People Read Creepy Paranormal Stories

Created on April 20, 2019 at 6:21 am by Bob Wilson

Today we’re gonna be reading paranormal campus activity stories and I personally have never had a paranormal experience and I hope I never have one I think I saw a ghost when I was younger on Halloween what my brother’s girlfriend and I were at my house for Thanksgiving and we just saw one of our cups move across the table and my dad was like didn’t believe us so he went and like measured the table cuz he was like you’re tricking us and it was completely flat I’m not saying it’s paranormal but it was something the first story is the room in Trinity Hall I go to Texas Lutheran and supposedly a girl died in one of the rooms in Trinity Hall ever since then her room has been closed off and no one is allowed in except a Residence Life staff one day I heard a ton of banging above my room and called my RA we went upstairs and maintenance opened the door we saw a very human leg scratch and blood lookin stains all over the walls the ceiling was completely black and there was about an inch of water on the floor and dripping down the walls totally unexplainable I feel like I have a lot of questions right now the next one was the little girl in the mirror who I don’t like this already I went to the second-oldest Seminary in the country which used to be a civil war hospital one night I had a dream of a little girl laughing at me in the bathroom looking out at me from the mirror when I woke up I was no longer in bed but standing in the bathroom in front of a mirror sounds very like paranormal activity like Annabelle asked great movies the dark crawling figure I lived in wells Hall at the University of Wisconsin which is considered the most haunted dorm on campus it was around 3 a.m.

When I looked over at my roommate and saw a dark figure crawl out from under her bed and then crawled back under I was nearly in tears and couldn’t breathe because I was so terrified yeah this one wouldn’t make me cry for sure oh my god first of all I would ask for a transfer immediately the children with black eyes I was awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of kids playing and talking it was dark but I saw two kids sitting on my roommates bed they turned to look at me and the eyes were all black I don’t know what happened after that I think I fainted because my roommate found me lying on the floor in the morning I rented an apartment nearby after that incident yeah I would totally get out too I would have also fainted I feel like sounds of kids playing is totally so freaky like it’s like one of those things that you would think is so pleasant but the unexplained scratches I live in one of the older dorms on campus and my roommates and I have always heard rustling sounds we searched the room to see if we could find some kind of animal or source of the noise but we didn’t find anything later on that night I was writing a paper and out of nowhere two scratches appeared on my arm whoa the scratches burned for about five minutes and then stopped I still live in the dorm and I found new unexplainable scratches on my body almost every day since then if I was this girl I would just move out the door simple that’s a simple solution don’t know why she’s still in there kind of dumb the upside-down pictures my room and I would convinced that a room was haunted things would always fall off our walls in the middle of the night and for no reason at all sometimes we’d come back after classes and some of our pictures on the wall would be upside down we couldn’t come to a reasonable explanation for any of it yeah that’s really that’s no the first time the pictures fell off the wall maybe they just did a bad job putting it on the wall I’m glad she has a roommate because at least they can go through it together long story short don’t live in an old dorm I think I believe them because they have no explanation if there was a big reason behind it it’d be kind of modified fabricated if I encountered where these experiences oh I would run away I would get out like the girl that changed apartments good for her because I that’s me I would like move so far away I’m yeah I don’t know I probably would reconsider okay maybe I’m not a skeptic but also I’d be like if I die I die you know life goes on or not I guess if you die so that’s what I would do

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