13 Ghost Videos That Baffled Experts

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These ghost videos have been baffling experts for a long time. They could be planned, but all of them seem to have at least one aspect that cannot be fully disproven. 13. The Haunted Finders Crew is a two-man team ready to explore a supposedly cursed church. I just want to emphasize that there is one person holding the camera and one person talking. No one else. About twelve minutes later they get the feeling that they are being watched, a suspicion that is quickly verified on camera . . . You can see how the figure appears to be dressed in long flowing robes, almost like a monk or a priest would wear. Its face does not show much detail and you never get to clearly see its eyes, nose or mouth, not even when facing the camera. Their strange guardian seems to keep pace with them for a bit as they briefly cross the bell tower.

Then it disappears again, this time for good. 12. A team of paranormal experts head to the abandoned County Jail in Gonzalez, Texas to prove it really is haunted. After exploring for a while all of them agree that they are feeling an intense anger for no real reason. Finally one of them decides to confront whatever is responsible for causing their heightened emotional state. The question is met with even greater anger in return. According to them, an invisible hand slides around his throat and tightly squeezes. The retching noises he makes afterwards seems very real. He runs out of the building and his eyes appear red and watery immediately afterwards. Unless he is somehow able to give himself fully red eyes on command, all of this evidence makes me think that this ghost incident could have been real.

11. This ghost video from Pakistan follows a paranormal expert named Sajjad Saleem and his crew as they poke around an old building late at night. Eventually they come across an apparition whose existence none of them have been able to explain ever since. Standing on the other side of the room is a hunched over witchlike figure dressed in tattered clothing. She advances three steps and stares at them. Then what happens next baffles everyone. Watch this part and you’ll see she instantly vanishes. This red arrow marks where she was standing only moments ago. There is not enough time for her to retreat into the doorway, yet she somehow disappears. Saleem crosses the room and finds no one there, leaving him in stunned silence. 10. A YouTuber named michaeljp86 is recording a cemetery late at night to see if anything strange will happen. Sure enough, a mysterious light materializes in the distance. At first they suspect it could be the headlights of oncoming traffic, but when no vehicles drive by, they realize much to their horror that the light is actually coming from within the cemetery itself.

According to michaeljp86, the rectangular shape shown here is actually a doorway made of pure light. Watch again in slow motion and you’ll see a small figure run into the doorway moments before the light fades away. If this isn’t paranormal, then let me know what you think caused the light to appear, and also what the shadow running into it was. 9. A person is recording at an old memorial site that is apparently haunted when something gets his attention. When they turn back around to record some more, they chance upon a girl dressed in modern clothes with long black hair covering her face and chest.

Then, she’s gone. Something about this video seems natural and unplanned. I will admit there is somewhat of a delayed reaction during the doubletake, but maybe whoever was recording could only see it on their screen and not in front of them. Or maybe this video is fake because the girl could have simply ducked out of sight. If the person recording had gone into the building and saw nothing, then I would be satisfied that this video is real. 8. This home in Villisca, Iowa is where an axe-wielding maniac once took the lives of an entire family and two guests. Whoever did it was never brought to justice and now, more than a hundred years later, the restless spirits of those left behind have yet to find peace.

A YouTuber named Lighthouse_Music senses the spirit of children hiding in the closet and starts recording. She speaks in a nice tone and offers candy. Nothing happens for some time until . . . Then, as if further proof was needed, the spirit appears to follow some other basic commands. They even ask the child to open the door wider than before as a test and it timidly seems to obey. But the part that really has me convinced is at the very end. Notice how the door shuts harder than any other time in the video as soon as the spirit gets what it wants. Maybe it could be a draft from a nearby window opening and closing the door, but this definitely seems like childlike behavior to me.

7. This 6-second video was taken back in 2010 and has been puzzling the YouTube community ever since. A YouTuber named mark Grove reacts fast and manages to record no less than three specters filling the doorway to his living room. A closer look reveals what could be the spirits of a previous family that lived here. The one in the middle appears to be a child with a large adult to the left and a medium-sized teenager to the right. mark Grove claims to see a fourth ghost in this video but I honestly don’t. The one to the far left is apparently just a chair according to the description, so let me know where the fourth one is if you can see it. 6. A YouTuber named brhenry16 is deep in a Southern California mine when he sees a pale light off in the distance. The light doesn’t have the intense brightness of modern electronics. Instead it looks dim and swings at waist-level, kind of like an old lantern would have. brhenry16 is sure that this is the spirit of a cave miner and I would have to agree.

Let me know if you think the same or if you believe this portion of the video was staged. 5. These Snapchat videos were taken days after YouTuber Missbrown070809 and her coworker decide to summon a spirit at her job for fun. She has felt constantly watched ever since. Maybe it’s just a glitch, but the timing and movement of these Snapchat videos is a little too coincidental at times. It really does seem as if a spirit is responding to her without delay, like here for example. Look at how the ghost actually appears at eye level and follows the movement of a colleague . . . And when she pluralizes the word “friend”, more of them seem to come out of nowhere. I find it odd that multiple faces appear after she says “friends”. I’m not saying that these absolutely have to be spirits, but the timing is undeniably strange at the very least. 4. A CCTV gym camera captures this slow-moving white object at six in the morning.

The strange shape appears to float in mid-air and even slightly changes form at times. Paranormal or not, experts have been ultimately unable to determine the source of this fluttering figure. I guess it might be a piece of lint or something that got stuck on the lens of the camera, but the way it slowly sways without going anywhere makes me think this could really be a classic haunting. 3. The David Livingstone Center is a reportedly haunted museum in Glasgow, Scotland, as these paranormal investigators are about to discover for themselves. They aren’t even finished setting up their equipment when the poltergeist activity begins. First something falls in the darkness and then a piece of equipment flips over in front of them. They go to where the other object fell over and find one of the velvet ropes has come unhooked by itself. Since we didn’t see it happen on video though, I guess we just have to take their word. Later they head over to a chapel area where they think they see something move, but it’s too dark to tell.

When they take a picture of the corner of the chapel, however, this image of a shadow person is what they find. 2. This home in Bothell, Washington has been overtaken by an evil force that refuses to go away. Paranormal experts from all over the world have been baffled by their findings, like this team for example. First, motion sensors repeatedly detect movement in areas where nothing is visible to the eye. What’s especially weird is how the trip wires stop beep whenever the investigators are near. Grunts, growls and strange laughter echo throughout the house as well. Here’s an example of the same laugh caught on multiple cameras. All of the noises sound like they are the right distance away in each shot, so this is probably real.

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This way you’ll be notified of the new videos I upload every Thursday and Saturday. 1. A YouTuber named Shonduras decides to go ghost investigating with his friends at their studio office, which is apparently haunted. They meet up at 2am and are talking about what they should do next when something in the next room over wrecks their plans. Approximately ten seconds later this sound fills the building. Listen to it and tell me if you think it’s real or edited. By now they are pretty much freaking out and ready to take off, but the spirit isn’t quite through with them yet. You’ll see absolutely nobody was nearby when this happens, which makes me think it could be real. All of the lights shut off before they get a chance to leave. One of them turns the camera light on just in time to see their friend blankly staring at them from the ground. I guess he could just be acting and one of his friends pulled him by his feet, but that still doesn’t explain this actual ghost sighting at the very end. I think this could be real because the raw adrenaline sends his friend barreling straight through a door.


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