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Hindu Academy aims to promote Comprehensive and Rational vision of Hinduism incorporating ideas of Religious Pluralism, Spiritual Humanism and resonance between Science and Spirituality. It operates with the education establishments by working with schools colleges and universities as well as in the mainstream media.

Jay Lakhani (Hindi:श्री जे लखानी; born December 5, 1948) is a theoretical physicist and a speaker on Spiritual humanism. He is the editor of two books related to the teaching of Hinduism in schools in the UK; Hinduism for Schools and Primary Hinduism. He received an MSc in Theoretical Physics in 1970 and is the first Hindu tutor to be appointed by Eton College for religious study. He is the head of The Hindu Academy (UK).

He presented several TED talks and television debates, challenging the paradigm of strict monotheism, materialism, and the connection between spiritual humanism and science.

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