13 Scariest Ghost Sightings Caught at Schools

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You may dread school, but not as much as the people on this list. All of them claim to have experienced supernatural hauntings that go far beyond any possible academic explanation known to humankind. 13. Exploring With Josh is a YouTube channel dedicated to taking a closer look at all sorts of frightening locations. This time they decide to check out an abandoned school that is reportedly the source of black magic rituals. Pentagrams spray-painted on the wall give them a general feeling of unease all around as thy make their way deeper into the building.

They feel watched at times and are worried about coming across someone at any given moment. I noticed some sort of strange ephemeral smoke follows them throughout the video. It’s visible in two different scenes. The first time happens about 5 minutes in . . . Then it happens again here roughly a minute-and-a-half later . . . The strange smoke is definitely not their breath because it only happens twice instead of throughout the entire video. Coincidentally, the smoke appears as soon as they sense that something is nearby. As if that weren’t enough, they have another random paranormal encounter that is much more blatant. I don’t see any blocked light around the doorframe to indicate one of their friends was on the other side. In fact, it doesn’t look like the door even has a knob to use. There just doesn’t seem to be any plausible reason for this door to open on its own. 12. This surveillance footage was taken from the Helpmekaar College in South Africa. A strange mist appears in the far doorway and slowly morphs into the shape of a girl wearing a long dress.

She casually walks into a nearby classroom as if this was just another ordinary school day, except of course the room is empty and no one is in the building. Even though this is called Helpmekaar College, it’s actually just a high school, and this phantomlike figure does appear to be around the same size as an average student. This makes me think it could possibly be real, though I guess they could have edited this girl into the video if they really wanted to. 11. Two school custodians are standing in the middle of a creepy old boiler room. One of them is the supervisor, and he was called in after his coworker said that she saw objects moving around on their own. He records the situation for legal workplace reasons and the two of them reluctantly investigate. The supervisor doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary and he reassures his coworker that everything is okay.

He encourages her to go deeper into the boiler room and get something that she needs, and that’s when things go wrong. A metallic chair scrapes towards them on its own and they both fall back. I guess the supervisor could have pulled on a string, but I think the chair moves a farther distance than he would have been able to pull judging from where he was standing. 10. A security guard is patrolling the San Francisco College campus when he catches a glimpse of an all-black figure moving fast. He quickly rounds the corner and finds absolutely nothing there. Notice how the silhouette is traveling in a straight line at a high rate of speed and has no time to run up the steps or to hide on the right before the security guard catches up with it. I don’t see any jump cut editing either, so I think this could really be an actual ghost. 9. Chris Moon is a paranormal expert who travels around the country demonstrating the metaphysical properties of the spirit world.

This time he is using a spirit box at the Cornell College in Iowa when suddenly a student’s jewelry does something I’ve never seen before . . . Her necklace starts going berserk as a spirit apparently tries to get her attention. She then hears a familiar voice come across the spirit box and immedi ately bursts into tears. The voice talking to her, she believes, was an old volleyball coach who passed away. Listen again closely and you can even hear a tiny voice reply “hi” at this part. Chris Moon says “aw” and points to the box when he hears it. This video certainly captured some convincing evidence of the spirit world, that Chris is trying to prove exists. 8. This video, taken at the North Dallas High School in Texas by a YouTuber named SmaurtDollfin, captures a very hard-to-find figure at the end. I’ve highlighted the possible ghost so that you can see it more easily. This is without a doubt the colorless outline of a human.

You can even see his feet shift a little bit as he changes his stance if you look closely enough. With this in mind, the question becomes whether or not this person was living when this video was recorded. I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to make somebody look all-grey like this with some decent editing equipment but let me know if you think this is a genuine ghost or just a fake. 7. Three students somehow sneak into the Garland Highschool in Texas after hours to search for paranormal evidence of a girl who supposedly passed away in the cafeteria a long time ago. They stand around talking about her for almost a full minute and even jokingly make some crass remarks at her expense when suddenly a noise interrupts their conversation. They turn around and the two girls immediately notice something that neither the third friend or his camera can see at first. What appears to be a pale ghostly figure reaches out to them, perhaps in anger at their remarks.

I find it extremely interesting that the ghost in question does not appear. I guess paranormal physics do not have to follow our rules. With this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if whatever the camera picked up looked nothing like what they actually saw in person. 6. Two students are racing down a flight of steps when an insidious spirit rushes up and sweeps one of them off of their feet. A paranormal tug-of-war match ensues as the frightened student tries to free his friend from the clutches of this malicious shadow fiend. Eventually the evil entity lets go and dematerializes behind them as they run up the steps. Many people think that this was an actual possession attempt caught on video, and that this person would have been a goner for sure if not for the quick reactions of his friend. I’m not sure whether or not I believe that theory so please let me know what you think.

5. This group of friends decide to go into an old middle school that’s rumored to be haunted. The building has only recently been abandoned and it’s still in relatively good condition so there’s not much to say until they come to one section of the school that’s much darker and filled with mold. The group still feels safe in their large numbers down here and they bravely trudge through a series of musty hallways. They don’t see anything out of the ordinary, but when they put the video on YouTube later, somebody points out a possible shadow figure in the distance during this part in particular. I personally think it could just be stacked debris, but then again, I can somewhat make out the feint outline of a shadow that’s roughly the size of a child. The more I look at it, the more I can notice its legs and head in particular. Let me know if you agree or if you think I’m looking into the situation too deeply. 4. britannsmith is hanging around her dorm room when she notices something is apparently laying in bed with her.

An invisible force appears to be pressing up and down on the flowery design of her covers right before her very eyes. I will admit that it’s hard to tell if something is on top of the covers or simply underneath, in which case it could be anything and not necessarily paranormal. britannsmith describes this as a ghost in her dorm room, but I’d like to know if you agree with her or not. 3. Myanmar Celebrity and News: This girl is surrounded by a group of worried elders after school. She is rumored to have somehow become possessed by a demonic spirit during class. This happened somewhere in Myanmar, a nation in southeastern Asia that’s close to Thailand and Nepal. Tell me what you think she is being shown on the phone during this part and what she is saying in response. At one point she is surrounded by people chanting prayers as she convulses and screams. According to the description of this video, she was later taken to a local monastery where she managed to recover from whatever it was that was causing her to act like this. Whether her source of anguish was supernatural or of her own delusional manifestation is a question I’ll leave you to answer.

2. A Halloween football at Sylmar High, California picked up what could be the ghost of an old football player going for one last tackle. The mother did not remember to even look at this video until a full month later. Let me know if you think she has made a valid discovery or if this is some kind of camera malfunction. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills and I hope you’re enjoying my narration.

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After that, something seems to be stalking them at every turn. The strange banging noises only grow louder and more persistent as time wears on. I will give them credit for being courageous and sticking around for so long. This is the event that finally makes them lose their composure and scramble. This time BlurryFaces bravely tests the weight of the door himself and finds that it’s way too heavy to swing open with such ease.

You can tell he is putting a lot more effort into opening and closing the door than whatever just opened it moments earlier. Tell me what’s written in Spanish across the door and if it has any significance to what could possibly be lurking inside. .

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