10 Signs There Is A Ghost In Your House

Created on April 26, 2019 at 5:58 am by Bob Wilson


10 signs there is a ghost in your house!

Number one persistent noises with no explanation. if you begin hearing strange noises in your home there could be a few explanations if you hear creaking check to see if there is someone walking upstairs if not it could be that there is a ghost in your house if you hear frequent banging check your heating system to make sure that it’s not malfunctioning if it’s not the heating system your house could be haunted and knocking and scratching noises can also be signs that your house has a spirit number two lights and electronics acting strangely if your lights and electronics seem to have a mind of their own there’s a chance your house is haunted if your television starts flickering or changing channels without you touching any buttons that’s cause for concern if your lights start turning on and off on their own you could have a ghost or you may need to hire an electrician it’s best to have the wiring in your home checked out before you contact an extra system number three frightening shadows when houses are haunted the occupants often see shadows that take on human or animal form in most cases the shadows won’t appear in your field of vision you’ll often see the shadows out of the corner of your eye this is why it’s very often difficult to identify the shadows as actually being a ghost if you’re seeing shadows often you should have your eyes checked before you declare your house haunted if you and your whole family are seeing shadows that’s a good sign there may be a presence in your home number four cold spots cold spots are a sign of a supernatural presence in your house it could also be a sign that your heating system is not functioning properly to be sure put a space heater in that room that feels cold if the area fails to heat up though that could be a sign that there’s a ghost in the house causing the temperatures in certain areas to drop if the area heats up though you should have your heating system checked out number five items disappearing and reappearing in your home at random if you find the things in your home disappear and eventually reappear you could be experiencing disappearing object phenomenon if you put something down and it’s gone when you come back you might chalk it up to just being forgetful you could also blame a family member for taking it but before you start making accusations consider another possibility there’s a chance that there is a supernatural presence in your home and it’s responsible for moving items in your house there are some ghosts who hug homes not meaning any harm they’re just tricksters trying to play games with you number six doors opening and closing doors opening and closing on their own is something that often occurs in horror movies however if you have a true haunting in your home you could experience this phenomenon yourself if you hear what sounds like a door creaking only to find that the door has not moved you could have a supernatural presence in the home if you walk out of the kitchen and come back to find all your cupboard doors open that could be supernatural presence playing games with you if things like this start happening you might think you’re crazy the real reason though could be that your house is haunted number seven strange pet behavior there are plenty of things that can cause a pet to behave strangely if there’s a storm coming or if the storm is already underway pets will often bark shake hide that’s normal if there is no storm in the forecast and your pet is still acting strangely there could be a supernatural presence in your home if your cat stands in the doorway of an empty room and stares at nothing he could be seeing something that you can’t if your dog is barking at something in an empty room he could be sensing a supernatural presence that you cannot if your dog runs out of a room to safety for no reason it’s another sign that your dog is sensing a presence in your home this is something that should not be taken lightly number eight the feeling that someone is watching you it’s not uncommon to get the feeling that you are being stared when you’re in public if you’re in your home by yourself and you feel like you’re being watched well that could be a serious cause for concern there could be a presence in a house that’s watching you if you get this feeling often when you are at home alone don’t ignore it it could be something real and serious number 9 mysterious voices if you’re at home alone and you hear whispering or crying there could be paranormal activity in your home these voices are signs that the ghosts are trying to communicate with you it could be trying to tell you something or trying to scare you if you frequently hear these sounds ask a friend or family member to come over so that they can hear the voices as well if they also hear these creepy voices you may want to contact a paranormal expert or consider moving anytime a ghost is trying to communicate with you it’s probably not good number 10 feeling like you are being touched of all the signs that there is a ghost in your house this is the most serious and probably the scariest you can feel something has brushed up against you when there’s nobody else around in more serious cases you may feel a hand clamped down on your arm or your leg this is extremely serious since not all ghosts are friendly if this has happened to you more than once you should consider calling a paranormal expert to come to your home to see if it is in fact haunted if so the entity should be exorcised as soon as possible subscribe for more you

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