10 Proofs of Time Travel | जानिए टाइम मशीन की सच्चाई

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10 Proofs of Time Travel | जानिए टाइम मशीन की सच्चाई
People are obsessed with time travel. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of hooking some form of flux capacitor up to the family car and heading back in time to see what things were really like? Someone somewhere is hiding time machine and that’s how finding its evidence is extremely difficult!in this video, we will hunt for some substantial evidence of time machine.

+ In 1908, A women time traveler was seen in a famous clip from the Hollywood premiere of Charlie Chaplin movie at “The Circus” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
+In 1938, After 30 years, a similar incident happened again.
+In 100 BC, or simply 2000 years ago!
An unknown artist from Greek had created this sculpture which depicts a modern day laptop.

# Time Traveler Mummy
In April 2016, a shocking discovery of the first complete Turkic burial in Central Asia revealed an 1100-year-old mummy wearing the shoes that look very much like a pair of Adidas sneakers.

# 1940s Time Traveller
In 1941, a photograph was taken during the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in Canada. The picture was first originated from the Bralorne Pioneer Museum in 2004. modern hipster photograph.

# The Large Hadron Collider
scientists have discovered something else, the Higgs singlet, a particle capable of bouncing around through time.

# Time Travelling Boxing Fan
A clip from a Mike Tyson 1995 boxing match has become one of the most controversial clips on the Internet. In this clip, you can see our suspect time traveler standing in the front row.

#.Ancient Evidence
Just look at this famous hieroglyphic panel found in a stone slab supporting the ceiling of the ancient Egyptian Temple Of Seti at Abydos. known as the “Helicopter Hieroglyphs.”

# Ancient Man Made Tools
+ a man-made object that looks like a 2cm long industrial screw discovered in 2009 in the village of Sarajevo in the Moscow region of Russia.
+in 1936, two hikers in Texas discovered a fossil Hammer. This ancient hammer is enclosed in the limestone, which is 100 to 115 million years old.

# 17th century Astronaut
Yuri Gagarin was the first human being to travel to outer space in April of 1961. An astronaut carved into the stone of a 16th-century cathedral located in Spain. was constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries.

# Ancient iPhone
+ Peter de Hooch created this painting in 1607, an iPhone in a 350-year-old painting.
+ created by Umberto Romano in 1937, approximately 80 years old, and it depicts a native American appears to be staring at an iPhone.

# Ancient wristwatch
In 2008, the 400-year-old tomb of Si Qing was discovered in the Shangsi county of China.
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