जानना चाहते हैं कैसा होगा भविष्य का भारत !!! Time Traveler Reveals the future of "INDIA"

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—- ORIGINAL VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/eOrO0WEo_Gc

Namskar dosto, is video main maine aapko ek aise time traveler ke baare main bataya hai jiska daava hai ki wo year 2030 se aaya hai aur usne bharat ke baare main kuch chaukane waali baatein batayi hain.
The name of the time traveler is Noah and he makes some unbelievable predictions about the “future India”.He claimed that in 2030, India will become the new superpower of the world. He also mentioned a unique future chip in his interview which one can implant in the brain and it will connect the human brain to the internet and he claimed that around 2029 india will discover the superchip.
The 12 year boy claimed that the country will push money into developing a powerful time travel program and cybernetic enhancements for the population.
He claimed : “In the year 2029, India develops a technology that changes the world.“I remember hearing the news about this when I was in the future.“In the year 2029, people in India come out with a chip able to be planted in the body.

“This chip makes your brain on average six times more powerful than it normally is.”

Noah, who said he has met people with these cybernetic enhancements, claimed the experience was akin to “talking to God”.

Time travel proof: ‘Time travellers’ show photos of the future
The brain chips will make people much smarter and more intelligent than “the average person”.

The time traveller said: “The chip basically connects their brain to the internet.”

But despite the rapid pace of development in the coming years, the Indian subcontinent will supposedly suffer from mass overpopulation.

In order to deal with a rapidly growing population, Noah claimed India will send its citizens out to the stars to colonise the solar system.
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