Flying Saucers In Disneyland || The Disneyland Chronicles – Year Eight // 1961

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The year is 1961 and America is fully enraptured in the space race and the impending promise of everyday space travel. While that idea was still off in the distance, the fate of the future was already active in Disneyland, and another mode of visionary transportation would land into Tomorrowland as Flying Saucers were sighted at Disneyland. Plus, the first-ever Grad Nite, and the debut of the brand new Mark II monorail… all in 1961. ALSO DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ►◄

The Disneyland Chronicles is an episodic documentary series focused on Disneyland history through the years. Join ‘Explorer Jordan’ as he gives you the lesser-known stories of how Disneyland came to be, showcasing highlights of the evolution, expansion, and changes that all grew out of Walt’s incredible park bench vision.

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