Past Lives: Stories of Reincarnation (Full Story)

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Past Lives: Stories of Reincarnation (Full Story)
Discovery Channel, 2002
For educational purposes only.

For over 40 years of study, Scientists of the University of Virginia have been collecting and investigating more than 2,700 cases of people around the world who claim to remember their past lives. This documentary shows 3 interesting cases of children who told the story of their past lives which were proved amazingly correct.

After watching the documentary, you might have some questions about reincarnation like these:
Why are there few people who remember their past lives?
Why human population are increasing?
When Gus and Ian said God had sent him back, who had he really met?

Sorry for my poor English. I could only give a brief answer to those questions. (For better understanding, I would suggest you to study The Hereafter book from . You will be able to answer several other questions by yourself.)

Lord Buddha found the never-ending ‘birth-death-rebirth’ cycle of Samsara. Human beings are repeatedly reborn in the human realm and other realms. The other realms have much more beings and much longer lifespan than the human realm does. When many beings from other realms are reborn in the human realm, human population increases.

Many human are reborn in other realms for a very long long time before coming back to human realm. That is why many people do not remember there past lives. Only a few people are reborn as a human shortly after death. Those are ones who might remember their past lives. Mostly, they are reborn not far from where they used to live.

For the last question, who sent Gus and Ian to reborn? Regional headers of Bhummadeva. Please study 1.3 and 4.2.2 of The Hereafter book.