87-y-o Spanish inventor builds FLYING SAUCER to visit imaginary planet

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An 87-year-old inventor Lucio Ballesteros built a real size spaceship in his own garden aiming to visit an imaginary planet, footage filmed on Wednesday in the Ourense province of Spain’s northwestern Galicia region.

Ballesteros, who is also a writer, designed and built a spaceship looking exactly as you would imagine it to be: with a perfectly round roof and filled with devices and tubes.

His invention contains 32 solar panels which, as the inventor confessed, are not yet wired until the Spanish government permits him to do so.

The spaceship is 20 metres (65.6 feet) in diameter and reportedly weighs 1,200 kilos (2,645 lbs), with the cost of materials estimated at around €100,000 ($113,000).

The inventor aims to visit a planet called 10/7 that he himself made up and described in one of his fiction books.

“10/7 is because of our religious belief, ten is the unity of God and seven is because a man is hepta-dimensional. This is the origin of what will be the movie and the name of the spacecraft,” says Ballesteros.

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