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Special guest speakers including Dr. Phang Cheng Kar, International Healer Anne Jones and Brahmacharini Nishita Chaitanya of Chinmaya Seva Ashram-Hong Kong has taken time from their busy schedule to speak so beautifully and lucidly in this video. They share their wisdom, thoughts and views on reincarnation. These intelligent people come from different backgrounds yet can come across a shared view of how the belief in reincarnation can impact our daily lives. They also clearly point out how it affects their lives for the positive. Reincarnation gives hope at the same time is the truth believed by over 2 billion people on this planet.

Kechara has created this interesting video that YOU MUST WATCH. Very interesting leaving you to want to investigate more.

I thank our distinguished speakers very much for their wisdom, time and sharing. All of you really speak clearly and from your heart with logic.

Tsem Rinpoche



Have you ever wondered why some people in the world are born so poor and on the other hand, some people are born so rich?

Have you ever wondered why some babies are born with illnesses and others are fine? Do you ever wonder why life seems so unfair? To many people, there is a logical reason behind this. It’s called reincarnation.

Reincarnation is a concept where the mind of the spirit is reborn. When the physical body has died, the mind can be reborn as a new human being or into various other states depending on the causes created by the previous life.

According to Buddhism, where reincarnation is called to the philosophy, whatever we are suffering in this life is caused by our previous actions whether in this life or our previous lives. Hence, the disparity in our various states of being.

Now, is there scientific proof of reincarnation or do only those who are religious believe in it? Here are the opinions of several experts in their respective fields.

Dr. Phang Cheng Kar (M.D.), Consultant Psychiatrist & Medical Lecturer
President of KL Buddhist Mental Health Association

The studies on reincarnation were pioneered by a psychiatrist, the late Dr. Ian Stevenson from the University of Virginia. Dr. Ian Stevenson has collected more than 2,500 cases of children with spontaneous past-time records. When I say spontaneous, I mean those children who spontaneously without other interventions: not through dreams, not through hypnosis, not through other methods, just recalled their past lives.

A typical case will involve children around the ages of two to four when they start making statements about their past lives. They may say things like, “Mummy, you are not my mum”, “You are not my dad” and they make statements referring to their past lives. Typically, they will demand their parents to bring them back to their past lives.

Dr. Ian Stevenson focused a lot of research on these cases. They go through a verification process by bringing the child back to their past life; they will list out all the facts and verify them one by one. The most convincing part is that not only their memories are verified, often these children also have birthmarks or birth defects that correspond to the injuries in their past lives that killed them. And those were verified with medical autopsy reports. So, it is very convincing. And these cases were all published in medical journals.

Anne Jones, International Healer, Author & Speaker
I think the name that people use these days is ‘free thinker’. My belief system covers a lot of the religions, but it isn’t tied to a particular one. I do believe in reincarnation. And as a healer, I look all the time for reasons why people have their problems. I don’t work with the symptoms; I work with the causes. And repeatedly, I find that the cause of their problem is hidden way back in their previous lifetime.

I believe our soul is on a journey; it keeps coming around in a cycle to earth and on earth we learn lessons. Every experience we have is an opportunity to learn. We may see them as a disaster, a challenge, a terrible setback, but actually it is an opportunity to learn. And as we learn, our soul, our spiritual energy grows, our wisdom grows.

And I believe that we have a physical body and a spiritual body, and it’s the two of these together that take the journey on earth. But the spiritual energy moves beyond us when we die. It goes home to the other realms where there are not the challenges on earth.

Brahmacharini Nishita Chaitanya, Acharya of Chinmaya Seva Ashram, Hong Kong
In Hinduism they would say, you can’t get existence from non-existence and existence can’t become non-existent. So, if it’s existence, it is always there; existence continues.

And so, at birth we say this baby has come into existence.

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