The Dalai Lama on why reincarnation is not important

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Born Lhamo Thondup in Tibet in 1935, and recognised at age two as the reincarnation of 13 spiritual ancestors, the Dalai Lama has been living in India for 60 years and turned 84 on July 6.

Questions of his mortality and reincarnation are being discussed not only in Mcleodganj, but among Tibetans all over the world and in political and diplomatic offices in Delhi, Beijing, Washington and elsewhere. Enthroned before he turned four, the Dalai Lama’s stature in India is nothing less than that of the Buddha reincarnated. He, however, would not agree. He says the Buddha did not reincarnate, and neither did any of the spiritual gurus of Nalanda (see interview).

Reporting by Namrata Biji Ahuja
Video by Sanjay Ahlawat
Editing by Varun Ramesh

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Soundtrack: Scott Buckley – She Moved Mountains (CC-BY 4.0)