The Untold Truth Of Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters was an unscripted paranormal investigation series on Syfy that saw its cast, well, hunt ghosts. But how did this whole thing get started? Has the team actually discovered evidence of the paranormal, or has it all been one big con?​

Jason Hawes, former co-lead investigator for Ghost Hunters, founded a paranormal support group called Rhode Island Paranormal Society in 1990. In his book, Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society, Hawes writes about RIPS saying:

“It wasn’t a ghost-hunting organization…at least not at first. It was more of a support group. I was trying to connect with people who had gone through experiences similar to mine.”

Those experiences included seeing things. He said:

“Usually it started with a mist, out of which emanated a dim light, and then out of the light came other things – including see-through animals and full-body human apparitions.”

They terrified him, but the support group and, bizarrely, eating green olives, helped him feel less crazy.

During the early days of RIPS, Hawes received a call from someone offering to improve their website for free. That person turned out to be Grant Wilson. After a period of working together, Hawes and Wilson wanted to develop a more rational approach to investigating paranormal activity, something that relied less on emotions, and more on science and logic. The duo formed The Atlantic Paranormal Society – T.A.P.S. – which was the start of what would eventually grow into the Ghost Hunters made famous on television.

Watch the video for more about the untold truth of Ghost Hunters!

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Paranormal support group | 0:16
Surprisingly low tech | 1:27
Smoke and mirrors? | 2:32
Non-paranormal side jobs | 3:43
Former hunter speaks out | 4:33
Grant Wilson’s departure | 5:20
Feud in the upper ranks | 6:29
Going too far | 7:39
Women’s work | 8:55
The Amityville hoax? | 10:06

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