Russia – Flying Saucer Project

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The Russians may soon have the whole world looking skyward for
UFO’s…but this time, they may be real. Russian aerospace
conversion officials have launched a search for foreign investors
to fund a range of exotic hi-tech projects such as a flying
saucer. The experimental craft is being built at the Saratov
Aviation factory at a projected cost of 1.25 billion USD. It is
one of 12 projects approved by the Russian government at all
levels with the stipulation that the project incurs no cost for
the government to bear. The flying saucer, if it works, is
expected to revolutionize many concepts of aerodynamics. It has
no wings and requires no airfields, and will take off and land
like a helicopter in very limited space. The prototype of the
craft is small, approximately 20-25 metres, but in the final
full-scale project, the saucer is expected to carry up to
2-thousand passengers in each trip offering stiff competition to
Airbus and Boeing.



wide view flying saucer in Saratov aviation factory
various shots saucer on factory floor
cu porthole in side of saucer
engineers working on saucer
engineers working inside saucer

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