These Mysterious Videos Shocked the Internet

– How you doin’? I’m Kallen and this is Slapped Ham. Today, we’re looking at
some mysterious videos that shocked the internet. But as always, before we dive in, remember to hit that subscribe button for more creepy content just like this. (mysterious music) Many of the most mysterious
videos on the internet have been captured by
closed-circuit cameras, setup to monitor stoplights
and buildings after hours. In this video, a traffic camera caught
something truly remarkable that viewers have struggled to explain. In this 2017 video, we see an
eight-year-old girl attempting to cross the street at night. She passes in front of one car safely, but when she steps
further onto the street, a second car almost hits her. Miraculously a mysterious man appears and pulls her quickly out of the way. After she’s safe, he rapidly
walks away from the scene and out of range of the camera. There are two aspects of
this video that make it one of the most mysterious videos
to appear on the internet. First of all, the girl
is alone on the street at the start of the video with
no other pedestrians nearby. Where did this man come from? In addition, the speed
at which the man moves is definitely not human. In the blink of an eye,
he and the girl move from right in front of the car to safety on the opposite side of the street. How is this even possible? One theory is that the man is the ghost of the girl’s deceased father. Viewers from around the internet believe that the father’s spirit
was watching over the girl and intervened to save her from harm. Others suggest that the
man was a random do-gooder who just so happens to
have superhero-like powers. As the previous example shows, not all mysterious videos are frightening. The same could be said of this video from a closed-circuit camera monitoring a vintage clothing store in Nottingham. In the video, there appears to be a transparent
figure wandering around through the racks of clothing
arranged on the floor. According to the workers in the store, the ghost isn’t exactly
an unfamiliar face. The building where this store is located was originally home to
the industrial merchants, H. Hopkinson Limited. The business was run by
Mr. Hopkinson and his wife. Many believe that the ghost in this footage bears a strong resemblance to the late Mrs. Hopkinson. Apparently, this is not the first time that Mrs. Hopkinson has returned
to check in on the building where she and her husband
once did business. According to the employees of the store, it isn’t unusual for
customers browsing the racks on slow days to report seeing or feeling a ghostly
figure lingering nearby. These visits only seem to occur when there are few people on the floor. Paranormal investigators have begun examining the strange footage. For now, the employees
of the store avoid being in the building alone, despite the ghost’s apparent harmlessness. Thanks to YouTubers Streetcap1
and Of Sound Mind and Body, this next video has captured the attention of UFO hunters from around the planet. This video was taken via the livestream outside the International Space Station as it orbited around Earth in 2016. According to the YouTubers, the video briefly shows
some sort of anomaly flying outside of the space station
before abruptly ending. They believe that the object in the video was an alien craft, and that the video’s sudden
ending suggests an attempt by NASA to cover up the discovery. It’s noteworthy either
recordings of the livestream were later removed from NASA’s website. In the video uploaded by
Of Sound Mind and Body, we also see numerous other examples from Streetcap1’s YouTube
channel, also uploaded in 2016, that show a similar anomaly. The video suggests that
the same type of craft has been spotted numerous
times near Earth. They believe that these
various videos provide evidence of an alien race keeping
close tabs on our planet. Some of the Internet’s
most mysterious videos have seriously troubling implications. For example, this 2019 video taken in the Ural Mountains of Russia has many viewers fearing
that a biblical plague could be descending upon Earth. This disturbing video
depicts hundreds of thousands of flies that have recently been swarming through the villages tucked
into the Ural Mountains. The images of dense clouds of flies are reminiscent of the “Book of Exodus” in which God says, “I
will send swarms of flies “on you and your officials, “on your people and into your houses.” “The houses of the Egyptians
will be full of flies “even the ground will
be covered with them.” Some viewers believe that the flies are merely the first sign that
the apocalypse is upon us. Even the skeptics are disturbed by the sudden swarms of insects. Locals have been trapped
inside their homes in fear that the insects
could carry harmful diseases that could be problematic for humans. Officials have implemented several plans to rid the villages of the flies but have so far been unsuccessful. Streetcap1 seem to be
a YouTuber who excels at capturing strange
things going on in space. Here, we can see another
video that they uploaded from the International
Space Station’s live feed. The video appears to come from a camera outside
of the space station. At first, the sky in the background of the video appears to be blank, then three objects slowly begin to form. The objects don’t have many features, but they appear to be long and flat. In the video’s comment section, we find out that shortly
after this footage was picked up on the livestream, the view quickly changed
to show another part of the space station
from a different camera. Viewers have suggested
that this is evidence that the objects were not something that NASA wants the general public to see. These viewers believed that the objects were UFOs or perhaps parts of a larger alien craft
disguised by the dark. However, skeptics insist that
it was most likely a satellite or some sort of debris or perhaps even lens flare
reflecting off the camera. In an interview uploaded
to YouTube by ApexTV, a rapper going by the name of Lil Corey makes some shocking and disturbing claims. – My name is Lil Corey, I’m
a rapper in Los Angeles, and I am a God from another universe. – [Kallen] According to the rapper, he was not originally from our world. He believes that he’s actually
a God from another universe who was sent to our
world to try and help us. – I believe I’m a God,
from another universe who was sent here to raise
the vibrational frequency of the masses through means of music. – [Kallen] Lil Corey states
that the major problem in our universe is that there are too many different leaders, and that people should listen
to influences such as him. – There are organizations. – [Kallen] He believes
that if we heed his advice, our universe can reach its true potential, and we can all become Gods like him. To the skeptics, Lil Corey
points to the existence of the butterfly effect as
proof that it’s possible to travel through time
and across universes. The butterfly effect refers to the idea that a butterfly flapping
its wings can cause, for example, a tsunami on
the other side of the planet or an infinite number
of other possibilities. According to Lil Corey’s explanation, if something so small can
make such a massive change, it’s perfectly logical
that tremendous actions such as shooting subatomic particles into a black hole could result in a God traveling to another universe. – Small flutter of a butterfly’s wing could cause a typhoon
halfway across the world. What do you think sending
subatomic particles into a black hole is gonna do? – [Kallen] Hunting for
cryptids is a passion for many paranormal
believers around the globe. These hunters frequently
take to the forests to search for evidence of creatures that many people believe
are purely mythical. This video came as a shock
to many such hunters. In the video, we learn that new evidence of the existence of the yeti may have been accidentally
discovered by the Indian Army. The official verified Twitter page of the Indian Army’s
additional directorate general of public information posted photos of what they claim to be yeti footprints. The photos were taken during an expedition near
the Makalu Base Camp, an isolated mountain area
between Nepal and Tibet. According to the video, the footprints measured 32 by 15 inches. (news anchor mumbling) According to the original Twitter post, Makalu Barun National Park
has been a common location for yeti sightings in the past, which they believe gives
validity to the find. However, skeptics have pointed to numerous scientific studies done in the past that have debunked evidence that the yeti is hiding in the Himalayas. Before we get to that number one spot and look at some fascinating
follow-up footage to a story we covered a little while back, remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications. That way, you’ll get alerts
about all our latest content. A little while back, we
brought you the story of eerie happenings at
the Deerpark CBS school in Cork, Ireland. The original video recorded
at the school appeared to capture evidence of a
haunting in the building’s halls. Now, additional footage has been captured that seems to confirm the
ghostly presence at the school. According to an official spokesperson, this camera has captured
a second ghostly presence in the school. The beginning of the video
depicts a dark hallway. The strange happenings begin
when a loud sound seems to shake the camera attached to the wall. (hallway thumping) A few other sounds echo down the hallway. A backpack falls to the ground before a poster suddenly flies
off the wall near the camera. The alleged ghost then moves two chairs, dragging one of them to the
opposite side of the hall. The legs screeching as it
slowly moves across the floor. (chair screeching) The school’s principal believes that the grounds have been
haunted since the 19th century when criminals were hanged on the land. Skeptics believe that the videos were made using tricky editing, but the principal has asserted that the school doesn’t have the resources to pull off such a hoax. Let me know what you think. A lot of people tried
debunking the first piece of footage to come out of Deerpark CBS, but what do you make of
the follow-up footage? Let me know what you think
in the comment section below. If you want more scary
videos just like this, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out that link on the top there. Otherwise, there’s a scary
playlist there you can binge on for hours and hours. Now, in the comments section
below, let us know which one of these videos you
thought was the weirdest. And that’s it for me, I’ll
see you all next time.

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Is Time Travel Possible? | Unveiled

Is time travel possible? Everyone has thought about time travel at least once Maybe you wanted to go back in time and try to change something from your past There are even a lot of science fiction movies out there that involve time travel or were inspired by time travel in some way or another But is it really possible to travel back or forward in time and if it is really possible, what would we have to do in order to make time travel a reality? the very thought about time travel and what it would take to make it a reality is mind blowing it is something that scientist There is a speed limit of 300,000 km/s or 186,000 milles per second for anything that travels through spacetime and light always travels the speed limit through empty space, so more about the solution of time special relativity says that a suprising thing happens to you when you move through spacetime especially when your speed relative to other objects is close to the speed of light Time goes slower for you than for the people you left behind

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What If A Time Traveler From The Past Appears? | Unveiled

What If a Time Traveler From the Past Appeared? The world of science fiction is chock full of plot lines involving time travel, and visitors from the past reaching the modern day. But what if this actually occurred? What would it be like for the time traveller, and how would we react? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly curious? Then why not subscribe to Unveiled for more clips like this one? And ring the bell for more fascinating content! Supposing we could do it, bringing someone from the past to the present would likely shock them to the core. Such a shock could have disastrous physical effects, even a heart attack or stroke – especially if the trip was unplanned as far as they were concerned. This “culture shock” would presumably be worse with the more time traversed. The language barrier and cultural differences would increase quickly over just decades, let alone centuries and millennia.

Asking how WE would react to a time traveller is also worth considering. Depending on how far back they originated, our hypothetical traveller could be seen as either through the lens of nostalgia, or as a relic of our ancient past. Of course, the more time the traveller had traversed, the more fascinating it would be to grill him or her for knowledge! Just imagine the historical mysteries and arguments that could be settled by speaking with someone who was actually there! What happened to Amelia Earhart? How about the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Virginia? What was Cleopatra like? How did the Neanderthals go extinct – did we outhunt them, or outright kill them off? Of course, if a traveller from the past just showed up, without our involvement, we might be pretty sceptical. We’d need extraordinary evidence to prove their claim – verifiable firsthand knowledge that couldn’t be learned from any modern history books. It’s a standard of proof that few could meet. Technically, forward time travel IS possible . . . although far from practical. To understand how, we have to tackle Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity.

The theory proposes that time is relative, passing at different rates for observers travelling at different relative speeds. It implies that time is more than a sequence of events, it’s a fourth dimension, part of a continuum with the three dimensions of space. The theory allows for forward time travel through a process known as “time dilation”, because time moves more slowly for someone moving at faster speeds. The closer to the speed of light, the more time “slows” down.

In fact, astronauts on the International Space Station actually age more slowly than us here on Earth – although the effect is incredibly small. So, hypothetically, if you could blast off into space at relativistic speed and come back, you’d actually be younger than your hypothetical twin on Earth. The principal also holds for those closer to gravitational fields, because gravity curves spacetime. The more difficult question is whether or not a traveller from the past could go BACK in time, returning to their point of departure. There’s conjecture that this could be achieved through faster-than-light travel, but Einstein’s equations prohibit anything travelling faster than light. Our best bet might be closed timelike curves, loops in spacetime created by cosmic strings or wormholes.

For now, let’s just assume that our hypothetical time traveller came from the past to the present, and was then able to go back again. Such a traveller would be able to return to the past with all the secrets of modern medicine and technologies. He or she might be greeted as a messiah. Then again, too much knowledge could also be dangerous, and could get that traveler killed back at home. They might be labeled insane, dangerous, or even a “witch!” If this were possible however the ramifications would also be potentially disastrous for us – completely changing our timeline and erasing many of us from existence. Fortunately, this sort of situation seems to defy what we currently know about causality. As far as we know, causes can’t occur after their effects, and effects can’t occur before their causes. If they could, the traveller would be able to take our knowledge, go back into the past, and create a radically different world, meaning that his journey to our present could never have happened as it did. This is summed up in the famous “Grandfather Paradox”, which poses the question: suppose you travelled into the past to kill your own grandfather before your father or mother’s conception.

If you succeeded, you would never have existed to kill him in the first place . . . Which seems to demonstrate that changing the past is impossible. This is where the idea of parallel universes can be drawn on in lieu of traditional time travel. Perhaps when you travel back in time, you actually arrive in a parallel world, and killing your grandfather leaves your own world untouched. You might then be able to travel forward in time, remaining in the same world as the one in which you were never born . . . Is such a thing theoretically possible? Well, physicist Lee Smolin spoke with in 2013 about potential “baby universes,” theoretically created through black holes, arising from an equation pioneered by John Wheeler and Bryce DeWhitt. The theory strays from Einstein’s idea that time is an illusion, instead offering a hypothesis where time is “real”, and moving between quantum realms of a multiverse theoretically possible. As we can see, a lot depends on the intention and abilities of our visitor from the past, and just how time travel works. Would the time traveller bring with them long dead languages or extinct animals, transforming our historical knowledge and present day ecosystems forever? Would this time traveler see something in our present and return home to prevent it from occurring? Or would time travel open up the world to a whole new idea of trade, knowledge and understanding? The questions seem to be never-ending, and that’s half the fun.

Time travel continues to fascinate and excite us to this day, while also inspiring legions of authors and filmmakers along the way. There’s a good reason for that, and this endless wellspring of variables is what makes for such a wide open landscape for hypothetical scenarios. What do you think? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, check out these other clips from Unveiled, and make sure you subscribe and ring the bell for our latest content. .

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10 Strangest Unidentified Creatures Ever Found


10 Strangest Unidentified Creatures Ever Found. Number 10, Jersey Devil. The tales surrounding the Jersey Devil of New Jersey have been circulating since the 19th Century, so it could have been easier to think of this creature as more of a myth than of an unidentified creature. But then, hundreds of people in New Jersey began to report seeing the creature well into the 2000s, and the overwhelming majority of the reports gave the same description: a creature with hooves, a horse’s head, and bat wings. What’s more is that many unusual footprints and sounds have been discovered that people attribute to the creature. Number 9, Giant Panthers. Whether it’s a jaguar, a leopard or a cougar, we all know that panthers obviously exist. Except in Illinois, there have been numerous sightings of a large black panther, and no big cats live in the Illinois area at all.

But until we can capture one, we’ll never know if these black panthers in Illinois are myth or fact. Number 8, Farmer City Monster. Also spotted numerous times in Illinois is a creature known as the Farmer City Monster, which lurked in the woods of Illinois. There were so many reports of people who spotted the creature, who all noted glowing eyes, that a police investigation was tasked with tracking down the creature. The last sighting was in late 1970, where a driver claimed it ran across the road in front of his truck’s headlights. Number 7, Cohomo Monster. The Cohomo Monster has been described as eight feet tall with white fur and three toes. There have been so many sightings of the creature in the Midwest throughout the 1970s to the 2000s, that a police investigation was launched to find the creature, but it was never actually found by the police.

Nonetheless, more sightings by people continued. Number 6, Pope Lick Monster. The Pope Lick Monster is infamously claimed to be a mix of a human and a goat. It does sound sketchy, but there have been too many sightings of this half human, half goat creature to dismiss it entirely. It is also been claimed that the Pope Lick Monster has killed many people, and numerous people have gone missing that have also been attributed to the Pope Lick Monster. For now, it remains classified as an unidentified creature. Number 5, Flatwoods Creature. The Flatwoods Creature was discovered in West Virginia, in 1952. It was reported to stand ten feet tall with a strangely shaped head and bulgy eyes, green body and having very long claws. The creature was even thought by some to be an alien, but remains unidentified to this day, and no more sightings have been reported. Number 4, Lake Michigan Monster. If you’re sketchy of the Lochness Monster, then you may be sketchy of the Lake Michigan Monster, too. The Lake Michigan Monster was reported as being over fifty feet in overall length, with a long neck, gray scales and a small head. There have also been numerous reports of the loud, roaring sounds it makes. What puts this creature so high on the list is the story of a fisherman who claimed that the creature came within twenty feet of his boat. He was able to give an extremely detailed description and drawing of the creature, that matched many other sightings as well.

Number 3, Lizard Man. Sightings of a Lizard Man in the Deep South of the USA, especially in the swamps of South Carolina, have been reported ever since the 1980s to the present day, and the overwhelming majority of the sightings match the description of a seven-foot tall creature, with green skin and three fingers. Witnesses claimed that the creature heavily damaged their vehicles and escaped by walking on walls and buildings, and one family even claim they saw the creature in their backyard. The ‘Lizard Man’ remains one of the most fascinating unidentified creatures to this day, with too many consistent sightings and evidence of tracks and destroyed vehicles.

Number 2, Canvey Island Monster. The Canvey Island Monster was a carcass that washed up on shores of England in late 1954. A year later, a second very similar carcass rolled up on England’s shores as well. Both carcasses were reported as being roughly two feet long with thick skin, gills and bulging eyes without forelimbs. However, the back-legs were reported as resembling a horse with five toes. Both carcasses also reportedly weighed twenty to twenty five pounds. A photograph was also taken of one carcass that has been thoroughly studied even today, but no conclusion has been reached as to what the creature in the photograph was. Unfortunately, both carcasses were cremated before any more investigating could be done into what the creatures were. To date, there are no known animals or creatures that resemble the Canvey Island Monster in any way. Also to date, no other similar carcasses have washed up on shore anywhere in the world, at least as far as we know of.

Number 1, Montauk Monster. The carcass of the Montauk Monster famously rolled up on the shores of New York, in July of 2008. The dead creature was discovered by four surfers on the beach, who took a picture and instantly made headlines. Many scientists initially believed it to be the carcass of a decomposed raccoon, but the back legs have been found to be too disproportionate to the body. Other theories about it included being a mutated specimen from the nearby Plum Island Animal Disease Center. In 2011 and 2012, two more eerily similar carcasses washed up on the shores of New York as well, but all three still remain unidentified. It is unknown what has happened to the original carcass, but in many aspects, the Montauk Monster could be considered to be a modern day Canvey Island Monster on terms of how the carcasses of both washed up on the beach and immediately generated controversy.


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Do You Believe in Alien Abductions?

My name is John Burke. I’m an investigative reporter and a certified hypnotherapist. I’m confident we’re being visited what I don’t know are their intentions Los Angeles California a city where nothing is ever as it seems but sometimes a place where horrifying stories of UFOs and alien abductions are very real for every up there’s a down for every ging there’s a yang I mean you take the city of Los Angeles the weather is absolutely perfect but there’s so many cars are practically chokes the life out of the day it’s incredible amount of wealth and blinding poverty based on whatever Street you happen to cross it’s not all fancy cars and movie stars either there’s an underbelly an underbelly that really Foster’s the UFO alien abduction movement I guess there are easy targets for ridicule hidden trauma masked under some fantastic illusion I don’t know maybe what’s easy is dismissing it as nonsense maybe what takes courage is confronting the demon Wendy she’s really straddling reality and a dream and trying to come to terms with what’s what and right now it’s so disorienting to her I’m not sure she knows which one is which her first UFO sighting was in 2010 near Indianapolis since then she claims to have seen dozens I was with her following like an angel by all accounts he was a normal existence it was a normal Midwestern existence I was very happy life was very normal and I think when the first people asked me what was one of the first signs or one of the things you noticed and I was joking with my husband one night and I said if I didn’t know better I would say there was a star following me describe one of the more remarkable images that you’ve ever seen in this guy I was standing in my backyard and I usually don’t have feelings or I can’t fill if there’s gonna be any UFO experiences or events but one night I felt like there was something that was going to happen I went to my backyard and I wasn’t looking in the sky I was looking toward the woods that are off to the side in my backyard and sure enough I see this it looks like this enormous blue teardrop come out of my woods and it’s probably 50 feet high poop it goes up to the sky and just stays there and it is a perfect diamond had a pink interior and had a red bar across it and it was it was magnificent it was beautiful it was non scary you would think something like that would be terrifying but I was in such awe now this doesn’t just happen in your backyard does it I mean when you travel they show up when I travel they show up I go back and forth of Los Angeles and I’ve seen things and as I travel the country or I’ve even gone to Europe and I’ve seen them there’s there’s got to be something you know I never felt chosen I don’t like that word but there’s something there that maybe I know or a lesson that somebody I know knows that that needs to get out thoughts on meeting Wendy for the first time you know you can take a look at UFO pictures and UFO footage all day long but it’s not until you stand across from somebody and you look in their eyes and you see that certainty and that uncertainty at the same time the intensity the experience that it really begins to haunt you obviously in the middle of a journey this all really picked up just a short time ago when you’re trying to put all the pieces together what next what do you do now I want to know more I want to know there’s certain nights that are enormous to me I want to know what happened there nights that I I’m not sure about the word abduction are being taken I don’t know and I always try to leave a very open mind I’m very curious about it there’s some questions that I would like answers to there’s some nights that didn’t make a lot of sense to me you know a lot of people when they’re in a position similar to yours they’ll go to hypnosis to learn more is that something you’d be open to I would I think that’s our next it’s so far I’ve managed to gain Wendy’s trust but right now all I have are photographs and stories so I’ve convinced her to come to a world-renowned hypnotherapist who deals in alien abductions now she has an event during this hypnotherapy session we may be tapping into something that she doesn’t even know exists in her life how many people have been abducted in your opinion over the last 10 20 years it’s in the millions millions it’s worldwide it’s not just here in the United States it’s a worldwide because I get contacted by people all over the world we are being engaged by alien beings from we don’t know where why though why are they contact why are they interacting their main agenda is to create a hybrid race between they need human DNA with their alien DNA and they’re creating these hybrids they’ve been doing this for a very long time as you are allowing yourself now to completely and totally relax we’re gonna begin by taking a trip back in time to explore a memory just feel yourself going back during that time going to your house I reached for the string to pull the blinds down and I am taken in by a light so enormous and I could see into it and as you’re seeing into it describe what you’re seeing the whole room has like this yellow green hue to it and they’re kind of it’s like the colors are off verbalize it Wendy I’m right here it’s dark earthen like it should be like it’s darker than a room and it’s more like it’s not straight like room like it’s curved kind of there’s like like these tentacle things like beams not beams but jellyfish and as you’re seeing into it describe what you’re seeing its blinding but there’s something in there I’m so scared what they want No who are they whoever they Wendy who are you referring to my head you get a sense of that first and behind you it’s a few milk voice which catches a North Pole and is the female voice talking to you yep we don’t know what they were missing these important in numbers in letters and we will put people in front of you and you will know where the words that they speak three just feel your body starting to come around for your eyes are opening and five then we’ve opened up the subconscious it doesn’t serve any purpose for someone to keep holding this in like there’s a lot more it’s very real to her that was very clear in the room my question to you is is it is it real to you do you think that she is interacted with aliens you know John after 22 years of doing this definitely as soon as I saw her body language as soon as I saw her the tears that came forward that the raw emotion and the fear this is very very typical Yvonne’s in a curious spot no question Wendy session revealed an intense emotional experience but was it abduction I can’t tell if she believes what she just heard or if it even matters I can tell you she cares she cares about her clients being healed and happy and living balanced good lives dr.

Leir is a podiatrist by trade but has found himself at the forefront of actual physical evidence of this alien abduction phenomenon the implant dr. Leir has worked out his own theories as to purpose in origin he doesn’t care who he upsets he doesn’t care what boat he rocks all he wants is the truth and for the truth to be known what about the implants how many of you extracted and we’ve done 16 surgeries today and prettier 17 objects I just want to touch on the idea of a hybrid program do you endorse that yes I believe that there is such a thing as a hybrid program a large amount of the abductee program has to do with re manipulating our DNA into different species so the implants manipulate DNA I think what they’re there is gathering data so they can broadcast this data remotely when they want it recently we’ve come to the conclusion that the skeletal structure the body is being used for an antenna because it contains all a constituents they would make up you know I’m Metallica what is it that makes you think that you’re involved with the air abduction program at all I feel like I’m being hunted I feel like they know I’m at do you have any idea where this implant might be just because I’ve heard you know very loud tones and my right ear I would say probably in my ear perhaps we’re gonna do some pretty funky old tests and measurements to see if your body is admitting anything we’re actually looking at Wendy’s leg with an ultraviolet light and anything that begins to shine secure your color is what we consider fluorescence sometimes these colors can be orange or pink our people ever tracked in a different way that different well we don’t think these devices have anything to do with tracking anybody we know now that our own genetic laboratories that each our own our own DNA has it’s electronic signature you know Walter this one yeah it’s all what we’re doing it’s very firm to make a sale in the waters Pete this is a Gauss meter Gauss meter picks up electromagnetic fields and we find for example and then plants they have met as much as 10 milligauss that’s about eight milligauss is coming out around here what does that mean could be an object which is really saying something electromagnetic field to be on the safe side how we should get an x-ray maybe both ears what’s light using a little radio density right here there’s one yelling input we know that the radio density in the spot is not supposed to be there so it could be an implant I have no words right now I’m not sure what I’m feeling I’m surprised to even see anything at all and even the possibility of it being an implant it’s something I always thought about but maybe I just didn’t want to go there because it’s just another layer to this entire story this is a worldwide phenomena and the people of this planet are being kept in the dark there is a light at the end of the tunnel but it could be a train heading right for us now Wendy finished her session really by looking down and she said there’s more do you agree yes how much more John this experience doesn’t stop its ongoing it may lay dormant for say a few years but it’s going to happen

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Brazil’s UFO Files – Your Need to Know

The next episode in our series covers Brazil’s UFO investigations. The government of Brazil has openly acknowledged the UFO phenomenon since the 1950’s and has released a number of UFO files from their investigations. From 1969 up until 1972 Brazil had an official UFO research organization called The System for the Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. The investigations were public and the organization would often work with civilian UFO researchers. However, when the United States closed Project Blue Book the Brazilian government soon followed.

On August 9, 2010 the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Brigadier Junichi Saito, established Regulation 551/GC3 for UFO disclosure in Brazil. It reads “As of this date, all reports of UFO sightings sent to the Brazilian Air Force bases and filed at the Brazilian Airspace Defense Command, in Brasilia, should be sent to the National Archives, where they can be known to any person.” A leading source for UFO research in Brazil is ‘Revista UFO.’ AJ Gevaerd, a former professor of chemistry, founded the publication in March of 1988. In 2002 the magazine began a partnership with the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research to produce content. Presently Gevaerd serves as the editor and has a vast editorial board consisting of about 500 members in Brazil and over 50 other countries. The website features blogs written by various researchers, videos, documentaries and photo galleries with photos from cases that currently under investigation. Brazil’s military has released some their UFO files in response to the ‘UFO – Freedom of Information Now’ campaign started in April 2004 by the Brazilian UFO magazine.

The files that are available can be downloaded from the website The disclosure process started in May of 2005 when a group of Ufologist met with the Brazilian Air Force to discuss sightings and fully examine classified documents. During that meeting the researchers were informed on procedures for UFO detection, they were also able to visit air traffic control rooms, and review 3 historical cases. Brazilian Ufologist AJ Gevaerd was part of the group and at the 2011 International UFO Congress he spoke about his involvement.

The first case the group was able to review was from 1954; it was the testimony from pilot Nagib Ayub, the head of Varig airlines. Along with crewmembers, he observed a luminous object lingering near the airliner for about two hours in the airspace above Rio Grande do Sul. The second was a well-known case was from 1977, involving dozens of sightings on the island of Colares in the Amazon forest. The group was able to view over a 100 photos from the military investigation codenamed ‘Operation Saucer.’ The local residents reported being attacked by luminous balls of light; they described them as ‘light vampires.’ After an encounter the individuals became very ill.

Victims told the doctor that they felt that orb seemed to suck their blood therefore the locals gave the phenomenon the nickname ‘chupa-chupa.’ Operation Saucer lasted four months, from September to December. The full report allegedly contains over 500 photos and 3,000 witness interviews. In July 1997 Revista UFO published extensive articles on the case with interviews from the Air Force Commander in charge of the operation, Captain Uyrange Hollanda who passed away in October of 1997. According to Hollanda, “we detected at least nine forms of objects. Probes, spaceships, flying saucer shape.” In 2005 the History Channel featured the story on UFO Files: Brazil’s Roswell. AJ Gevaerd also spoke about this case at the 2011 International UFO Congress. The third case was from May 1986; it has been called “The Official Night of UFOs in Brazil.” As many as 20 objects, each measuring over 100 meters in diameter, jammed the Brazilian air traffic control systems over 3 of Brazil’s largest cities: Rio De Janeiro, Sao Jose dos Campos and Sao Paulo. Several jets were sent to intercept with out any success. Brazil’s Minister of Aeronautics, Brigadier General Otávio Moreira Lima, spoke about the incident and said, “The radar detects only solid metallic bodies and heavy clouds.

There were no clouds or conventional aircraft in the region. The sky was clear. Radar doesn’t have optical illusions.” The Brazilian Aeronautics Commission report was not released. However, the accounts of air force pilots and radar controllers were published widely in the press and later studied by Brazilian researchers. AJ Gevaerd found these documents to be a great confirmation. The Brazilian Committee of UFO researchers continues to work with the military has established a standing committee of UFO researchers. In April 2013 the researchers were able to meet with the leaders at the Brazilian Ministry of Defense. Researchers are still searching for information relating to controversial incidents. The Varginha Case is one of the most well-known cases in Brazilian Ufology. Canadian Ufologist Stanton Freidman said, “Varginha has the makings of a cosmic Watergate.” According to media reports, on January 20, 1996 three women saw an unknown creature while walking to their home. They described it as being about 5 feet tall with a thin monkey-like body and V-shaped feet.

It had a large head with 3 lumps on it, brown skin and big red bug-like eyes with a strong unpleasant odor. The Brazilian media was saturated with speculation. There were soon rumors of other creatures, UFO sightings and alleged military involvement. The Brazilian government denies capturing the creature during the incident, but some researchers have their doubts. Commemorative statues of the creature can be found all around the city of Varginha. Another famous Brazilian UFO sighting took place on Trindade Island. On January 16,1958 Admiral Saldanha was conducting geophysical research on a Navy training ship with professional photographer Almiro Baraúna on board. Around noon a UFO came toward the island at high speed, hovered for a moment, went behind a peak and then went back toward the sea. Baraúna managed to get four photos of the object. The navy’s initial investigation on the case was kept secret, but when the files reached Brazil’s President they were released and the photos made worldwide headlines.

The official witness reports have not been made public but the Brazilian Ministry of Defense said the documents were going through the proper procedures for release and are to be released in accordance to Brazil’s Access to Information Act. .

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2 Most Convincing Alien Abduction Stories

Have actuall individuals really been abducted by aliens? Let’s explore that! ♪ Good… Mythical… Morning! – The world is a huge place. – (usually) Oh, yes. – We don’t also know how huge it is or how big it’s becoming. Current quotes state there are – 100 octillion movie stars. – That’s quite a few. – That’s one with 29 zeros after it. – Big quantity. So odds are there’s some other life online. – But the question is: Has that life… – receive united states? … come in contact with us? There’s many individuals whom state “Yes.” Now, physically, – we don’t think this has occurred, but… – Me neither.

Significant stories that I’ve heard prior to are like uncle Hank… you know, the guy who has no hair over their head but he’s many hair in the straight back, and he’s a koozie with him constantly. Hehas an alien abduction tale. – Yeah. – But not all alien abduction stories are – like Uncle Hank’s. – Mm-mm. They are sometimes more advanced and much harder to just dismiss. And we’re gonna be talking today about– we each have a story we think is more difficult to dismiss – than your uncle with the koozie. – Mm-hm. Yeah. So we’ll start. I’ve discovered… This is among the first alien abduction stories, and we’m going to go with this one because we think there’s some convincing things to it. Postman Barney Hill and their wife Betty had been driving back from Canada. They had been in Brand New Hampshire. It ended up being at night around 10 P.M. They see this celebrity that’s moving erratically. – Okay. – (gruffly) That ain’t no celebrity.

(normally) So they pull over at a rest area. Now let me personally point out– – That’s nice. – Here’s a picture of couple. They’re maybe not on remainder area within… this is a posed image, maybe not at a rest area. – Okay. – (Link) Would this couple lie to you? – (Rhett) They appear trustworthy! – (Link) They appear trustworthy. Look at – the dachshund in Betty’s lap. We mean– – (Rhett) Okay, he’s maybe not going to tell a lie. And he’s maybe not going to suffer any liars or stay in the lap of a liar, so that’s point – one right there. – which medical! – They visit the remainder area. – They have a dachshund.

Barney gets out their binoculars and begins evaluating this thing. He estimates– – He had binoculars? – Yeah, definitely he did. – had been they around their neck already? – naturally. He’s a postman – with a dachshund. – He estimated it ended up being a 40-foot-long craft with flashing colors and it had windows. As it ended up being getting closer to him– because yes, it ended up being getting closer to him– he could see there had been beings inside it. – Okay. – Gets back in the automobile and states, “They’re going to capture united states!” And then they start driving off. They start to experience beeping, buzzing, then there’s like a tingling sensation and a vibration – of automobile… – They had been at Brookstone in the – therapeutic massage chairs.

– (team laughs) – No, they had been in their automobile. – (silly vocals) We’re in Brookstone, baby! (laughs) They had been driving! They had been driving down the road then suddenly, they enter what they describe as a state of their minds being dulled. – Oh! – So their minds are dulled. And then… – Okay. – There’s another set of beeping and buzzing, and we’m suggesting what we think occurred is they were– (slurps) – sucked up in– – That’s everything think occurred, huh? – sucked up into the, into the craft. – Well that’s what they think occurred. No, they don’t know at this point. So they keep driving, but they understand that they are now, apparently instantaneously, 35 kilometers south of in which – they had started. – Whoa.

With no recollection of traveling those 35 kilometers. – That’s maybe not Brookstone. – They arrive at home then they start to notice that they have some uncontrollable impulses and thoughts. Like, Betty’s packing a suitcase and placing it by the door. She’s having nightmares of UFO abductions. Barney ended up being compelled to check their genitalia. – Pshhh! – (giggles) Okay, fine. That’s quite a compulsion. That is a healthy compulsion to check it every now and again… – Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is. – (team laughs) – But… (laughs) – You should check it.

I mean… He missed any such thing, but he ended up being compelled to check it. – Yeah. – And only after the beeping and – buzzing and… – Yeah, right, okay. – therefore, get this. – we get ya, Barney. We realize. – Betty calls the local Air Force base. – Then? – And they reply! – (silly vocals) Hello, Air Force! – we mean, like… – We don’t have any therapeutic massage chairs! (laughs) How is this feasible? But really, she calls the Air Force base. – Major Paul W. Henderson states… – (usually) genuine guy. “The UFO ended up being also confirmed by our radar.” After she describes their experience. And that just means “unidentified flying item.” He said, “The UFO ended up being also confirmed by our radar.” – Okay, fine. – Then they decide to go through… They decide to try to account for what they think become two hours of lost time and 35 miles.

They enter regressive hypnotherapy and they both have the same stories. They’re drawing sketches. This is a sketch that Barney drew of “the frontrunner,” he called it. – (Rhett) Hm! It’s a snake with a beret! – (laughs) Yeah. – (French accent) It’s a French snake! – He’s a postman, he’s maybe not a– – Ooh los angeles los angeles, Barney! – He’s maybe not an artiste. So, basically, they visited the conclusion that they’ve been abducted by aliens. They remember through regressive hypnotherapy that they took their epidermis, hair, nail – samples, physical fluid samples… – Oh! – Here’s the thing, guys. – we get you, Barney. This is a typical alien abduction tale, except it ended up being the first one! – Appropriate. – And they kinda had to figure it out.

They had beenn’t building on other previous stories. – others emulated them. – Even that image, that image of – snake with the beret. Totally original. – Totally– really, completely original. – Yeah. – The Air Force confirmed there ended up being one thing regarding radar! And the da-shund. The datsun, individuals! – How do you state that… dog? – You state datsun, you don’t state da-shund, – we don’t think. – That’s how you spell it, though! – we mean, think… – so’s what it precipitates to for them.

– (considerably) Believe the dashund. – They have a dashund. – All right, I’ve got a story. – They corroborated, you know? – In their regression! – This is the Travis Walton tale. A very famous– most likely the most famous UFO abduction, alien abduction tale back from November of 1975. He’s clearing woods, type of a blue collar guy. – He’s clearing woods. – Literally, he’s wearing a blue collar… – (Rhett) Yes. – (Link) and plaid top. (Rhett) Yeah. He ended up being a logger. He’s clearing woods in Arizona with seven other guys. They complete their change, they enter a truck. Big vehicle, seven guys. They’re going down the road and they see, quote, “a luminous item – shaped like a flattened disc.” Travis– – Saucer. We call that a flying– (snaps) Saucer. Travis gets away and draws near the saucer. Of course he does because he’s a lumberjack. And the remaining guys remain in the truck. They see a– speaking of blue collar– a blue beam hit him.

Beam of light knocks him down. They panic, others six guys. They drive off. After sometime, they’re like, possibly we should get – get Travis! – They ditched him. Wouldn’t you!? They’re scared! They return. He’s no place to be found. So they straight away visit the authorities in the nearest city. They state, “Our buddy–” They tell ’em the entire tale. “Our buddy ended up being hit with this beam of light.” And they’re like, “These dudes are peanuts! But possibly one thing’s going on.” They start a manhunt. It comes to an end up being the largest manhunt in Arizona history. – Travis-hunt. – Five times of selecting Travis, but simultaneously, they’re like, “naturally these guys don’t really experience a UFO – situation,” appropriate? – They killed him.

They suspected that they murdered him. They teamed up on him and murdered him in their typical logger way of telling the tale ended up being, (southern accent) “Hey man, suppose he got abducted by aliens. That’ll be believable.” (southern accent) Blue beam o’ light… allow’s get our tale right. (usually) therefore they polygraph them, give them a lie detector test. Five from six – of guys pass the test. – (usually) Oh, therefore the sixth one – killed him. – No. And among the guys whom ended up being there– it ended up being just inconclusive. He don’t complete the test because he ended up being type of – emotionally shaken up.

– naturally he ended up being. – Now, the guys whom administered– – He just killed a man. administered these tests said, “We are completely convinced that these males believe that he ended up being abducted by aliens. They saw– they did not kill him. They – believe that this is what has occurred. – Okay. At the same time, what happens to Travis? Well, five times pass and suddenly he wakes up in front of a local gasoline section with an incredibly detailed story– – nude. – of what had occurred. We think he nevertheless ended up being clothed. He nevertheless had that blue top on, we’m pretty sure. Right here’s what he remembers: first, it’s an incredibly detailed tale. We’m just going to supply some of features. First of all, they don’t kill him, because he’s back. – He’s back. – therefore there you get. He remembers being on a table thinking he’s in a hospital space, but the he looks up and he sees aliens that, quote, “looked like fetuses…” – Ew. – caring for him.

So the old fetus alien, you know? He gets scared, maybe not because they’re aliens, but because they’re – fetus aliens. – Oh, yeah. And he picks up a glass cylinder on a shelf and starts yelling at them and – waving the glass cylinder. – A flask? And they leave. Simply a glass cylinder. We don’t know what that’s for. Like a luminary that you place like some… We don’t have a picture. It ended up being regarding alien ship.

– Okay. – we’m going off Travis’s testimony right here. – Got it. – He waves it at them like a magic wand. They get from the space, then he states, (claps) “we got this spaceship to myself.” – (laughs) – He walks down a hallway, – goes into a room… – (team laughs) – He’s a penguin! – And there’s a room with a chair in the – center with a lever. – naturally there’s! Or a lever. This is like a cartoon. We gotta state, Travis, at this point it appears like a cartoon. However know what? We’m going to continue. – A barber seat! – He enters the barber chair.

He brings the lever and suddenly it begins a light show of movie stars like he’s at – the planetarium, basically. – (laughs) He should’ve had a woman with him, ’cause this would’ve been a great first date. You know, among my most useful first dates ended up being on planetarium. – Learn the girl a little something. – Yeah, it’s like, (silly vocals) Oh, examine the movie stars. Look how small we are. We’re therefore small, but me personally therefore are here – alongside each other in the planetarium. – No one will know any such thing we do. (laughs) (usually) Yeah, that’s appropriate. That’s what happened. There ended up being no date, though. Fundamentally he begins thinking, “perhaps we should escape right here.” He begins travelling the craft more. He finds this, quote, “tall individual character wearing blue overalls and a glassy helmet,” we don’t know what that ended up being about. But he finds more of those guys. They become – placing a gas mask– – Farmer. Farmer aliens. Yeah, with glass helmets.

They place a gas mask– – Deep sea scuba diving farmer aliens. – gasoline mask on him. He gets knocked-out and next thing he remembers, he wakes up on gasoline section. Petrol mask, gasoline – section, we don’t know, possibly, ha ha. – But he still– maybe not. (laughs) And he believes that two hours have passed away, but five times have passed away. Whoa. Does he nevertheless have the flask in their hand? Like he involves and… He did not bring the glass cylinder with him. Maybe not a flask, Link. And he did not have the lever with him. But he’d a story that he turned into a – guide called The Walton Enjoy, – He had quite a story. that then ended up being turned into a TV show, a long-running TV show called The Waltons. (numerous voices) Good night, Jim Bob! No, in fact it ended up being turned into a movie called Fire in Sky back in the 90’s. He is a celebrity amongst this community. You’ll get on the web, you search this guy on YouTube and there’s him talking at UFO conventions.

He’s nevertheless like a celebrity whom tells their tale. Most of these guys, within the team, have maintained their testimony. There’s one guy that’s some squirrelly, but many – of them have maintained their testimony. – He’s nevertheless in prison for murdering him. And he’s attempting to get Fire in Sky remade… – Sequel? Or a remake? – ‘Cause he desires it become accurate. – He desires it become accurate. – Like, visually accurate? – Or the tale ended up beingn’t appropriate? – He desires everything to be– – He desires the flask become perfectly. – (laughs) – He desires the fetal aliens become appropriate. – Why should we think this one? We mean, there had been no binoculars. There’s no dachshund. Well, there’s a movie, though. We mean, he made it into a movie and published a book.

– Appropriate, appropriate, appropriate, okay. – And he’s a mustache. He’s a very, – really dense mustache. – therefore there’s nothing– he’s maintained their mustache over the past 40 years in the same way he’s – maintained their tale, Link. – Oh? we mean, if the mustache began to give slightly, we’d be, “Oh, we don’t think you,” but if you keep the mustache strong, the tale remains strong. – we don’t know. We’m grasping. – But he wears a suit now. – we’m grasping at… glass cylinders right here. – Yeah, let’s– – And levers. Inside planetarium. Pthbbt! – therefore, Barney and Betty, you got my vote. – we don’t know. Debate away. – Ha! Debate away! – Many thanks for taste and commenting. – You know what time it is. We’m Doug from Mesa, Arizona and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. Nine from ten individuals report that wearing a Good Mythical Morning t-shirt while viewing Good Mythical Morning offers them a better experience! Click to Good Mythical More, in which we state what it would simply take for united states – to in fact think in alien abductions. – Wow, you got plenty going on over there.

Get a Mythical Mug… wear the top this way if you want to. – (Rhett) In a world… without pancakes. – Oh. (considerably) In a world without pancakes… Eat a waffle. We mean… it’s pretty… apparent. .

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Did This FBI Raid Hide UFO Proof?

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