The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

I’ve never paid much attention to UFO sightings. I’ve read about the occasional incident but my curiosity never really expanded beyond those few cases. I just find that far too often the focus of UFO stories is on the mystery itself as opposed to the resolution of that mystery. Plausible explanations take a backseat to fantastical embellishments. There’s a “documentary” on Netflix right now, and I’m using the term “documentary” very loosely, about a man who claims to be harassed and pursued by aliens. In one scene, he literally has someone bob one of those alien masks you’d get for Halloween outside a window and it is played completely straight. We, the audience, are supposed to believe that this is a close encounter of the third kind when it looks like a close encounter of the trick-or-treat kind.

Nevertheless, this “documentary” did peak my interest and so I began to learn more about the UFO phenomenon, immersing myself in this expansive mythos of which I only had a very limited understanding. From the very start I was taken down this convoluted path of alien abductions, government conspiracies, and alien experiments that read like rejected drafts of The X-Files. But every now and again, I came across something a bit more credible. Stories that were genuinely difficult to rationalize. Nothing that would convince me the Earth is a galactic resort but mystifying stories all the same.

To get you on the same page as me, we need to go back to the year 1947. In the summer of 1947, news and government agencies across North America were flooded with reports of strange objects in the sky. This UFO mania was provoked by a pilot named Kenneth Arnold. On June the 24th Arnold was flying over the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington when he observed a formation of nine saucer-like objects zooming across the sky. Unbeknownst to Arnold, this innocent description would come to popularize the term flying saucer. The scintillating discoids appeared to be traveling at a speed of some 2000 km/h, a speed yet to be achieved by any man-made airplane in 1947. Arnold initially suspected he’d observed some secret military test flight but the US Air Force quickly denied responsibility and merely dismissed the sighting as some form of optical illusion. But it wasn’t quite that simple. Not only was Arnold an experienced pilot but his story was corroborated by a number of witnesses on the ground who all described a series of oval-shaped objects traveling at a tremendous rate of speed. Furthermore, other sightings had been reported days before and would continue for many days after.

More than 800 cases in less than a month, including the famous Roswell incident. Publicly the US Air Force dismissed the sightings as nothing more than a combination of overactive imaginations and misperceptions of natural phenomena but internally the Air Force was just as mystified as the public and actually quite concerned. Hundreds of unrelated persons from all walks of life including high ranking military officials, scientists, engineers, politicians, and professional pilots reported uncannily similar experiences in the span of a few weeks. Both the public and the intelligence community crew increasingly convinced that something was hiding amongst the clouds. In late June of 1947 the Air Force covertly launched a preliminary investigation into the sightings as they suspected that some UFOs could be vessels of foreign or celestial origin. By late September the existence of advanced aeronautic vehicles could not be eliminated. While the majority of cases could be ascribed to natural phenomena, the maneuverability and evasive behavior displayed by some UFOs defied all conventional explanations. It was speculated that these seemingly mechanical UFOs could be part of some top secret military project, either foreign or domestic.

It was feared that the Soviet Union had seized German technology after World War II and developed some advanced aircraft capable of covert infiltration of US airspace. This led to the formation of Project Sign. A classified investigation that would attempt to determine whether or not UFOs posed a threat to national security. While the project members entertained a number of plausible causes, by the summer of 1948, a minority of credible and well documented UFO cases could not be resolved.

These cases became known as the unknowns. By process of elimination, Project Sign therefore concluded that the most probable explanation for the most inexplicable of cases was the extraterrestrial hypothesis. In other words, the unknowns did not appear to be from this Earth. However, once this report reached the Pentagon, it was rejected. The interplanetary explanation was thought to be unsubstantiated and so the report was ultimately scrapped. Project Sign was dissolved soon thereafter and subsequent investigations ultimately failed to ascertain the nature of these unknowns. Project Sign’s successor, Project Blue Book, merely concluded that it was statistically improbable that UFOs represented technological capabilities beyond our own. As the vast majority of UFO sightings are misperceptions of natural phenomena the presumption was that all UFO sightings are likely to be misperceptions. As such, funding for UFO research could no longer be justified as the threat to national security was evidently nonexistent.

Government sanctioned UFO research officially ended with the dissolution of Project Blue Book in 1969 and the Air Force has since proclaimed the issue resolved. Out of the 12,618 UFO reports in its collection, 701 were marked unknown upon its conclusion. Although, some would argue that many cases were mischaracterized and that more than 1,700 cases should be regarded as unknowns. While the US government may dismiss these unknowns as mere statistical anomalies, the fundamental question remains. What did people see? What kind of natural phenomenon evades resolution despite decades of scrutiny? Late in the afternoon on May the 24th, 1949, six civilians were on a fishing trip on the Rogue River in the state of Oregon.

Suddenly, one of them observed a round and scintillating object in the sky. It barely moved as it silently hovered some 1,500 meters above. It was difficult to discern any details with the naked eye but fortunately one of them had brought a pair of binoculars with eight times magnification. The binoculars revealed a clearly distinguishable metallic craft of unfamiliar design. It was round and flat, about 10 meters in diameter, and had a rounded fin on the roof. It had a reflective silver-colored surface that appeared to be somewhat dirty. It lacked any conventional means of propulsion and made absolutely no sound. After some two minutes of observation, the UFO gradually moved in the opposite direction of the wind until it disappeared with the speed of a jet plane.

Besides the corroborating accounts and detailed sketches, what makes this case so interesting is that two of the civilian observers were also employed at an aeronautical research facility so they had ample knowledge of aeronautics. Furthermore, the story never reached the public. This is important because if this was a hoax one would expect the hoaxers to seek media attention, yet the witnesses refrained from speaking to the press.

The story never reached the public eye until many years later when ufologists uncovered the case files which revealed that Project Blue Book had rather dismissively concluded it must have been a misidentified airplane or a weather balloon. So all we need now is a plane shaped like a pancake or a self-propelled balloon unaffected by wind. If you spend some time reading about UFOs you will soon come across an explanation that is repeated time and time again. Weather balloons. This is certainly true for some of the more famous cases. The Battle of Los Angeles? Balloon. The Roswell Incident? Top secret balloon. The Mantell Incident? Once again, a balloon. Unfortunately for proponents of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, it is often a rather convincing explanation.

However, it is far less convincing when the witnesses of a UFO are themselves launching a balloon. On April the 24th, 1949, a group of five balloonists had just launched a weather balloon in the New Mexico desert and were tacking said balloon with a special telescope. Suddenly, the person operating the telescope sighted another object in the sky and alerted the rest of the group who could all see the UFO with the naked eye. It had an elliptical shape and was white-, silver-, and yellow-ish in color. It was impossible to accurately determine its altitude and size due to the lack of reference points but it appeared to be flying at an extremely high altitude and moved so quickly across the sky it was difficult to track with the telescope. It remained visible for about a minute until it suddenly stopped its horizontal motion and disappeared by near vertical ascension into the clear blue sky. It made no sound and traveled crosswind. A year prior a very similar incident had taken place on the 5th of April.

Three balloonists in the New Mexico desert were observing a weather balloon when they spotted a UFO moving at a very high rate of speed. It had a round shape and was white-, gray-, and gold-ish in color. It flew erratically across the sky and performed vertical loops for about 30 seconds until it disappeared. The desert was completely silent yet the UFO violently maneuvered without making a sound. Then on January the 16th, 1951, two balloonists and a number pilots and civilians in the New Mexico desert observed two UFOs in the vicinity of the balloon they were observing. The balloon had reached an altitude of 35 km and, even though it was about 30 meters in diameter, the two UFOs were about three to five times larger and appeared to be flying above the balloon.

They had an elliptical shape and were white and gray in color. They orbited the balloon for about 40 seconds until they disappeared into the distance at a terrific rate of speed. These are just three examples of many similar cases and despite the fact that the spectators involved could not have been more qualified to identify aerial phenomena, none could explain what they had seen. Just before midnight on July the 19th, 1952, radarscopes in and around Washington D. C. picked up a cluster of 5 to 10 unidentified targets. There were no scheduled flights in the area and the UFOs did not adhere to any established flight paths. The possibility of a malfunction was quickly eliminated as radarscopes at three separate airports displayed the same unidentifiable targets. Eventually, the objects could be visually confirmed as orbs of light slowly moving across the sky. After a while the objects began to fan out, zooming across the night sky of Washington D. C. They flew above the White House, the Capitol Building, and many other restricted areas in a disorganized and unpredictable fashion.

On numerous occasion the UFOs performed sharp 90 degree turns and some would completely reverse course in a matter of seconds. Radar operators were baffled. No man-made aircraft could perform such maneuvers. Air traffic controllers, radar operators, pilots, military personnel, and countless civilians all reported sightings of UFOs. One pilot remained in close proximity to the UFOs for about 14 minutes, describing them as white lights with no recognizable shape. While some lights flew in parallel to the plane, others appeared to be flying outside the Earths atmosphere. The sightings by the pilot also coincided with the radar detections suggesting that these were indeed physical flying objects as opposed to radar misidentifications of some kind. After more than three hours, two jet fighters were dispatched to intercept the UFOs but moments before they arrived, the objects accelerated to speeds in excess of 10,000 km/h and disappeared out of sight.

However, when the jets returned to refuel the UFOs returned to the skies. Some five hours after initial detection, the last UFO vanished from the radarscopes. But a week later, the UFOs returned once more. On the evening of July the 26th numerous UFOs were observed streaking across the skies above and around Washington D.C. They shared many similarities with the UFOs from the week before, appearing as orbs of light capable of extreme supersonic velocities.

The crew and passengers of some commercial flights could once again visually confirm the existence of many of the UFOs detected by radar. Four jets were dispatched during the night and two of the pilots did see something on two separate occasions. One pilot saw four white lights while the other saw a single white light. However, neither came close enough to make an accurate identification as the jets were easily outmaneuvered by the UFOs. Under mounting pressure from the public to explain this apparent invasion of the US capital, the Air Force held a press conference on July the 29th. At the conference they claimed that temperature inversions were to blame. It’s an atmospheric condition in which layers of warm air traps pockets of cold air which can result in false returns on a radarscope.

Conversely, the visual sightings were supposedly misperceptions of stars, meteors, or strange reflections of natural sources of light. In other words, it was all just a big misunderstanding and there was no cause for alarm. It’s a very odd explanation given that it completely disregards crucial pieces of information. For one thing, visual observations and radar detections were confirmed to be one and the same on numerous occasions. When pilots claimed they had visual contact with a UFO, ground personnel confirmed its existence and location on the radarscopes. When pilots claimed a UFO disappeared it simultaneously disappeared from the radarscopes.

Another glaring issue is that temperature inversions occurred on a daily basis throughout the summer of 1952 yet unidentified radar targets only appeared on the two nights in question. Personnel at Andrews Air Force Base were not quite sure as to what they had seen, claiming they may have seen meteors or other natural phenomena. But the senior air traffic controller at Washington National Airport was certain they had detected solid maneuvering objects while explicitly denying the possibility of weather related targets. Furthermore, none of the radar operators agreed with the Air Force’s conclusion. Everyone was certain that they had been tracking metallic flying objects. Even the National Weather Bureau disagreed with the temperature inversion theory claiming that such phenomena would appear as amorphous streaks across the radarscopes as opposed to sharp delineable dots. In spite of these glaring contradictions the Air Force concluded that temperature inversions were to blame and that nothing extraordinary had taken place. Though, somewhat paradoxically, the Project Blue Book files list the case as an unknown while simultaneously agreeing with the Air Force’s conclusion.

On April the 24th, 1964, police officer Lonnie Zamora was chasing a speeding car outside the city of Socorro in the New Mexico desert when he was alerted by loud noise and a bright flame in the sky. Believing it to be an explosion he broke off the chase and drove towards the light to investigate. The flame was blue and orange and appeared to be descending towards the ground about half a kilometer away. After a difficult drive through the rough terrain he noticed a white and silver-colored object about 200 meters distant.

It initially appeared to be an overturned car and he could see two men in white coveralls standing beside it. The two men seemed alarmed by Zamora’s presence and looked straight at him but after clearing a small hill, which momentarily obstructed his view, the two men had vanished. Zamora could now discern that it wasn’t a car but some kind of elliptical object, supported by four metallic legs. The white ellipsoid was about 5 meters in diameter and had a red insignia printed on the side.

He then proceeded on foot and was about 30 meters away when he heard loud thumps as if someone closed a door and then a smokeless flame, reminiscent of a welding torch, suddenly erupted beneath the craft. The flame was once again blue and orange in color and it produced a the same roaring sound that was increasing in frequency. Ever so slowly, the object began to rise. At this point, Zamora became frightened and the loud noise gave him the impression that the UFO was about to explode so he ran for cover behind his car. But after a while the UFO went completely silent and was now hovering some 6 meters above the ground. It’s speed gradually increased until it disappeared into the distance. While Zamora was the only person to observe the craft up close a number of witnesses had independently reported sightings of an oval-shaped UFO and a blueish flame before the story had reached the press. One particular witness had observed the descent of an oval-shaped UFO and a police car chasing after it.

A second police officer arrived within minutes and both the FBI and the Air Force would soon converge upon the site. The supposed landing site was thoroughly investigated and photographed. Grass and bushes had been burned and were still smoldering when the first officers arrived at the scene. Some of the burned plants were notoriously difficult to set aflame. The investigators also uncovered four wedge-shaped indentations in the ground and they appeared to be fresh as the dry topsoil had been pushed aside revealing the still moist subsoil.

A cluster of footprints were also discovered within the rectangular region of the indentations. No helicopters had been in the vicinity, the insignia on the craft could not be identified, the site was not radioactive, radar had not picked up any unusual activity, nor did the soil samples collected from the landing site reveal any evidence of chemical propellants. Some claim that vitrified sand had been collected which is when extreme heat melts sand into glass. However, others refute this claim so it’s difficult to know for certain. Nevertheless, none of the investigators believed it to be a hoax. The cluster of footprints were localized and did not lead away from the indentations. Assuming Zamora created the indentations himself and somehow managed to ignite the near-inflammable vegetation, he must’ve done so without leaving any evidence or footprints except for a small cluster near the center. Zamora was deemed highly reliable by everyone who knew him but more importantly by those who interrogated him. Despite plenty of opportunities to do so, he never capitalized on the sighting nor did he seem to appreciate the attention the story attracted.

No evidence of a hoax has ever been uncovered and Zamora’s integrity remained intact until his death many decades later. The Project Blue Book investigation failed to reach a conclusion. The most plausible explanation seemed to be that Lonnie Zamora had witnessed some kind of classified experimental aircraft. An explanation favored by the local population as well as Zamora himself. Given that the highly secretive military testing range known as the White Sands Proving Grounds is located right next door, this is certainly a possibility.

However, the unusual design and advanced capabilities of the craft observed still makes it difficult to believe. Unsurprisingly, the military denied the existence of such a craft. Many years later, the Air Force Captain in charge of the investigation recalled a strange phone call he’d received at the time. A high ranking military official at the Pentagon had called and personally questioned him about the case which he found to be highly unusual. He thought it was unconventional for a Colonel to be making such a call and so he wondered: “Why in the world were they so interested?” Why is it that even though half the global population walks around with a high resolution camera in their pocket, high resolution footage of flying saucers seem to be nonexistent? I’ve seen variations of this line of reasoning before and at first glance it may seem quite decisive.

While it is true that cameras are more readily accessible and video quality has improved significantly over the past few decades, so has the quality of forgeries. Thanks to software like After Effects almost anyone can create a convincing forgery which means that videos like these will never be the definitive proof they likely would have been a few decades ago. Imagine an ideal situation for a moment. Imagine that a reliable individual with no background in visual effects and no previous interest in UFOs captures an actual unidentifiable aircraft on a high resolution camera. Not some blob of pixels as if it was filmed by a Japanese adult film studio, nor some indiscernible streak that requires CSI-esque enhancements, but an actual clearly distinguishable craft that defy all conventional explanations.

Even then, the authenticity of that footage would inevitably come into question and it would in all likelihood be impossible to prove that it actually happened. I remember back in 2011, a UFO in Jerusalem was captured on video by multiple people from multiple vantage points. The case attracted worldwide attention as the multiple locations lent credence to the sighting’s authenticity. However, some time later a team of journalists tracked down the cameramen responsible and found that one was a filmmaker and film teacher while the others just so happened to be students at the same school. Drones have also made it far too easy to stage UFO sightings. Strange lights in the dark night sky performing seemingly impossible maneuvers? Drones got you covered. What appears to be a solid craft in the clear blue sky that looks noting like a conventional drone? Drones got you covered.

It’s become next to impossible to eliminate conventional explanations as virtually every person on the planet has gained easy access to the heavens above. At this point, nothing short of a spaceship landing in the middle of times square should be deemed convincing. This is at least in part why I choose to focus my attention on older cases as none of these problems existed a few decades ago. The first director of Project Blue Book, Edward J. Ruppelt, would later go on to write a book about the cases he and his team investigated. In it, he describes a drastic shift in the attitude towards UFO research following the rejection of the extra terrestrial hypothesis. The Air Force no longer sought to understand the nature of UFOs but rather sought to debunk the phenomenon at large. In his own words: “Everything was being evaluated on the premise that UFOs could not exist.” “No matter what you see or hear, don’t believe it.” Following the aforementioned Washington D.C. incident in 1952 this predisposition was only reinforced. Investigators were instructed to focus on cases they could solve and to never discuss the unknowns in public.

The subject was to be debunked and ridiculed and so it was. What had initially been perceived as a potential treat to national security had now, through an orchestrated public relations campaign, been reduced to a socially unacceptable pseudoscience. Ruppelt writes in his book: “This change in the operating policy of the UFO project was so pronounced that I, like so many other people, wondered if there was a hidden reason for the change. Was it actually an attempt to go underground, to make the project more secretive? Was it an effort to cover up the fact that UFOs were proven to be interplanetary and that this should be withheld from the public at all cost to prevent a mass panic?” “Maybe I was just playing the front man to a big cover-up.” Ruppelt is of course just speculating but, given that he was the head of the operation, it does make you wonder if there may have been some truth behind those concerns. Assuming the military is lying then how does one distinguish a lie about alien spaceships from a lie about classified aircrafts? We know nothing of either so the two deceptions would appear identical.

I mean, I want to believe but I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to believe in. After working my way through a few hundred cases I feel even more conflicted than I did when I began. Things where just so much simpler then. I could just laugh at a man pretending to be scared of a Halloween mask. No grand conspiracies. No extraterrestrials. None of that. Just mortal fear and a piece of plastic. Simpler times.


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The Mystery Beneath (Baltic Sea UFO Documentary) | Timeline

in June of 2011 the Swedish wreck divers Peter Lindbergh and Denis Augsburg stumbled upon something no one could explain nearly 300 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Bothnia the sonar suddenly showed an astonishing image down there in the cold dark Nordic waters lay an anomaly an object no-one could identify it was almost perfectly round 180 feet in diameter and it looked like a UFO they’re about to experience the adventure of a lifetime they will embark upon an expedition in an attempt to find out what it was they saw that day why does the wreckage of the space ship the first one wouldn’t have an explanation for what this actually could be it could be man-made the answers you just get more questions it’s another emotional rollercoaster the mostly Ramada it’s my planning and I am a bit Banshees about if anything happens were smoked if rafting me and my kids my name is pay Italian by and I am a professional treasure hunt treasure hunting for me is very much chasing the dream to find the long-lost wreck it’s a historical capsule and no one has touched it I’m not so much in diving on wrecks which people already have investigated that’s no fun the fun is to find something completely new it’s thrilling and it’s extremely fun with more than 20 years of diving experience peter has taken part in many spectacular expeditions in the Baltic Sea in 1997 you explored the wreck of the yearn shopping the Swedish merchant ship that sank in the first world war the cargo hold contained well-preserved bottles of champagne almost a hundred years old it turned out to be a substantial find the bottles were auctioned off at Christie’s for the record price of two thousand two hundred pounds a bottle that was in 1998 today the collector’s price is about 21 thousand euros together with his friend and entrepreneur Dennis Osberg he started the deep-sea exploration company ocean x team what drives me is their curiosity and I have always been a curious guy an explorer and I want to find out new things to find that thing that nobody else had found some sort of long-term goal the territory for Dennis and Peter’s expedition is centered in the Baltic Sea high up in the north of Europe off the coast of Sweden and eight other bordering countries throughout history many ships have been lost in these international waters it has been said that the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia hold more than a hundred thousand wrecks the famous example is the Vasa a Swedish warship that sank in the 1600s and was salvaged more than 300 years later the hull was found to be almost completely intact since the inlet is narrow and the fact that rain ice and snow are being discharged from the surrounding countries the water is brackish a mixture of fresh and saltwater the low salinity gives the Baltic Sea excellent conservation qualities for anything that sinks to the bottom in the summer of 2011 the ocean X team were on a routine expedition north of Orland however things didn’t go as planned we had rented a old fishing whistle which were used and we had problem already from the beginning the boat started leaking and we had to find a drydock in Finland to repair it and well everything was just crazy disheartened by the failed expedition Peter has an idea on our way home I knew that we will pass in an area where there were another wreck so we put equipment into the water and storm searching and well it was less than an hour I remember this strange old thing just turned up on the monitor my initial reaction when the circle turned up on the monitor was hey guys here we have a UFO I get goose bumps all over my body I have never ever seen anything like that I could say that it’s not a wreck it’s something that looks very odd then we start measuring it and saw that it’s nearly 60 meters in diameter was perfect round and like you’d mark in there at the bottom remember I said to all the crew members that be quiet about this don’t say anything so we know what it is after returning to Stockholm the cruise studies the images for weeks but they just can’t figure out what the anomaly actually is after many days and nights spent pondering Dennis looks in another direction for help he wants to go public with the images Pete have said to me ok you do whatever you do I called the newspaper in Sweden that was the start of a new life buckle up Star Wars nerds you’re gonna like this one only be described to us the wreckage of a crashed spaceship bell ringing mobile phone call thing nigga mitai hi he might just explode we kind of locked up the Pandora Box they came across something unusual so isn’t really an intergalactic nemesis rapidly amongst both scientists and laymen all over the world this hold is really intriguing and I was I really can say well this at first one wouldn’t have an explanation for what this actually could be it definitely requires more work the telephone is ringing all the time radio station TV channels from whole world 300,000 visitors per day on the webpage you’re sitting with a computer and you just Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing I got like 50,000 mails but it didn’t have the desired effect Peter and Dennis had hoped for there have been many theories we have sects telling us not to go there because it might be a trap but if we touch it that will explode and kill all the people in the world and even that it might be a porthole down to hell so the theories has been many and creative but no one has came up with an explanation everything is just speculations after a year of analyzing researching and sponsor hunting it’s finally time to head out to the mysterious object the expedition requires state-of-the-art technology staff and mountains of supplies which is very costly the budget is set to one hundred and twenty thousand euros every day has a price tag of more than 20,000 euros which means they have less than a week to succeed besides Peter and Denis the team is made up of experienced professional divers technical operators and the ship’s crew led by Captain Thomas I’m in charge of everything my responsibilities have a safe ship and for all member sport they never found a ride man the captain is the boss and he knows what he doing supported us together and of course you get annoyed when he coming down screaming at you but of course he’s right Sabine you having a Cochrane for evening behind are they coming here corporate sovereignty the media have also found their way to the docks and are conducting the final interviews before ocean x team leaves the mainland behind I’m very excited but at the same time I quite anxious because a lot of people are watching this there’s no time for screw-ups now when it’s finally time to cast off disturbing weather reports begin to come in there’s a storm raging at sea which could delay the team for several days jeopardizing their already tight schedule the answer les is moving slowly through the great archipelago towards the open sea allowing the storm time to pass but in the warning things have become even worse about news troubles captain thomas denis and peter gather round to hear the verdict yo mr.

Taylor first lived a little work theater octave livid yeah like about the sub thatís all time order number at all Warren Beatty Captain Thomas decides to wait overnight sheltered by the surrounding islands I am worried every day is all about money is ticking and the clock is going and the money is just going away every hour we spend here is another loss on the object that means less chance to find out what it is there are many ideas about what the anomaly might be the most common theories that come from people around the world can be divided into three main categories extraterrestrial man-made or natural phenomena the idea of intelligent life forms existing somewhere in the universe is not inconceivable whether there have been visits from other civilizations or not is an intriguing belief the association with a flying saucer is obvious when looking at the smooth round shapes of the anomaly the following warning weather conditions are excellent sunshine and soft breezes mean that the team can finally head out to the open sea and start the expedition everyone’s in high spirits even captain Thomas the feeling is quite relieved it’s great feeling I love this situation that would have a meeting and inform the entire crew the first challenge we have is to find the object again and I know that all that’s always a problem but we have very sophisticated equipment now so it shouldn’t be any problem the team scans the seabed with the help of two instruments one is the so called multi beam which creates detailed three-dimensional images of the ocean floor the multi beam is an advanced tool and covers relatively small areas which later can be put together to create a bigger detail composite image to search much larger areas the team uses a side-scan sonar known as the fish it creates a two-dimensional image of the seabed a vital necessity in order to locate the object again due to prevailing currents and winds the coordinates taken the year before are not a hundred percent accurate Peter must calculate an offset therefore the search area is spread over square miles if they’re lucky they can find the object quickly but it may also take several hours the object is 60 meters in diameter and we’re at open sea and even if 60 meters sounds a lot it’s like finding a needle in the haystack the anomaly lies in international waters and other nations authorities around the Baltic Sea have shown an interest in the object therefore the coordinates have been kept secret being under surveillance is not a risk worth taking we have informed the entire crew that they had to turn off all kind of tracking device in their phones but I think it’s impossible to protect ourself from from being tracked even if strict radio silence is observed on board it looks like the ancestors got company I don’t want Superman suddenly we saw in the distance that this must be some kind of Navy ship heading directly on us turn out to be a Navy ship an actual Swedish one and it shouldn’t be lurking around in those waters into the fire they just stop them or laying there and we were going in a search pattern um they were in our way but when they went off heading north as the Corvette disappears into the distance the crew focus on scanning the ocean floor again aware now that they’re not alone the search has been going on for several hours when night falls most of the crew have gone to bed and Peter and Denis take the first night shift night turns it today without any sign of the object when suddenly we have lost our side scan sonar and it’s only the drum standing on off deck and the rest is on the bottom right now in situations like this Peter needs to make a critical decision and he has to make it fast to lose the size concern or means that it will take a much longer time to search the area because with the multi-beam we don’t have the width so we will lose a lot of time and time is money Peter faces three alternatives either they keep searching using only the multi beam or they head back to Stockholm to get a new side scan sonar both of these alternatives will cost time and money the third alternative is to try and retrieve the Sun in order to resume the search as quickly as possible the chances to find it on the bottom is very very small and we don’t know either if it’s still working or not if we take the wrong decision we might lose the entire project finally Peter decides on the third alternative the answerless arrives at the position where the equipment is believed to be lost fish is too small for the multi-beam to locate so they have to use a remote operated underwater vehicle also known as an ROV we have 200 meter cable on the side scan sonar so it so we hope it will be on like a lion on the bottom the ROV has a small grabber arm the Flores the operator hopes to use to reel in the fish first they have to find the table and time is taken away finding the cable is one thing grabbing the cable with RO is another thing because the bottom is very very soft and the visibility is gone directly Asuna stir or we get them close to the bottom so even if we find the cable it might be gone in a second luck is on their side and the cable is found almost immediately now they have to focus on grabbing the cable in zero visibility Flores relies on his gut instinct and pure skill to succeed Oh yeah yeah man sneaked or what Flores is quite the young guy so I guess he’s playing some computer games but he’s a natural when it comes to driving auravie I mean he’s a pilot from the beginning as well so I think he has it in his veins it turned out good took about 15 minutes to find it so went quite fast they’re still facing two critical issues can the fish be fixed and if so how long will it take now we are founders has been a long night will be a long day or before we can continue so we have to start work after hours of repairing the crew finally managed to mend the fish but this entire side operation has cost them nearly six hours inevitably this lowers the onboard morale well we have been searching now for 18 hours but we had to break for six hours when we had the side scan fish on the bottom but we have been working for 12 hours effectively and we saw shadow a few moments ago so we will go back and have a look again so maybe we’ll find it in a couple of minutes but then he turns into night again and still no trace of the anomaly the whole team is resting except for the divers Stephan and first made Kai who are working the night shift kai is steering the boat and Stefan is carefully tracking the monitors of course we’re getting frustrated when we can’t exactly spot where there are victus this is actually very interesting and I think we found it this is exactly what we were looking for this is obviously a different angle from what we’ve seen before it up yes so mark this spot after more than 48 hours of searching they have finally found the object painter beside same sizes to object we have seen last year and it’s wrong the mood is much better now than before I mean we had problems problems with a lot of things but now we’re on on the ROM again they must proceed with the extreme caution since they don’t know what lies beneath it it’s something hard out there that’s for sure some kind of gas well have been well can’t be a meteorite ninety-five percent of our fans were right that there is an alien spacecraft down there of course that would be gold if it’s not lethal then I’m very confused to tell the truth I think we can dismiss a lot of theories as soon as we have the first glimpse of the object but before even considering diving for the object they have to get a clearer picture of the environment below the surface and calculate the risks they put the ROV to work I just put a normal diving gates on the ROV to be able to measure the temperature and the depth or the operation of the ROV that is very good for us to know when we planning our dives in the future nothing is left to chance besides the temperature and depth the ROV will examine the current surrounding the object and retrieve material from the bottom you can be analyzed I mean it can be dangerous you have no clue what it can be down there chemicals or mechanical things poisonous unkind we have to know you for Santa risk down there before we sand down the divers going strong the anomaly rests at 90 meters that’s 300 feet below the surface at these depths the visibility can be very restricted especially when soft bottom sediments are stirred up by the ROV tossing more than a hat above one effect therefore the team uses its sonar system to get the first close-up images of the object down in the depths the ROV also manages to capture a clear and distinct close-up image of the object surface count-o and he’ll drop yet rocker Sarah if I found it all on the CFR metal their battle the Tholian held active the guns as their phone Eric attaboy combat is about a little bit taller too early to say now but there is something for sure it is looks like an unmanned met man made the man-made theory is also very common amongst the ocean x teams followers some people refer back to the mythical underwater city of Atlantis others think it’s a megalith a sort of submerged Stonehenge there are other findings around the world that are difficult to explain like the Yonaguni for instance outside Japan an enormous underwater structure the looks man-made other theories concern modern man-made structures like the Russian warship North gurad built in the late 1800s or even the mysterious Nazi flying saucer horrible some people think that it might be the concrete foundation of a lighthouse but they are normally situated in shallower waters others think of giant cable drums except that the biggest known drums barely reach half the size of the Baltic anomaly the ROV is coming back up so the team can calculate the diving risk since they still don’t know what the object is all possible precautionary action is being taken it’s okay with sufficient information about the underwater environment and no lethal radiation readings the team begin planning and preparing for the first day I’m not gonna dive on this expedition myself my job is to supervise the operation it’s my planning and in the end if something happens to them it’s it’s my neck now where we’re not really know what we’re facing so of course it’s a I am a bit anxious about it the dive which will be about two hours in duration takes place in the cold Baltic waters which normally are around six or seven degrees Celsius but all of a sudden the readings show that the temperature right on top of the object has drastically dropped below zero just recently discovered that it’s minus one degrees Celsius which is actually the freezing point and that’s actually very surprising when diving one must always work with at least one other person so that they can assist each other in case of something goes wrong Stephan will be diving with his partner Frederic who has planned the whole operation he is meticulous in his planning I mean he’s the person who knows that the devil is in the details he plant some plants and think over the plants and then it does a replan I would say without Frederic I wouldn’t be able to do these types deep-sea diving is incredibly risky and puts great demands on the human body and equipment already at 20 meters depth a diver is at risk from nitrogen narcosis the symptoms are similar to being under the influence of alcohol with impaired judgment and poor concentration at 60 meters the high pressure makes the oxygen content in normal air poisonous which could be fatal to remedy this the diver breathes a mixture that lowers the oxygen and nitrogen levels with the help of helium the deeper and longer the diver is down the slower the ascent which means having to pause several times on the way up otherwise the nitrogen expands creating bubbles in the blood system this gives the diver decompression sickness also known as the bends if you by any chance would get decompression sickness there is a way to rescue yourself from it anyway and that’s to go to a recompression chamber but here we are way out in the baltic sea and we have no recompression chamber so if anything happens we’re smoked while they are down there will be a third diver up top this function is to be a rescue diver well I will be assisting the divers if if there’s any problems with the diving they will send up the buoy and we will see where they are and we will go there and I will go down to a system if there’s any trouble they’re getting close to the descent but the answer less is engulfed by fog which reduces the divers safety levels considerably for Tipu prevent you seeing a Boyar on this week the top of it the bottom three non-ethical peter has to make the most difficult decision of his life because of their tight schedule they don’t have time to wait for the fog to disperse so either they are bought the entire mission or they continue under dangerous conditions where the fog we have two alternatives one is that we wait for the fog to disappear but we don’t know how long that will take to is that we dive anyway but if the divers run into problem then we are in deep shit but we have taken the decision that they will dive in anyway when you descend in the Baltic Sea in the first couple of metres there is daylight and the deeper you go the Torquay yes so 20 meters of depth there is almost no light at all 50 meters it’s pitch-black and at 90 meters it’s like a black hole it’s just nothing during the descent the fog has become even thicker peter has second thoughts about his decision to let them dive during a dive to 90 meters under these conditions and something happens to the divers they are beyond all kind of rescue they can’t go directed a surface because if they do they die and on top of this we don’t know what we will find down there when the divers finally reached 90 meters they tie a lifeline to the anchor so that they can find their way back to the ascent line now Stephan and Frederic have only 10 minutes left before they must begin their demanding ascent when we went on we have the solar pictures in our mind and a thing to remember is that when you see a solar picture that’s actually 60 meters in diameter and when we got down in pitch-black water you only see sort of 1 meter ahead of you so when we see the anomaly underwater is nothing like the solar picture we have no clue what it is of course the question starts to grow in your mind when we swam over it it looked like concrete or cement and when we touched it it turned black your honor yeah what I’ve seen that it looks somewhere like this is when you have burned plastic or anything that’s burnt or melted and that was very mysterious for us the ten minutes that Stefan and Fredrik had left on the object are already up and the slow but dangerous ascent begins the longer we stay down there the longer it will take to get back to the surface ten minutes at ninety meters of depth it will take around 90 minutes to get back to the surface you’re anxious and you’re nervous standing up there don’t know if it has worked well for them or not just waiting for emerges and boy popping up somewhere and then you have a really stressful situation trying to save the divers when you get back to the surface and you stand on the boats deck everything just releases in you all the adrenaline that kept you alive that kept you in work just disappears and of course I might look a little sad and that’s just because I’ve been so tensed for for two hours nobody can take two accountants Oh can’t enough water you can’t oh so cute Sumathi today Stian for my steer not only gets me ring oh come on did you get the formal design so what’s not normal time the most peculiar thing on the strangest thing was was as a whole this was like a circle two or three meters in width and like a frame around it I mean like a square frame and the circular hole and that’s that’s kind of weird it’s a magic moment in my head I’m waiting for this for a long time to see these pictures yeah my heart is ticking quite fast you see what you believe is a rock and when you look closer it is more similar to concrete it’s like it’s straight to be us yeah it’s like somebody molded it before it actually turned into stone the amazing thing here is that you don’t get any answers you just get more questions I don’t have a lot of ideas of what it can be I try to take photos documentation collect samples and I let the scientist come up with ideas or what it can be so I don’t really have a clue it’s just too big of a question mark for me that was probably the most important dive I’ve ever done in my life now done maybe 6,000 dives in my life I would die for an expert to tell me what I’ve seen after a dive like this Stephan and Frederic have to spend about 12 hours on the surface before it’s safe to go back down again therefore they’ve run out of time so early next morning the crew weighs anchor and the ship heads back to dry land again we didn’t get so many dives as we wanted to and another big problem is that multi-beam data which creates the 3d image of the bottom is incomplete we have spent a lot of money on it and it was very important for this expedition but the positive thing is that we have brought some samples up so I hope it will be enough for some experts to give us some answers it’s strange stone it’s black it can be a natural reason for that it looks like it burned but why I don’t know the last of the three most common theories is that the anomaly is a natural phenomena either as structure caused perhaps by a gas pocket or a volcano throwing up lava which consequently created the mystical anomaly and there are also several theories claiming the anomaly to be a meteorite meteors are sighted every now and then and there are many well-known craters around the world could this explain the weird shapes and black stones that is the anomaly the time has finally come to get some answers Peter and Dennis start off with a meeting with andreas Olsen an expert in underwater archaeology mainly it looks like I wouldn’t perhaps call it a wall or that it’s something you can walk in but it’s definitely a very sharp edge and it I haven’t seen this before and when I just look at it now it definitely looked like man-made very interesting looked man-made in my eyes but he’s he’s the knowing guy scientists and when he says things like that and yet if it is man-made it must be called out from the cliffs itself because all you see there is hard surface is a mineral or something my immediate reaction was that this is some kind of concrete construction something modern I think 20th century or perhaps late 19th century but it definitely for if from imagery it looks like it could be man-made but to me it looks like the when you look at that sharp line in that it has a very different density yeah and it almost looked like it’s like steel or something grass is a much harder echo don’t you agree no I don’t you have to deal with very many different kinds of expressions to to get a full picture for sure that’s the next step so the regular shape means the object could be man-made but if that’s the case where do the burnt looking stones come from could it perhaps be explained by volcanism in the Baltic Basin marine geologist Martin Jacobson at Stockholm University might have the answer that would certainly be extremely interesting because that would mean we have volcanism that at the time where we I wouldn’t expect it at all it is a very exciting result purely scientifically but I would be interested in to even go further and look into if the burnt stones are not from the Baltic Basin where they heated somewhere else like for example the outer atmosphere meaning that the anomaly would be a huge meteorite resting in the depths we have a very nice example of a meteorite impact in Sweden but it would probably bigger imprint in the bedrock geology around and we would have seen that in maps and anomalous before so it doesn’t point to that to me Peter and Dennis need more answers they meet the geologists fall Kubrick at who has more than 30 years of experience with rocks he has examined the material and is ready to give his opinion on how the rocks were created alright so if you look at the side that I sort of smacked clean you see it has very fine crystals that that indicate that fine crystals often indicate that if we had a a molten rock and a molten rock chilled very rapidly and therefore the crystals didn’t have time to grow therefore that’s how we identify a volcanic rock so I don’t know why you find a volcanic rock in the middle of the northern Baltic my best interpretation is that glaciers have transported it there so it’s official the rock is volcanic which might have been transported there by glaciers but how can the anomaly’s weird shapes be explained Peter and Denis show Falcor the video material hoping it would reveal more clues thoroughly I still can fall could the shapes be explained by something lying beneath the volcanic rock surface it looks like a crust yeah look like it’s a crust we have this black material shining through the cracks but that could just be the mud that’s we know it this is not mom oh okay that’s all circles here well we’d have to see whether the material that’s really underneath is the same as the one that’s on top what I really would need to look at this more closely as a sample directly from your object the surfaces can be deceiving and don’t really say what the interior of the rock looks like so the big questions right now are did the glaciers transport it there and what lies beneath well from my point of view it could almost be Millennium Falcon right now I think it’s important to have more information before we can we can pursue any theory I have to be very open we have in Sweden for example everything has been all written by the ice and can look very very machine made or don’t really look realistic but you can never say anything with hundred percent certainty geologists tend to explain this as part of a heroic phenomenon and then perhaps biologists would explain cool to his or her discipline so we must have many disciplines we must see this for many part abuse we must create so to say a holistic picture of this in order to find what it is actually keeping an open mind could it in fact be some sort of alien vessel resting beneath the stone crust class Swan a renowned journalist and chairman of UFO Sweden gives his opinion our oceans are not exploded toward really I mean it’s a space in itself so there are of course surprises that could be things of course that may be visited us for hundreds and thousands of years are still left down there that would be quite easy to see it would be quite easy to to drill your way down as if there is sanity metallic underneath the stone today it’s only speculation but it triggers our imagination and we must try to find a solution of course so there’s only one thing left to do Peter and Dennis have to head out to sea again in order to get the final answers to be able to find out what’s inside the object we have to do a core drilling and that’s a huge operation so are we talking millions for us when Peter and Dennis began to prepare for another expedition what wasn’t supposed to happen it happened rumors and speculation begin to surface saying the object is nothing but a pile of rocks yeah I get pissed off I mean wake up this morning and seeing this shit from Fox News and they’re writing about that we have found a rock and the information come from Sweden people think they are right now that’s the sad thing it’s harder for us now to convince companies to get into this when folks do this it’s pissing me off yeah several months pass and these rumors hardened into a global belief but Dennis refuses to give up his search for the truth we have not been near luck with the sponsors we have not found an sponsors we must find other things to get money into the project in an act of desperation Denis begins selling off branded merchandise in order to scrape together enough money for a new expedition there have been a long time but lots of struggling there’s a kind of frustration in me to work with this you must have patience it’s all about patience here their attempts to finance the project begin to provoke some people who think Peter and Denis are trying to make money out of nothing even some of the fans who were once enthusiastic of lost faith in them Peter and Denis have become a laughingstock quickly put on your dice peter is disheartened and distances himself further and further away from the project Denis on the other hand keeps on fighting but now it’s to clear their names we are no hoax we are treasure hunters why should we lie about this even Denis has to draw the line when he and above all his family begin to receive intimidating messages you notice the dark night mr.

Oz berry the dark death your health it’s good that you don’t dive in our winter times so many accidents happen then say hello to your little kids they are so sweet perhaps I meet them and the kindergarten what have I done to deserve this if rapping me and my kids but Denis’s struggle is also inspiring every now and then they still receive well wishes and kind support from fans and fine Peters and Dennis work important as misters are not scientific they’re also in the same time not trustable to the society it would be really sad if you actually have suffering there at the bottom think about if that will abandon just because it has some more of society that says there are no miracles there are no such things I think that would be a scandal almost if we don’t go there look at what it essentially one of their enthusiastic followers has spent a couple of months trying to restore the corrupted data from the multi-beam after much hard work he’s been able to put together new unique images that reveal the object and a large part of the surrounding area as a last-ditch effort Peter and Dennis together with Stefan the diver come together to see if they can shed some light upon the mystery this is going to be very interesting for me to see a big of you to take a step back actually two steps back and see the whole picture what we’ll see is very interesting because we have just seen it as a 2ds I scan sonar image but now we will have a flyby through the area and it’s quite amazing oh the multi beam interpretation shows something absolutely astonishing 1500 meters south of the object there’s a small underwater Mountain divided by a canyon leading off of this underwater feature is a ridge that runs all the way up to the object but for any theories there are cerebellum or the 3d image also shows another Ridge heading towards a second anomaly when study in the side scan image the resemblance to the first anomaly is striking which could mean that they are in some way connected but we have two current shaped endings of it and if we take the disturbances away we will have a straight line at least on this side the two arches makes it looks like maybe not natural this second anomaly might be the most interesting kinda tiring on the dusty liver in Toronto can’t eat the guitar it actually looks like something has hit the mountain but I don’t think it is like that I think it is a coincidence but I don’t know maybe I work with this too long now maybe I’m crazy but in my eyes I see the crash site perhaps I will now find out and I have to live with that but one thing is for sure I will never stop thinking about I’m divided in to about an answer it might be a very boring answer and maybe I can live without that or the answer will surprise me in that case I’m looking forward to it you you

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Do You Believe in Alien Abductions?

My name is John Burke. I’m an investigative reporter and a certified hypnotherapist. I’m confident we’re being visited what I don’t know are their intentions Los Angeles California a city where nothing is ever as it seems but sometimes a place where horrifying stories of UFOs and alien abductions are very real for every up there’s a down for every ging there’s a yang I mean you take the city of Los Angeles the weather is absolutely perfect but there’s so many cars are practically chokes the life out of the day it’s incredible amount of wealth and blinding poverty based on whatever Street you happen to cross it’s not all fancy cars and movie stars either there’s an underbelly an underbelly that really Foster’s the UFO alien abduction movement I guess there are easy targets for ridicule hidden trauma masked under some fantastic illusion I don’t know maybe what’s easy is dismissing it as nonsense maybe what takes courage is confronting the demon Wendy she’s really straddling reality and a dream and trying to come to terms with what’s what and right now it’s so disorienting to her I’m not sure she knows which one is which her first UFO sighting was in 2010 near Indianapolis since then she claims to have seen dozens I was with her following like an angel by all accounts he was a normal existence it was a normal Midwestern existence I was very happy life was very normal and I think when the first people asked me what was one of the first signs or one of the things you noticed and I was joking with my husband one night and I said if I didn’t know better I would say there was a star following me describe one of the more remarkable images that you’ve ever seen in this guy I was standing in my backyard and I usually don’t have feelings or I can’t fill if there’s gonna be any UFO experiences or events but one night I felt like there was something that was going to happen I went to my backyard and I wasn’t looking in the sky I was looking toward the woods that are off to the side in my backyard and sure enough I see this it looks like this enormous blue teardrop come out of my woods and it’s probably 50 feet high poop it goes up to the sky and just stays there and it is a perfect diamond had a pink interior and had a red bar across it and it was it was magnificent it was beautiful it was non scary you would think something like that would be terrifying but I was in such awe now this doesn’t just happen in your backyard does it I mean when you travel they show up when I travel they show up I go back and forth of Los Angeles and I’ve seen things and as I travel the country or I’ve even gone to Europe and I’ve seen them there’s there’s got to be something you know I never felt chosen I don’t like that word but there’s something there that maybe I know or a lesson that somebody I know knows that that needs to get out thoughts on meeting Wendy for the first time you know you can take a look at UFO pictures and UFO footage all day long but it’s not until you stand across from somebody and you look in their eyes and you see that certainty and that uncertainty at the same time the intensity the experience that it really begins to haunt you obviously in the middle of a journey this all really picked up just a short time ago when you’re trying to put all the pieces together what next what do you do now I want to know more I want to know there’s certain nights that are enormous to me I want to know what happened there nights that I I’m not sure about the word abduction are being taken I don’t know and I always try to leave a very open mind I’m very curious about it there’s some questions that I would like answers to there’s some nights that didn’t make a lot of sense to me you know a lot of people when they’re in a position similar to yours they’ll go to hypnosis to learn more is that something you’d be open to I would I think that’s our next it’s so far I’ve managed to gain Wendy’s trust but right now all I have are photographs and stories so I’ve convinced her to come to a world-renowned hypnotherapist who deals in alien abductions now she has an event during this hypnotherapy session we may be tapping into something that she doesn’t even know exists in her life how many people have been abducted in your opinion over the last 10 20 years it’s in the millions millions it’s worldwide it’s not just here in the United States it’s a worldwide because I get contacted by people all over the world we are being engaged by alien beings from we don’t know where why though why are they contact why are they interacting their main agenda is to create a hybrid race between they need human DNA with their alien DNA and they’re creating these hybrids they’ve been doing this for a very long time as you are allowing yourself now to completely and totally relax we’re gonna begin by taking a trip back in time to explore a memory just feel yourself going back during that time going to your house I reached for the string to pull the blinds down and I am taken in by a light so enormous and I could see into it and as you’re seeing into it describe what you’re seeing the whole room has like this yellow green hue to it and they’re kind of it’s like the colors are off verbalize it Wendy I’m right here it’s dark earthen like it should be like it’s darker than a room and it’s more like it’s not straight like room like it’s curved kind of there’s like like these tentacle things like beams not beams but jellyfish and as you’re seeing into it describe what you’re seeing its blinding but there’s something in there I’m so scared what they want No who are they whoever they Wendy who are you referring to my head you get a sense of that first and behind you it’s a few milk voice which catches a North Pole and is the female voice talking to you yep we don’t know what they were missing these important in numbers in letters and we will put people in front of you and you will know where the words that they speak three just feel your body starting to come around for your eyes are opening and five then we’ve opened up the subconscious it doesn’t serve any purpose for someone to keep holding this in like there’s a lot more it’s very real to her that was very clear in the room my question to you is is it is it real to you do you think that she is interacted with aliens you know John after 22 years of doing this definitely as soon as I saw her body language as soon as I saw her the tears that came forward that the raw emotion and the fear this is very very typical Yvonne’s in a curious spot no question Wendy session revealed an intense emotional experience but was it abduction I can’t tell if she believes what she just heard or if it even matters I can tell you she cares she cares about her clients being healed and happy and living balanced good lives dr.

Leir is a podiatrist by trade but has found himself at the forefront of actual physical evidence of this alien abduction phenomenon the implant dr. Leir has worked out his own theories as to purpose in origin he doesn’t care who he upsets he doesn’t care what boat he rocks all he wants is the truth and for the truth to be known what about the implants how many of you extracted and we’ve done 16 surgeries today and prettier 17 objects I just want to touch on the idea of a hybrid program do you endorse that yes I believe that there is such a thing as a hybrid program a large amount of the abductee program has to do with re manipulating our DNA into different species so the implants manipulate DNA I think what they’re there is gathering data so they can broadcast this data remotely when they want it recently we’ve come to the conclusion that the skeletal structure the body is being used for an antenna because it contains all a constituents they would make up you know I’m Metallica what is it that makes you think that you’re involved with the air abduction program at all I feel like I’m being hunted I feel like they know I’m at do you have any idea where this implant might be just because I’ve heard you know very loud tones and my right ear I would say probably in my ear perhaps we’re gonna do some pretty funky old tests and measurements to see if your body is admitting anything we’re actually looking at Wendy’s leg with an ultraviolet light and anything that begins to shine secure your color is what we consider fluorescence sometimes these colors can be orange or pink our people ever tracked in a different way that different well we don’t think these devices have anything to do with tracking anybody we know now that our own genetic laboratories that each our own our own DNA has it’s electronic signature you know Walter this one yeah it’s all what we’re doing it’s very firm to make a sale in the waters Pete this is a Gauss meter Gauss meter picks up electromagnetic fields and we find for example and then plants they have met as much as 10 milligauss that’s about eight milligauss is coming out around here what does that mean could be an object which is really saying something electromagnetic field to be on the safe side how we should get an x-ray maybe both ears what’s light using a little radio density right here there’s one yelling input we know that the radio density in the spot is not supposed to be there so it could be an implant I have no words right now I’m not sure what I’m feeling I’m surprised to even see anything at all and even the possibility of it being an implant it’s something I always thought about but maybe I just didn’t want to go there because it’s just another layer to this entire story this is a worldwide phenomena and the people of this planet are being kept in the dark there is a light at the end of the tunnel but it could be a train heading right for us now Wendy finished her session really by looking down and she said there’s more do you agree yes how much more John this experience doesn’t stop its ongoing it may lay dormant for say a few years but it’s going to happen

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Brazil’s UFO Files – Your Need to Know

The next episode in our series covers Brazil’s UFO investigations. The government of Brazil has openly acknowledged the UFO phenomenon since the 1950’s and has released a number of UFO files from their investigations. From 1969 up until 1972 Brazil had an official UFO research organization called The System for the Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. The investigations were public and the organization would often work with civilian UFO researchers. However, when the United States closed Project Blue Book the Brazilian government soon followed.

On August 9, 2010 the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Brigadier Junichi Saito, established Regulation 551/GC3 for UFO disclosure in Brazil. It reads “As of this date, all reports of UFO sightings sent to the Brazilian Air Force bases and filed at the Brazilian Airspace Defense Command, in Brasilia, should be sent to the National Archives, where they can be known to any person.” A leading source for UFO research in Brazil is ‘Revista UFO.’ AJ Gevaerd, a former professor of chemistry, founded the publication in March of 1988. In 2002 the magazine began a partnership with the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research to produce content. Presently Gevaerd serves as the editor and has a vast editorial board consisting of about 500 members in Brazil and over 50 other countries. The website features blogs written by various researchers, videos, documentaries and photo galleries with photos from cases that currently under investigation. Brazil’s military has released some their UFO files in response to the ‘UFO – Freedom of Information Now’ campaign started in April 2004 by the Brazilian UFO magazine.

The files that are available can be downloaded from the website The disclosure process started in May of 2005 when a group of Ufologist met with the Brazilian Air Force to discuss sightings and fully examine classified documents. During that meeting the researchers were informed on procedures for UFO detection, they were also able to visit air traffic control rooms, and review 3 historical cases. Brazilian Ufologist AJ Gevaerd was part of the group and at the 2011 International UFO Congress he spoke about his involvement.

The first case the group was able to review was from 1954; it was the testimony from pilot Nagib Ayub, the head of Varig airlines. Along with crewmembers, he observed a luminous object lingering near the airliner for about two hours in the airspace above Rio Grande do Sul. The second was a well-known case was from 1977, involving dozens of sightings on the island of Colares in the Amazon forest. The group was able to view over a 100 photos from the military investigation codenamed ‘Operation Saucer.’ The local residents reported being attacked by luminous balls of light; they described them as ‘light vampires.’ After an encounter the individuals became very ill.

Victims told the doctor that they felt that orb seemed to suck their blood therefore the locals gave the phenomenon the nickname ‘chupa-chupa.’ Operation Saucer lasted four months, from September to December. The full report allegedly contains over 500 photos and 3,000 witness interviews. In July 1997 Revista UFO published extensive articles on the case with interviews from the Air Force Commander in charge of the operation, Captain Uyrange Hollanda who passed away in October of 1997. According to Hollanda, “we detected at least nine forms of objects. Probes, spaceships, flying saucer shape.” In 2005 the History Channel featured the story on UFO Files: Brazil’s Roswell. AJ Gevaerd also spoke about this case at the 2011 International UFO Congress. The third case was from May 1986; it has been called “The Official Night of UFOs in Brazil.” As many as 20 objects, each measuring over 100 meters in diameter, jammed the Brazilian air traffic control systems over 3 of Brazil’s largest cities: Rio De Janeiro, Sao Jose dos Campos and Sao Paulo. Several jets were sent to intercept with out any success. Brazil’s Minister of Aeronautics, Brigadier General Otávio Moreira Lima, spoke about the incident and said, “The radar detects only solid metallic bodies and heavy clouds.

There were no clouds or conventional aircraft in the region. The sky was clear. Radar doesn’t have optical illusions.” The Brazilian Aeronautics Commission report was not released. However, the accounts of air force pilots and radar controllers were published widely in the press and later studied by Brazilian researchers. AJ Gevaerd found these documents to be a great confirmation. The Brazilian Committee of UFO researchers continues to work with the military has established a standing committee of UFO researchers. In April 2013 the researchers were able to meet with the leaders at the Brazilian Ministry of Defense. Researchers are still searching for information relating to controversial incidents. The Varginha Case is one of the most well-known cases in Brazilian Ufology. Canadian Ufologist Stanton Freidman said, “Varginha has the makings of a cosmic Watergate.” According to media reports, on January 20, 1996 three women saw an unknown creature while walking to their home. They described it as being about 5 feet tall with a thin monkey-like body and V-shaped feet.

It had a large head with 3 lumps on it, brown skin and big red bug-like eyes with a strong unpleasant odor. The Brazilian media was saturated with speculation. There were soon rumors of other creatures, UFO sightings and alleged military involvement. The Brazilian government denies capturing the creature during the incident, but some researchers have their doubts. Commemorative statues of the creature can be found all around the city of Varginha. Another famous Brazilian UFO sighting took place on Trindade Island. On January 16,1958 Admiral Saldanha was conducting geophysical research on a Navy training ship with professional photographer Almiro Baraúna on board. Around noon a UFO came toward the island at high speed, hovered for a moment, went behind a peak and then went back toward the sea. Baraúna managed to get four photos of the object. The navy’s initial investigation on the case was kept secret, but when the files reached Brazil’s President they were released and the photos made worldwide headlines.

The official witness reports have not been made public but the Brazilian Ministry of Defense said the documents were going through the proper procedures for release and are to be released in accordance to Brazil’s Access to Information Act. .

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2 Most Convincing Alien Abduction Stories

Have actuall individuals really been abducted by aliens? Let’s explore that! ♪ Good… Mythical… Morning! – The world is a huge place. – (usually) Oh, yes. – We don’t also know how huge it is or how big it’s becoming. Current quotes state there are – 100 octillion movie stars. – That’s quite a few. – That’s one with 29 zeros after it. – Big quantity. So odds are there’s some other life online. – But the question is: Has that life… – receive united states? … come in contact with us? There’s many individuals whom state “Yes.” Now, physically, – we don’t think this has occurred, but… – Me neither.

Significant stories that I’ve heard prior to are like uncle Hank… you know, the guy who has no hair over their head but he’s many hair in the straight back, and he’s a koozie with him constantly. Hehas an alien abduction tale. – Yeah. – But not all alien abduction stories are – like Uncle Hank’s. – Mm-mm. They are sometimes more advanced and much harder to just dismiss. And we’re gonna be talking today about– we each have a story we think is more difficult to dismiss – than your uncle with the koozie. – Mm-hm. Yeah. So we’ll start. I’ve discovered… This is among the first alien abduction stories, and we’m going to go with this one because we think there’s some convincing things to it. Postman Barney Hill and their wife Betty had been driving back from Canada. They had been in Brand New Hampshire. It ended up being at night around 10 P.M. They see this celebrity that’s moving erratically. – Okay. – (gruffly) That ain’t no celebrity.

(normally) So they pull over at a rest area. Now let me personally point out– – That’s nice. – Here’s a picture of couple. They’re maybe not on remainder area within… this is a posed image, maybe not at a rest area. – Okay. – (Link) Would this couple lie to you? – (Rhett) They appear trustworthy! – (Link) They appear trustworthy. Look at – the dachshund in Betty’s lap. We mean– – (Rhett) Okay, he’s maybe not going to tell a lie. And he’s maybe not going to suffer any liars or stay in the lap of a liar, so that’s point – one right there. – which medical! – They visit the remainder area. – They have a dachshund.

Barney gets out their binoculars and begins evaluating this thing. He estimates– – He had binoculars? – Yeah, definitely he did. – had been they around their neck already? – naturally. He’s a postman – with a dachshund. – He estimated it ended up being a 40-foot-long craft with flashing colors and it had windows. As it ended up being getting closer to him– because yes, it ended up being getting closer to him– he could see there had been beings inside it. – Okay. – Gets back in the automobile and states, “They’re going to capture united states!” And then they start driving off. They start to experience beeping, buzzing, then there’s like a tingling sensation and a vibration – of automobile… – They had been at Brookstone in the – therapeutic massage chairs.

– (team laughs) – No, they had been in their automobile. – (silly vocals) We’re in Brookstone, baby! (laughs) They had been driving! They had been driving down the road then suddenly, they enter what they describe as a state of their minds being dulled. – Oh! – So their minds are dulled. And then… – Okay. – There’s another set of beeping and buzzing, and we’m suggesting what we think occurred is they were– (slurps) – sucked up in– – That’s everything think occurred, huh? – sucked up into the, into the craft. – Well that’s what they think occurred. No, they don’t know at this point. So they keep driving, but they understand that they are now, apparently instantaneously, 35 kilometers south of in which – they had started. – Whoa.

With no recollection of traveling those 35 kilometers. – That’s maybe not Brookstone. – They arrive at home then they start to notice that they have some uncontrollable impulses and thoughts. Like, Betty’s packing a suitcase and placing it by the door. She’s having nightmares of UFO abductions. Barney ended up being compelled to check their genitalia. – Pshhh! – (giggles) Okay, fine. That’s quite a compulsion. That is a healthy compulsion to check it every now and again… – Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is. – (team laughs) – But… (laughs) – You should check it.

I mean… He missed any such thing, but he ended up being compelled to check it. – Yeah. – And only after the beeping and – buzzing and… – Yeah, right, okay. – therefore, get this. – we get ya, Barney. We realize. – Betty calls the local Air Force base. – Then? – And they reply! – (silly vocals) Hello, Air Force! – we mean, like… – We don’t have any therapeutic massage chairs! (laughs) How is this feasible? But really, she calls the Air Force base. – Major Paul W. Henderson states… – (usually) genuine guy. “The UFO ended up being also confirmed by our radar.” After she describes their experience. And that just means “unidentified flying item.” He said, “The UFO ended up being also confirmed by our radar.” – Okay, fine. – Then they decide to go through… They decide to try to account for what they think become two hours of lost time and 35 miles.

They enter regressive hypnotherapy and they both have the same stories. They’re drawing sketches. This is a sketch that Barney drew of “the frontrunner,” he called it. – (Rhett) Hm! It’s a snake with a beret! – (laughs) Yeah. – (French accent) It’s a French snake! – He’s a postman, he’s maybe not a– – Ooh los angeles los angeles, Barney! – He’s maybe not an artiste. So, basically, they visited the conclusion that they’ve been abducted by aliens. They remember through regressive hypnotherapy that they took their epidermis, hair, nail – samples, physical fluid samples… – Oh! – Here’s the thing, guys. – we get you, Barney. This is a typical alien abduction tale, except it ended up being the first one! – Appropriate. – And they kinda had to figure it out.

They had beenn’t building on other previous stories. – others emulated them. – Even that image, that image of – snake with the beret. Totally original. – Totally– really, completely original. – Yeah. – The Air Force confirmed there ended up being one thing regarding radar! And the da-shund. The datsun, individuals! – How do you state that… dog? – You state datsun, you don’t state da-shund, – we don’t think. – That’s how you spell it, though! – we mean, think… – so’s what it precipitates to for them.

– (considerably) Believe the dashund. – They have a dashund. – All right, I’ve got a story. – They corroborated, you know? – In their regression! – This is the Travis Walton tale. A very famous– most likely the most famous UFO abduction, alien abduction tale back from November of 1975. He’s clearing woods, type of a blue collar guy. – He’s clearing woods. – Literally, he’s wearing a blue collar… – (Rhett) Yes. – (Link) and plaid top. (Rhett) Yeah. He ended up being a logger. He’s clearing woods in Arizona with seven other guys. They complete their change, they enter a truck. Big vehicle, seven guys. They’re going down the road and they see, quote, “a luminous item – shaped like a flattened disc.” Travis– – Saucer. We call that a flying– (snaps) Saucer. Travis gets away and draws near the saucer. Of course he does because he’s a lumberjack. And the remaining guys remain in the truck. They see a– speaking of blue collar– a blue beam hit him.

Beam of light knocks him down. They panic, others six guys. They drive off. After sometime, they’re like, possibly we should get – get Travis! – They ditched him. Wouldn’t you!? They’re scared! They return. He’s no place to be found. So they straight away visit the authorities in the nearest city. They state, “Our buddy–” They tell ’em the entire tale. “Our buddy ended up being hit with this beam of light.” And they’re like, “These dudes are peanuts! But possibly one thing’s going on.” They start a manhunt. It comes to an end up being the largest manhunt in Arizona history. – Travis-hunt. – Five times of selecting Travis, but simultaneously, they’re like, “naturally these guys don’t really experience a UFO – situation,” appropriate? – They killed him.

They suspected that they murdered him. They teamed up on him and murdered him in their typical logger way of telling the tale ended up being, (southern accent) “Hey man, suppose he got abducted by aliens. That’ll be believable.” (southern accent) Blue beam o’ light… allow’s get our tale right. (usually) therefore they polygraph them, give them a lie detector test. Five from six – of guys pass the test. – (usually) Oh, therefore the sixth one – killed him. – No. And among the guys whom ended up being there– it ended up being just inconclusive. He don’t complete the test because he ended up being type of – emotionally shaken up.

– naturally he ended up being. – Now, the guys whom administered– – He just killed a man. administered these tests said, “We are completely convinced that these males believe that he ended up being abducted by aliens. They saw– they did not kill him. They – believe that this is what has occurred. – Okay. At the same time, what happens to Travis? Well, five times pass and suddenly he wakes up in front of a local gasoline section with an incredibly detailed story– – nude. – of what had occurred. We think he nevertheless ended up being clothed. He nevertheless had that blue top on, we’m pretty sure. Right here’s what he remembers: first, it’s an incredibly detailed tale. We’m just going to supply some of features. First of all, they don’t kill him, because he’s back. – He’s back. – therefore there you get. He remembers being on a table thinking he’s in a hospital space, but the he looks up and he sees aliens that, quote, “looked like fetuses…” – Ew. – caring for him.

So the old fetus alien, you know? He gets scared, maybe not because they’re aliens, but because they’re – fetus aliens. – Oh, yeah. And he picks up a glass cylinder on a shelf and starts yelling at them and – waving the glass cylinder. – A flask? And they leave. Simply a glass cylinder. We don’t know what that’s for. Like a luminary that you place like some… We don’t have a picture. It ended up being regarding alien ship.

– Okay. – we’m going off Travis’s testimony right here. – Got it. – He waves it at them like a magic wand. They get from the space, then he states, (claps) “we got this spaceship to myself.” – (laughs) – He walks down a hallway, – goes into a room… – (team laughs) – He’s a penguin! – And there’s a room with a chair in the – center with a lever. – naturally there’s! Or a lever. This is like a cartoon. We gotta state, Travis, at this point it appears like a cartoon. However know what? We’m going to continue. – A barber seat! – He enters the barber chair.

He brings the lever and suddenly it begins a light show of movie stars like he’s at – the planetarium, basically. – (laughs) He should’ve had a woman with him, ’cause this would’ve been a great first date. You know, among my most useful first dates ended up being on planetarium. – Learn the girl a little something. – Yeah, it’s like, (silly vocals) Oh, examine the movie stars. Look how small we are. We’re therefore small, but me personally therefore are here – alongside each other in the planetarium. – No one will know any such thing we do. (laughs) (usually) Yeah, that’s appropriate. That’s what happened. There ended up being no date, though. Fundamentally he begins thinking, “perhaps we should escape right here.” He begins travelling the craft more. He finds this, quote, “tall individual character wearing blue overalls and a glassy helmet,” we don’t know what that ended up being about. But he finds more of those guys. They become – placing a gas mask– – Farmer. Farmer aliens. Yeah, with glass helmets.

They place a gas mask– – Deep sea scuba diving farmer aliens. – gasoline mask on him. He gets knocked-out and next thing he remembers, he wakes up on gasoline section. Petrol mask, gasoline – section, we don’t know, possibly, ha ha. – But he still– maybe not. (laughs) And he believes that two hours have passed away, but five times have passed away. Whoa. Does he nevertheless have the flask in their hand? Like he involves and… He did not bring the glass cylinder with him. Maybe not a flask, Link. And he did not have the lever with him. But he’d a story that he turned into a – guide called The Walton Enjoy, – He had quite a story. that then ended up being turned into a TV show, a long-running TV show called The Waltons. (numerous voices) Good night, Jim Bob! No, in fact it ended up being turned into a movie called Fire in Sky back in the 90’s. He is a celebrity amongst this community. You’ll get on the web, you search this guy on YouTube and there’s him talking at UFO conventions.

He’s nevertheless like a celebrity whom tells their tale. Most of these guys, within the team, have maintained their testimony. There’s one guy that’s some squirrelly, but many – of them have maintained their testimony. – He’s nevertheless in prison for murdering him. And he’s attempting to get Fire in Sky remade… – Sequel? Or a remake? – ‘Cause he desires it become accurate. – He desires it become accurate. – Like, visually accurate? – Or the tale ended up beingn’t appropriate? – He desires everything to be– – He desires the flask become perfectly. – (laughs) – He desires the fetal aliens become appropriate. – Why should we think this one? We mean, there had been no binoculars. There’s no dachshund. Well, there’s a movie, though. We mean, he made it into a movie and published a book.

– Appropriate, appropriate, appropriate, okay. – And he’s a mustache. He’s a very, – really dense mustache. – therefore there’s nothing– he’s maintained their mustache over the past 40 years in the same way he’s – maintained their tale, Link. – Oh? we mean, if the mustache began to give slightly, we’d be, “Oh, we don’t think you,” but if you keep the mustache strong, the tale remains strong. – we don’t know. We’m grasping. – But he wears a suit now. – we’m grasping at… glass cylinders right here. – Yeah, let’s– – And levers. Inside planetarium. Pthbbt! – therefore, Barney and Betty, you got my vote. – we don’t know. Debate away. – Ha! Debate away! – Many thanks for taste and commenting. – You know what time it is. We’m Doug from Mesa, Arizona and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. Nine from ten individuals report that wearing a Good Mythical Morning t-shirt while viewing Good Mythical Morning offers them a better experience! Click to Good Mythical More, in which we state what it would simply take for united states – to in fact think in alien abductions. – Wow, you got plenty going on over there.

Get a Mythical Mug… wear the top this way if you want to. – (Rhett) In a world… without pancakes. – Oh. (considerably) In a world without pancakes… Eat a waffle. We mean… it’s pretty… apparent. .

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Did This FBI Raid Hide UFO Proof?

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A Strange Encounter: Explaining Alien Abduction Belief

Thank you to everybody for coming. So this is an overview of what I’m going to do. First of all I’m just going to set forward some preliminaries, a couple of things I’m going to assume without argument, then I’m going to give a brief overview of the kind of things that alien abductees say about their night time experiences, then I’ll give a bit more information about the kind of beliefs that they have. Then the serious stuff starts. I’ll ask how we’re going to explain why people have these strange beliefs.

I’ll suggest that we can explain it by appeal to some strange experiences they have and then I’ll ask whether that’s going to be enough. Actually it turns out it’s not going to be enough because some people have these experiences and don’t go on to develop the belief, so we need some other stuff involved in our explanation, and right at the end I’ll just gesture towards some other contributory factors which might be helping us explain why people have these beliefs.

OK, so just preliminaries to start. One note and two assumptions. The first is just a terminological note: so I’ll refer to subjects who believe they’ve been abducted by aliens as ‘abductees’. You’re an abductee if you believe you’ve been abducted, not if you’ve actually been abducted. So what ‘abductee’ is doing there is picking out what beliefs somebody has, not what has actually happened to them. So if you’ve actually been abducted you’re an abductee, but also if you believe you’ve been abducted, you’re an abductee. Related to that I’m going to assume that all beliefs in alien abduction are false. That’s to say that I’m going to assume that no human being has ever been abducted by aliens. I think that’s a safe assumption but I can go slightly weaker for people who don’t think that’s a safe assumption. So let’s say there are abductees proper, people who have really been abducted by aliens. Take that set of people, put them aside – I’m not interested in those people in this talk – I’m interested in those people who believe they’ve been abducted but they haven’t actually been abducted.

So if you want to leave open the possibility that some of these people have true beliefs, put those over there, I’m not interested in those people. I’m interested in this set of people who believe they’ve been abducted but they haven’t. OK, so focusing in on that set, my second assumption is that these guys aren’t lying. So they really believe their claims, they’re not trying to seek media attention or anything like that.

These people have not been abducted by aliens but they sincerely believe that they have. As I say, I’m not going to argue for those assumptions but you can ask me about them afterwards. OK, so a strange encounter. So in this section I just have a couple of abductee reports from a study by McNally and Clancy in 2005. So here’s the first one: ‘a female abductee was lying on her back. When she woke up from a sound sleep her body was completely paralysed and she experienced a sensation of levitating above her bed. Her heart was pounding, her breathing was shallow, she felt tense all over, she was terrified. She was able to open her eyes and when she did so, she saw three beings standing at the foot of her bed in the glowing light’. In the second report, ‘a male abductee awoke in the middle of the night seized with panic. He was entirely paralysed and felt electricity shooting throughout his body.

He felt his energy draining away from him. He could see several alien beings standing around his bed’. So now I want to talk about what these people come to believe when these experiences happen to them. So here are some common features of the alien abduction narrative. So typically what happens is that someone will have a night time experience like this, then they might seek out memory recovery sessions by hypnosis and then they get all these extra details about what happened to them. So common features, (this is from 1987), include being captured and examined by aliens, communicating with them often telepathically, seeing the spaceship, visiting other worlds, being communicated important information, and being returned to the point of abduction.

More recently, roughly the same kind of thing. These guys are doing the same thing to us. Common themes include being a participant in a hybrid breeding programme which can involve extraction of semen, sex with aliens, meeting hybrid offspring, and being subject to medical procedures on spaceships. So these are the typical things that are reported by abductees. So now I want to talk about two cases which are documented in John Mack’s book, Abduction. So he does the memory recovery sessions and he endorses the abduction explanation and these are from his point of view talking about these subjects who have had these experiences. So this is Scott’s story. So Scott’s room had no door, ‘and unexplained light was coming in from the direction of the adjacent clothes/washer dryer room. Scott’s breath was now coming in loud, short gasps as he spoke of “six” of “them” with “boxy” and “angular” heads that were “after me”.

Then he saw a “round-tipped rod” pushing towards him which Scott related to how he was anaesthetised. “They know I’m aware”, Scott said and “they put me under” so that “I couldn’t move”. At this point a “buzzing” in his right ear changed to a ringing sound and “I lost control of my body”. Then all Scott saw was a screen like a TV monitor that was “fritzing”. Memories of his life flashed before him as he felt himself struggling to protect his mind “So they couldn’t touch it”. After this he quite literally lost consciousness although he had been saying “as fast I could ‘I’ve got to remember, I’ve got to remember’.”’ And this is the case of Catherine which I’ve laid out as a transcript. So this happened to her she says when she was a young girl and she was kidnapped from a friend’s garden and when she was up on the spaceship, one of the ‘little men’ brought out a metal implement and this is what happened next, where ‘C’ is Catherine and ‘A’ is alien. So ‘what are you going to do with that?’, ‘I’m just going to make a little cut’, ‘why?’, ‘because we need a sample’. ‘No, no, you can’t cut me’, ‘we have to’, ‘no you don’t have to, that’s mean, you don’t have to do it to me’, ‘it’s for scientific research’.

‘Well why can’t you cut something else?’ and this is after the cut, ‘because we need to blood. We had to get the sample’, ‘but you didn’t tell me why’. So this is on the way back down to earth ‘I’m researching your planet’, ‘what’s wrong with my planet?’, ‘we’re trying to stop the damage’, ‘what damage?’, ‘the damage from pollution’. ‘I don’t know about that’ says this 8 year old girl, ‘you’ll learn’. And then we’re going down again ‘I’m getting closer to the ground, getting closer, getting closer’ and I’m on the ground and I want to run away but I can’t move and he says ‘we’ll be back for you’. OK, so that was the easy bit.

That was just describing what these people report on. What on earth is going on? How do we explain this, given my assumption at the beginning that all of these beliefs are false? OK, so it’s not really illuminating to just say ‘oh, these people are obviously crazy’, that’s not a very good explanation of what’s going on here. We can do better than that. So people who are interested in alien abduction belief, they like to talk about awareness during sleep paralysis, so I’ll say what that is now.

So this is described by Richard McNally as a hiccup in the architecture of rapid eye movement sleep which lasts anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. So during rapid eye movement sleep the sleeper is immobilised so motoric output is blocked. This is usually a really helpful mechanism because it stops us acting out our dreams and hurting sleeping partners. But sometimes things go really wrong and we can wake up before the paralysis has disappeared and we can become aware that we’re unable to move. And this can be accompanied, not surprisingly, by an increase in heart rate, difficulty breathing, and feelings of dread. But it’s actually quite common in the general population. Estimates vary on this but McNally and Clancy put it at 30% of the general population who have had an experience of sleep paralysis and three quarters of these people will hallucinate during the paralysis in one modality, which is just to say either visually or auditorally, whilst they’re paralysed. You can imagine how terrifying this is. Katherine Holden and Christopher French give a slightly different range, so they say it’s ‘somewhere between 25 and 40% of the population’ have had some experience of awareness during sleep paralysis. It’s not a disease or any other kind of medical condition, it’s terrifying but actually it’s harmless, it does not indicate ill-health or pathology.

OK, so that’s the first step. Then we can start talking about the hallucinations which can accompany this paralysis and these may be visual including ‘lights, animals, strange figures and demons, or auditory including heavy footsteps, humming or buzzing noises and sounds of heavy objects being moved’. So McNally and Clancy ask you to do this imaginative exercise. So ‘Imagine opening your eyes shortly before dawn, attempting to roll over in your bed and suddenly realising that you’re entirely paralysed. While lying helplessly on your back and unable to cry out for help you become aware of sinister figures lurking in your bedroom. As they move closer to your bed your heart begins to pound violently and you feel as if you’re suffocating. You hear buzzing sounds and feel electrical sensations shooting throughout your body. Within moments the visions vanish and you can move again. Terrified’—obviously—‘you wonder what has just happened’.

OK, so some people have this experience and they want to know what just happened to them. Now of course some people can just shrug it off as inexplicable or they might say ‘well, clearly I had too much to drink last night’ or maybe they actually know the explanation, maybe they spend their days thinking about hypnopompic hallucination and sleep paralysis. But for those people who don’t, they might be kind of freaked out and want an explanation of what just happened to them. So although ASP and hallucination is relatively common among the general population, knowledge of these states isn’t really. This doesn’t pop up on interview panels or on TV. So given that most people don’t know about this kind of stuff, it’s unlikely that they’re going to be able to explain their experience by appeal to these kind of explanations. So I’m willing to bet that before you guys came in here, at least some of you didn’t know about awareness during sleep paralysis and hypnopompic hallucination. If you don’t know about it, you’re not going to be able to explain your experience by appeal to it.

And though the experiences are common, they don’t indicate pathology. The general public just don’t know about this so they don’t go and say something like this, ‘oh, this is a dyssynchrony in the architecture of REM, it’ll pass’. They don’t do that. They freak out and they want to know what happened to them. OK, so this is McNally’s typical case of what happens to an abductee. They have this kind of night time experience, they wonder what happened to them, then they start reading about these experiences either online or in books. They see therapists who endorse the abduction explanation, therapists like John Mack, then they enter into memory recovery sessions via hypnosis and under hypnosis they start generating more details about the experience and what happened thereafter, including them being ‘whisked through walls up into the sky and into spaceships’, being ‘sexually probed by aliens’ and ‘involved in hybrid breeding experimentation’ before being ‘brought back down to the bedroom before the break of dawn’.

So now I want to ask whether experience is enough. So what I’ve said so far is that people have these beliefs that they’ve been abducted and all these terrible things have happened to them and we know that these kinds of experiences can be caused by awareness during sleep paralysis and accompanying hypnopompic hallucinations. So do we have a full explanation? Is that all we need to say in order to explain this? Obviously my answer’s going to be ‘no’ because I have two more sections. So does experience explain everything? It doesn’t. So in McNally and Clancy’s 2005 study, one of their twelve control subjects – so their subjects who were not abductees – reported having experienced sleep paralysis and just forgot about it. She wasn’t really worried about it, she just wrote it off as inexplicable. So they say of this, ‘not all individuals experiencing sleep paralysis will seek an explanation.

Some will simply shrug it off as weird and inexplicable occurrence’, some people will know the true cause. So having the experience isn’t going to be enough to get you all the way to alien abduction belief. And in a large scale study by J. Allan Cheyne and colleagues, they surveyed 870 university students and 22.5% of them had had this kind of experience, this sleep paralysis with hallucinations. Max Coltheart who’s a cognitive scientist working on delusion, he comments on this and he says look, I don’t know how many people think that they’ve been abducted by aliens, but I’m willing to bet that ‘it’s going to be lower than 22.5%’ and if we can take that 22.5% as representative of the general population, then it looks like we’ve got people who have the experience but don’t go on to have the weird belief. So there will ‘be many people who’ve experienced sleep paralysis with hallucinations yet do not have the alien abduction belief’.

So the experience can’t be doing all of the work. So it’s not enough. So this is Max Coltheart, if we accept that ‘the experience of sleep paralysis with hallucination is what prompts the idea of alien abduction in abductees, we still need to explain what it was that turned this idea into a permanent belief in these particular people when most people who have the experience do not adopt the belief’. This is from Susan Clancy, she’s my favourite person to read on this subject. She has a book called Abduction: Why People Believe they’ve been Abducted by Aliens, which I heartily recommend. This is a quote from her. She says look, ‘when there are so many available explanations for this kind of experience, from excess carbohydrates to parental neglect, from insufficient bikram yoga to too much Prozac, why pick alien abduction? What makes abductees unusual is not the strangeness of their experiences’, we’ve already seen that’s fairly common, ‘or their desire for an explanation, but the specific explanation they choose.

Why do some people come to believe that their sleep paralysis experiences are caused by extra-terrestrials?’ and then as a funny aside she says ‘it’s not actually a very good explanation for this reason: ‘Wouldn’t you think that these mentally and technologically superior beings would have something more interesting to do, something quite possibly beyond the imagining of the human brain than to hang around North America’ – where most abductees live – ‘kidnapping its more creative and intuitive inhabitants in order to do the same experiments over and over again?’ We always hear from people that they took their genetic material to produce hybrid babies. ‘Why are these genius aliens so dim? After 50 years of abducting us, why are they still taking the same bits and pieces? Don’t they have freezers?’. So here’s a reason for thinking actually it’s not a very good explanation of their experiences. OK, so just in the last part I’m just going to gesture to what other stuff might be going on which will get us from the experience to the alien abduction belief.

So, what you might be inclined to say is that OK, the experience isn’t enough in people who are kind of mentally well but if you get someone who’s a little bit mentally unstable, plug in the experience, that will do all the work. That’s going to be a really bad explanation because actually alien abductees are mentally well people. So there’s been no convincing evidence for higher rates of ‘serious psycho-pathology among abductees compared to the general population’.

And the typical abductee though, and this is what seems to be doing some of the work, there is a little bit of oddness about them. So they have a ‘long-standing interest in New Age practices and beliefs such as reincarnation, astral projection, mental telepathy, alternative healing practices, energy therapies and astrology’ and you might think that these beliefs make abductees ‘especially prone to endorse an alien encounter interpretation of their sleep paralysis episodes’. So if you’ve got someone who already believes in this kind of stuff, then you plug in the experience, that might be enough. And this is Clancy again.

She says look, it’s kind of consistent with what we already believe. We’ve already seen the alien abduction movies, we know the kind of thing that these guys get up to when they come to earth, so when we’re looking for an explanation of an experience, assuming we’re not well read in psychology so we don’t know the true explanation, we can only choose from those explanations which we’ve actually heard of. Most of us who don’t study this stuff, a ‘set of possible explanations is far from complete’. Most of us are ‘unaware of the prevalence of sleep paralysis, sexual dysfunction, anxiety disorders, perceptual aborations, chemical imbalances, memory lapses, and psychosomatic pain.

But, our set of possible explanations does include alien abduction’… ‘everyone knows about aliens and their modus operandi’, right? We all know that ‘they come at night, fill you with terror, kidnap you and erase your memories’. We’ve all seen the films, right? This kind of explanation is available to us. So it’s also consistent with the kind of thing that we believe already – some of us. So maybe we’ve got closer to a full explanation now. So we had this experience that I outlined at the beginning but I said that’s not going to get you all the way because some people have the experience without the belief.

OK, plug in this other stuff, so New Age beliefs and familiarity with the alien abduction narrative, which people in North America – which coincidentally is where most of the abductees live – have. These other contributory factors are present in the normal population, so they’re not sort of clinically significant, they don’t make you mentally unwell if you have these New Age beliefs and this familiarity with the abduction narrative. So maybe we can get closer to a full explanation of alien abduction belief by looking at the weird experiences people have, plus some oddities found in the non-abductee population. So I’ll just leave you with this final thought from Clancy. So she says ‘at other times and other places in the world, such night terrors have been interpreted as Satan, demons, witches, dragons, vampires, large dogs and angels and erect Gorgon’.

(I don’t know what that is.) ‘Today it’s extra-terrestrials, yet although it’s true that sleep paralysis and alien abduction experiences have a lot in common’, right, ‘there’s one important difference. Sleep paralysis is a fact; alien abduction isn’t. So, if you wake up in the middle of the night, levitating above your bed and sleeping like a chicken on a rotisserie, you should understand that the experience is roughly a billion times more likely to have been caused by something normal than by something paranormal’.

‘But be careful about telling this to an actual abductee. You’ll encounter only denial, anger, blank stares or condescending smiles’. Thanks. .

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Have Aliens Already Made Contact with Humans?

The prospect of being alone in the universe is, at least in my opinion, an extremely underwhelming answer to the question of “what else is out there”. Which is why I and so many others may cling to the smallest sign of proof that aliens do in fact exist. And to go even further, that they are already in contact with us on Earth. After all, it would be one of the most incredible truths that could ever come out of human history.

So is it possible? Well, no one can say for sure, but to give you some more signs of proof to cling to, on this Sci-5, I present you with 5 Signs aliens may already be in contact with humans. 5. Technology jump after Roswell Reverse engineering is a very real thing that happens in the science field. There is no argument that scientists and engineers take foreign or ancient technology apart to determine how it works, and use that information to apply to new technologies. This is supposedly what happened to the alien technology that allegedly landed in New Mexico in 1947. Jack Shulman was the head of the American Computer Company. He also worked at many major technology companies such as Bell Labs, and IBM. During his time at ACC, he says he was approached by someone whom he refers to as “the consultant”. The consultant gave him some documents, which included a laboratory notebook from the late 40s, placing them after Roswell. They were from a special projects group called the “Z Division”, which worked with the US government to complete technical assessments of foreign nuclear programs and weapons capabilities.

The “Z Division” coincidently, originated in Roswell. Between 1947 and 1948, Harry Truman contracted AT&T with the overseeing and management of US nuclear arsenal and the commercialization of derived product technologies from the nuclear bomb. In 1949 the contract became official, and AT&T became increasingly important in the project, eventually taking near control of the Z-Division. Also at this time in 1947, the transistor was miraculously invented by three AT&T researchers. One of which went on to win a Nobel Prize for the invention. What puzzles so many, is that in 1946 AT&T did not possess the technology needed to create the transistor, but somehow one year later they solidified ties with top-secret government projects and invented the incredibly important piece of technology.

Shulman, who claims he was skeptical of the information that came his way at first, says he was always somewhat mystified as to where the technology was actually created, but eventually, when the information came his way, it all seemed to make sense. In the late 90s, he published the documents to the American Computer Company website, which generated loads of feedback from people all over the world. He was invited to join many news outlets, including ABC, and not surprisingly, Coast to Coast with Art Bell. Jack’s claims were taken very seriously by many due to his closeness with people who worked on the project. When he was attending school, he lived with Jack Morton and was good friends with his son.

Morton was the administrative head of the transistor project. Shulman believes he is the one who originally leaked the documents. Morton had not been given any of the credit for the project and was quite angry about that. Especially when the Nobel Prize became involved. As the years went on, his relationship with AT&T became worse and worse. The fraying relationship came to an end in 1972 when Dr. Morton was found knocked unconscious and set on fire in his car. Jack believes this is because the company was afraid of him releasing information, information that years later ended up on his desk.

There is a lot more to this story, and I encourage you all to read the Jack Shulman lecture linked below if you are interested in finding out more. 4. Reputable people’s testimonies If Jack Shulman’s account of Roswell doesn’t convince you, then perhaps even more reputable figures may. Many political figures, celebrities, and people of power have openly discussed their experiences and belief in aliens and alien contact.

Some of the more famous claims can be attributed to former US presidents Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter. Both, who on separate occasions say they have witnessed UFOs. There are countless more notable people who have reported witnessing UFOs, but these claims start to get really interesting once we move past simple sightings. There are an incredible number of former and current government workers who have come forward to say their government is hiding information about extraterrestrial initiatives, but in this video, we are going to focus on two that caught my eye due to their positions, and rational approach to the topic.

The first will come from the United States. Most of you may be aware of the stories that broke in many major news outlets in late 2017 about a former Pentagon UFO Investigator who came forward with claims that UFOs were in fact real. After years of working for the Pentagon, Luis Elizondo decided to come forward about his experience in the search for aliens. In October of 2017, he resigned from the Department of Defense in protest of what he claimed was excessive secrecy surrounding the program, also citing he was frustrated with internal opposition to it following funding cuts in 2012.

Not long after this, in an interview to CNN, he stated, “”my personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone.” While he danced around the words a little bit, he did also strongly hint that there was evidence that caused him to believe UFOs not only existed but have already visited Earth. Despite no longer working with the government, Luis has continued his work searching for extraterrestrials, and bringing the information to the public by joining former Blink 182 frontman and notable alien enthusiast and researcher Tom DeLonge in the To The Stars Academy.

He now holds the role as Director of Global Security & Special Programs. Moving a bit north, Paul Hellyer was the Minister of Defence for Canada from 1963, to 1967. Paul has also served various terms in other political positions for the Canadian government, and is the longest serving member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, just above Prince Philip.

Hellyer has been very outspoken of his belief in extraterrestrials and says they have been in contact with humans for many years. He is known as the highest-ranked alien believer on earth, and his claims are taken seriously enough to make national headlines in major news sources in Canada, including the National Post, and The Toronto Star.

It wasn’t until 2005, at 81 years old that Paul decided to go public with his information. He says that at least four different types of aliens have visited our planet, and many more exist. He also states that there is a “federation” of sorts that has a rule not to interfere with human affairs. Therefore, they simply observe us. He states that at least two of the types of aliens that have visited us are completely benign. He also says that they are not very impressed with our actions on Earth, citing clear-cutting, dumping sewage, and other rather distasteful habits we have. He makes many more claims about extraterrestrials and on an immense amount of other topics. If this interest you, I highly recommend checking out more of his claims. 3. There are some physical pieces of evidence that have the opportunity to be interpreted as possible documented proof of alien encounters dating back even as far as ancient times. To begin, there are many religions that have stories of flying machines descending from the sky.

In religious texts, these are most often referred to as deities coming from heaven, but when looking at the stories with a modern eye, some details may point toward the possibility of alien encounters. There are many examples to choose from, but to focus on a few, in the bible Elijah is taken into the sky by what is described as a chariot of fire. At the time, a chariot was really the only type of vehicle, which makes it somewhat safe to assume that even if it was a flying vehicle, like a spaceship, it may still have been described as a chariot.

Also in biblical times, electricity had yet to be discovered so lights would simply be described as fire. So could this chariot of fire actually had been a bright ufo? In Indian Sanskrit writings, there are many other references to Vimanas, or flying machines. The Bhagavata Purana describes a metal aircraft that appeared to be in two places at once. The king Ravana was said to have his own called the Pushpaka Vimana. This account was actually made into a 1987 movie, and was then rebooted in 2016. It’s possible these stories could be metaphors, or even just stories, but is it also possible they could be describing UFO encounters or in the case of Elijah, alien abductions? Aside from religious stories, it is also possible to reason that the Ancient Egyptians may have had encounters with extraterrestrials. Scribes of the pharaoh Thutmose III from 1440 BC describe fiery disks passing over the sky. Also, as many of you may be familiar with, there is the case of the mysterious hieroglyphics from the Temple of Seti that appear to depict futuristic vehicles including a helicopter, tank, and even what looks like a spaceship. While no rational explanation can be proved, it is heavily believed these have been altered over the years, or are even just pure coincidence.

But is it possible our minds jump to these conclusions simply because we cannot believe what we don’t know? This specific idea can be quite the rabbit hole to fall down, but if you’re up to challenge your thoughts, and the status quo, I suggest you take a dive. 2. Although some may seem, and probably are incredibly ridiculous and unlikely, the abundance of UFO sightings from around the world are impossible to ignore. For every few reports with clear rational explanations, comes a real stumper that is hard to brush off, especially those with multiple witnesses. For example, the 1965 Kecksburg UFO incident where thousands of people across six different American states and one Canadian province saw a metal object catch on fire and fall into a small village just outside of Pittsburg.

Many witnesses reported that they saw what they assumed to be a meteor falling to the ground, however as it came closer to the Earth people started to notice the object appeared to be of a metallic formation. The object also supposedly dropped hot metal debris of Michigan and northern Ohio. The authorities had many explanations including space debris falling from orbit, a missile test gone wrong, and even a plane crash. In the town of Kecksburg where the object supposedly landed, a young boy and his mother claimed to have seen blue smoke coming from the landing spot, and called the local authorities. Many responded including local police and volunteer firefighters. The object was described as and acorn shape roughly the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, featuring images that looked like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics on the sides. Soon after initial response, the military arrived, secured the area, and ordered civilians to leave.

After their investigation they reported that they found “absolutely nothing”. Thousands of reports about UFOs are made every year around the world. There’s a good chance even you may have witnessed something you really aren’t able to explain. So is it safe to say this is enough proof that we are in fact being visited by aliens? What do you think? 1. There is also the possibility that aliens really are in contact with humans, and not only are they observing us, but they may also be studying us, and its possible we don’t know, because we never remember. Abductions are much less reported than UFO sightings, but there are still an abundance of claims that have eerily similar details. One of the most common occurrences in the case of an abduction is lost time, and many people do not remember anything that happened until much later, if at all. So in theory, it could be possible that you or someone you know has been abducted in the past, but has no memory of it. Fortunately, some people are able to recall bits and pieces of their experience.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about abduction reports is how similar most of them are. Researchers have even created a rough timeline of events that coincide with most cases. The timeline is as follows, capture, examination and procedures, conference, where the aliens communicate, usually telepathically with the abductee, then the tour of the vessel, the return, which is followed by a euphoric sense of love and metaphysical change, and then the aftermath. A prime example of this is the famous Betty and Barney Hill case. The couple was driving home late at night in September of 1961 when they stopped their car to observe strange lights overhead. The next thing they knew hours had passed and they were 35 miles closer to home than they had been, and they had no idea what had happened. Betty called a close friend who worked at an air base to report a UFO sighting.

She was told that two other reports were made in that area based on radar data. Weeks later Betty began having nightmares about being aboard a spacecraft and having medical procedures done on her. Eventually the two of them decided to undergo hypnosis where they both told a story about being abducted, experimented on, and were told by aliens that the beings were from a planet Zeta Reticuli. Many other cases following this chain of events have been reported.There have even been UFO sightings where the witness reports lost time, but not an abduction. So is it possible aliens are researching us right now, and we simply just can’t remember? Is it possible that you or I have already been abducted? It’s hard to say, but it sure doesn’t seem as impossible as some may believe. Thanks for checking out this Sci-5. If you liked this video, don’t forget to like and subscribe. Also check out my last video, 5 Weird And Unusual Locations From Around The World, and be sure to stay tuned for future Sci-5s on all things science, and science fiction.


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Why Can’t We See Evidence of Alien Life?

Somewhere out there in that vast universe, there must surely be countless other planets teeming with life, but why don’t we see any evidence of it? Well, this is the famous question asked by Enrico Fermi in 1950: “Where is everybody?” Conspiracy theorists claim that UFOs are visiting all the time and the reports are just being covered up, but honestly, they aren’t very convincing. But that leaves a real riddle. In the past year, the Kepler space observatory has found hundreds of planets just around nearby stars, and if you extrapolate that data, it looks like there could be half a trillion planets just in our own galaxy.

If only one in 10,000 has conditions that might support a form of life, that’s still 50 million possible life-harboring planets right here in the Milky Way. So here’s the riddle. Our Earth didn’t form until about 9 billion years after the Big Bang. Countless other planets in our galaxy should have formed earlier and given life a chance to get underway billions or certainly many millions of years earlier than happened on Earth.

If just a few of them had spawned intelligent life and started creating technologies, those technologies would have had millions of years to grow in complexity and power. On Earth, we’ve seen how dramatically technology can accelerate in just 100 years. In millions of years, an intelligent alien civilization could easily have spread out across the galaxy, perhaps creating giant energy-harvesting artifacts, or fleets of colonizing spaceships, or glorious works of art that fill the night sky. At the very least, you’d think they’d be revealing their presence, deliberately or otherwise, through electromagnetic signals of one kind or another. And yet we see no convincing evidence of any of it. Why? Well, there are numerous possible answers, some of them quite dark. Maybe a single, superintelligent civilization has indeed taken over the galaxy, and has imposed strict radio silence because it’s paranoid of any potential competitors. It’s just sitting there ready to obliterate anything that becomes a threat. Or maybe they’re not that intelligent. Or perhaps, the evolution of an intelligence capable of creating sophisticated technology is far rarer than we’ve assumed.

After all, it’s only happened once on Earth in 4 billion years. Maybe even that was incredibly lucky. Maybe we are the first such civilization in our galaxy. Or, perhaps, civilization carries with it the seeds of its own destruction through the inability to control the technologies it creates. But there are numerous more hopeful answers. For a start, we’re not looking that hard, and we’re spending a pitiful amount of money on it. Only a tiny fraction of the stars in our galaxy have really been looked at closely for signs of interesting signals. And perhaps, we’re not looking the right way. Maybe as civilizations develop, they quickly discover communication technologies far more sophisticated and useful than electromagnetic waves. Maybe all the action takes place inside the mysterious recently discovered dark matter, or dark energy, that appear to account for most of the universe’s mass. Or maybe we’re looking at the wrong scale. Perhaps intelligent civilizations come to realize that life is ultimately just complex patterns of information interacting with each other in a beautiful way, and that can happen more efficiently at a small scale.

So just as on Earth, clunky stereo systems have shrunk to beautiful, tiny iPods, maybe intelligent life itself, in order to reduce its footprint on the environment, has turned itself microscopic, so the Solar System might be teeming with aliens, and we’re just not noticing them. Maybe the very ideas in our heads are a form of alien life. Well, okay, that’s a crazy thought. The aliens made me say it. But it is cool that ideas do seem to have a life all of their own, and that they outlive their creators. Maybe biological life is just a passing phase. Well, within the next 15 years, we could start seeing real spectroscopic information from promising nearby planets that will reveal just how life-friendly they might be.

And meanwhile SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, is now releasing its data to the public so that millions of citizen scientists, maybe including you, can bring the power of the crowd to join the search. And here on Earth, amazing experiments are being done to try to create life from scratch, life that might be very different from the DNA forms we know. All of this will help us understand whether the universe is teeming with life or, whether indeed, it’s just us. Either answer, in its own way, is awe-inspiring, because even if we are alone, the fact that we think and dream, and ask these questions might yet turn out to be one of the most important facts about the universe. And I have one more piece of good news for you. The quest for knowledge and understanding never gets dull. It doesn’t. It’s actually the opposite. The more you know, the more amazing the world seems. And it’s the crazy possibilities, the unanswered questions, that pull us forward. So, stay curious. .

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