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Here’s a simple paper plate craft that inspires out-of-this-world fun! Create a UFO and throw it with all your might and see how high it will fly!

All you need is a paper plate, markers, a pencil and scissors to make a flying saucer any alien would love to drive. You can decorate it any way you want. Alternate colors, add stickers, gems, glitter – the sky’s the limit!

With a pencil, divide the paper plate into 12 sections. Color and decorate your flying saucer, then – grown-up step – cut each section enough to pull a piece up and then next piece downward. Alternate the sections to face up and down. When all 12 sections are in place, it’s ready to launch!

For additional playtime fun, think up an alien language or draw an alien in the driver’s seat. Create a story about a UFO landing in your neighborhood park or backyard!

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