5 REAL Photos That Prove ALIENS Exist

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5 Real Photos That Prove Aliens Exist

Aliens are always a tricky subject. Everyone wants proof of their existence. While others say, the proof is already here. The photos on this list are said to be real images and you can judge them for yourselves. These are 5 Real Photos That Prove Aliens Exist.

5. The Face Of Mars

It was 1976 and the Viking 1 mission was flying over Mars, in an area called Cydonia. It’s job? To look for a landing site for its sister satellite, Viking 2. As Viking 1 sent photos back down to Earth, that’s when NASA engineers discovered something very unusual.

4. Baltic Sea Anomaly

It was in 2011 when the Ocean X Team went diving in the Bothnia region of the Baltic Sea to find shipwrecks. But instead of finding sunken ships and treasure, they discovered what is now known as the “Baltic Sea Anomaly.”

3. Dulce Base Alien Photos

For many, the small town of Dulce, New Mexico is like any small southwestern town. No traffic lights and a friendly rural community welcoming of those psiing through. But there’s another rumored thing about Dulce, that just beyond the outskirts lies an enormous underground facility run by aliens and the government.

2. The Bunny Ears

Is there life on Mars? That is an age-old question we humans have been trying to answer for centuries. For many, the Red Planet is empty, just a large rock covered with sand and strange looking rocks. But in March of 2004, two months after being deployed on the Martian surface, the Mars Rover took a panoramic view of the landscape and captured something of a “bunny rabbit” shaped object on the planet’s surface.

1. Solway Firth Spaceman

Look at the image and you’ll notice a cute little girl smiling happily in a field of green grass. Her bowl cut hair waving across the wind and the blue sky with light clouds in the background. But there’s one unusual thing with this image, in case you haven’t noticed yet, it’s that curious ‘spaceman’ figure standing right behind her.

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