The Alien Movie Saga Finally Explained

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The Alien franchise has made an indelible mark on film history and future, but with prequels and sequels expanding the original story over a span of several decades, it can be hard to untangle what’s really going on here. What’s the Alien movie saga really about? Let’s explore.

The Alien movie story begins when a protohuman on Earth drinks a deadly poison that kills him and dissolves his body into strands of human DNA, which is then dosed into the water supply. Several million years later, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw believes she has found a map and an invitation to the planet where these protohumans originated.

She calls them Engineers, and she wrongly assumes they want to meet their children. Shaw and a scientific crew are hired by the Weyland Corporation to find the Engineers on Planet LV-223, and after a great deal of trouble, they arrive. But the Engineers are all dead. Their spacecraft is filled with jars of toxic black goo corresponding to egg-like sacs that begin to open once signs of life appear.

Yes, Dr. Shaw finds her Engineers, a lifelong passion bordering on obsession. But what she didn’t expect to find was that the Engineers had set a course to Earth with the intention of wiping out the human race they had created. The Engineers never had their chance as they themselves were wiped out by an ever-evolving Neomorph, the predecessor to the Xenomorph seen later in the series.

Megalomaniacal android David decides to take up the Engineers’ mantle and infect the human crew.

After chaos, destruction, and an encounter with a revived Engineer who proves his hostility toward humans, David and Dr. Shaw escape to the Engineers’ home. Shaw’s new obsession is understanding why the Engineers planned to kill all the humans.

Was greed one of the human foibles that led the Engineers to want to eliminate us? It’s Peter Weyland’s greedy obsession for immortality that drives him to create the android David, who eventually surpasses his maker and winds up creating the Xenomorph as we know it. Did the Engineers know or come to suspect that human behavior would be the universe’s eventual destruction? All signs point to yes.

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