Records show thousands of UFO sightings in Manitoba

Created on June 2, 2019 at 12:15 am by Bob Wilson

On a clear night in Manitoba you may see all sorts of things in the sky planes birds perhaps even a UFO yeah it seems our province is a hotspot for unidentified flying objects over the years thousands have been reported for for again a number of years that have been logged and some are truly bizarre CTB’s john hendricks joins us now in our studios I know you’ve been sifting through a lot of UFO reports what’s the ratio of Chinese lantern stacks like unidentified flying objects no barely it is higher than you might think there are more and more reports of UFOs being made each year now most are later identified but some simply can’t be easily explained no way I broke a sound barrier late one afternoon this summer Kent Graham saw something strange in the sky above Winnipeg something he simply couldn’t explain there I go to it right away it was an orange sparkler coming down the sparks went away and it was just a globe of orange lights that started just doing crazy moves moves he can’t imagine any earthly object duplicating it’s not identified that’s for sure and just one of thousands of unexplained objects sighted in the skies over our province it seems Manitoba is a hotbed of UFO activity with thousands of sightings stretching back to the earliest days of our provinces existence picture this 1792 that’s quite a long time ago and a lot of the West was still generally unsettled David Thompson was in an area that was now around Thicket portage in 1792 and it was winter when they said that they had seen a mass of gelatinous luminosity moving through the air and it actually approached them and when it was in a few hundred feet of them it dropped to the surface of the lake and vanished from sight UFO researcher Chris Rakowski says Thompson had no reason to make up this story and given the time period it couldn’t have been a plane or other man-made object that he spotted in the sky very intriguing a mystery one of the many compiled in a row he calls the m-files another favorite chronicles a strange encounter between a cube-shaped UFO and a group of children in Thompson on June 30th 1967 as they were playing this wind came up and this object appeared in the sky and one of the girls who was closest to it started being sucked up into the sky by this whatever it was and they actually had to grab her legs and pull her back down to the ground to keep her from flying off and being abducted by a flying cube the incident was witnessed by the girl’s father the object by the mother and neither one had any motive to lie about it so I’d have to rank that fairly high up on the strange factor where does Ken graham sighting rank rutkowski was able to enhance the video somewhat and the object becomes clearer and less mysterious probably a drone now rutkowski says most UFO reports are later identified but about 17% are officially labeled as unexplained after being involved in this for more than 30 years there is a real phenomenon I can definitely say there’s a real phenomena it’s not something that’s made up it’s not hallucinations people are actually seeing things what those things are remains unknown unidentified and a chapter to be investigated in the M files now as we mentioned there have been thousands of sightings across our province the vast majority right here in Winnipeg there have been 767 UFO sightings in Winnipeg tops in the province carmen had the second most with 53 now brandon had 45 UFO sightings there were 40 UFO reports up north in Thompson and the small farming community of Sperling was fifth with 36 sightings John most are chant a chance occurrence but is there anything a person can do to increase their odds of seeing these things yeah if you want to see something it looks like you can do something to improve those odds the I’m time for seeing UFOs in Manitoba was between p.m.

and midnight so that’s a great time to go outside and look up perfect thanks John .

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