment or potential damage to a reputation as a reason for the lack of attention on the issue within the Pentagon quote nobody wants to be the alien guy in the National Security bureaucracy nobody wants to be ridiculed or sidelined for drawing attention to the issue this is true up and down the chain of command and it is a serious and recurring impediment to progress end quote in the end the government said the program was shuttered in 2012 however its existence was not made public until late 2017 that means the program was mostly hidden from public knowledge for 10 years spokesperson Thomas Crossan for the Pentagon on the closing of the program quote it was determined that there were other higher priority issues that merited funding and was in the best interest of the DoD to make a change end quote however since its official closing program supporters say officials that worked on the project continue their work in investigations on top of their other assigned tasks in the Defense Department Elizondo resigned in October 2017 as a protest to the secrecy surrounding the project Elizondo wrote a resignation letter to Secretary of Defense Jim mattis in which he described the problems with the government’s operation of the program quote despite overwhelming evidence at both of the classified and unclassified levels certain individuals in the department remain staunchly opposed to further research on what could be a tactical threat to our pilots sailors and soldiers and perhaps even an existential threat to our national security and quote Elizondo entered the private sector to continue the research he wasn’t able to further with the government quote I left to find an environment where investigating these phenomena is priority number one end quote this is typical you know in every disaster movie or alien movie or whatever something along those lines there is a character in it that everyone thinks is crazy and everything goes to hell and everything now people are running to this dude for answers and he’s not so crazy I’m just saying I know that’s a movie obviously when it seems that you know reality is mimicking fiction here yeah along with a few other people involved in the program including Christopher Milland Elizondo has gone on to become part of the to the stars Academy of Arts and Science to continue their study of the unexplained the Academy’s president and CEO is Tom DeLonge formerly of the band blink-182 the corporation’s mission is to look into quote exotic science and technologies end quote by blending and utilizing science aerospace and entertainment Mellon claims that those involved in the military are approaching to the Stars Academy to investigate more happenings similar to those he’s described because of the department of defense’s poor handling of reported incidents it’s admirable to maybe hang your hat on your belief so strongly and devote this amount of time in research to the aid of everyone else I’m gonna assume he’s doing it to eight everyone else not just to be like I told you so well but at the same time these people probably have fat stacks right blink-182 it’s a lot they sell a lot of albums he had a lot of reps lives in a cozy life what if aliens this is bringing you back full circle impact what if aliens are small uh-huh like you said before I’d still offend Tom DeLonge sings all the small things and we look back at all the small things and we see that inside the song is actually a coded message that explains aliens are small things I let’s examine the lyrics after this but I think we might find a code in here I think we could national treasure to this so do a Lian’s really exist despite numerous sightings it seems that no one can agree on this topic until we get a clear visual hard evidence and maybe even a declaration from aliens themselves the mystery will remain unsolved when it comes to trying to prove aliens existence this program and its findings are the best chance we have in doing that it’s definitely offered the best case I would say yeah it seems like they’re going about it in a somewhat respectable way well because think about it when you’re trying to prove aliens what do you need you need proof number one you need parama you need video uh-huh and you need people of stature or people with credentials yeah to believe that that proof this has both of them I feel like the video speak for themselves I feel like they show things that are clearly unexplainable and I think that’s enough to make the jump at least to say maybe we should research this a little more I think we should research it more cuz we don’t know what it is probably no can’t say that it might be aliens could be could be a thousand things.

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