Past Life Memories, Yesterday's Children and Reincarnation | An Interview with with Jenny Cockell

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Do we live more than once on earth? Does reincarnation exist? The story of Jenny Cockell from England is one of the most fascinating examples of past life memories, which have actually been confirmed.

Speaking to “Thanatos TV” she tells us how she was able to find her children from a previous life, in which she had died as a young mother, and how she was able to exchange mutual memories with them. She also relates memories of other lives – and why her “search for trails of the past” has now come to an end.

00:08 How did the memories from your previous lives emerge?
02:51 When did you first remember having memories from a past life?
06:12 Were you already aware that you were mother and had several children?
08:01 What was your motivation to start this research?
09:24 How did your parents react to your memories?
10:08 Was it difficult to research all these things in the 1970s?
12:07 What happened to the children?
13:00 In your previous life you died quite young?
15:52 Do you think these memories have influenced your life now?
16:21 Tell us about your search for the children and eventually meeting them
22:43 When you sat with them together what did you feel? Were you aware that they were your children?
24:39 How did they accept you?
26:16 How did you know that you had to look to Japan?
29:41 Do you have a sense of the circumstances what happened?
35:03 How many lives do you remember?
36:27 Do you think there is a development of your personality throughout these lives?
40:37 Some people say if you don’t remember so what is the point?
41:27 So you never doubted your memories?
41:50 How difficult is it to prove that your memories are accurate?
45:29 Do you think these lives are heading towards a certain point?
46:51 Do you think that society is more accepting the idea of reincarnation now?

Interviewer: Jens Rohrbeck
Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Editor: Werner Huemer

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