These Mysterious Videos Shocked the Internet

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– How you doin’? I’m Kallen and this is Slapped Ham. Today, we’re looking at
some mysterious videos that shocked the internet. But as always, before we dive in, remember to hit that subscribe button for more creepy content just like this. (mysterious music) Many of the most mysterious
videos on the internet have been captured by
closed-circuit cameras, setup to monitor stoplights
and buildings after hours. In this video, a traffic camera caught
something truly remarkable that viewers have struggled to explain. In this 2017 video, we see an
eight-year-old girl attempting to cross the street at night. She passes in front of one car safely, but when she steps
further onto the street, a second car almost hits her. Miraculously a mysterious man appears and pulls her quickly out of the way. After she’s safe, he rapidly
walks away from the scene and out of range of the camera. There are two aspects of
this video that make it one of the most mysterious videos
to appear on the internet. First of all, the girl
is alone on the street at the start of the video with
no other pedestrians nearby. Where did this man come from? In addition, the speed
at which the man moves is definitely not human. In the blink of an eye,
he and the girl move from right in front of the car to safety on the opposite side of the street. How is this even possible? One theory is that the man is the ghost of the girl’s deceased father. Viewers from around the internet believe that the father’s spirit
was watching over the girl and intervened to save her from harm. Others suggest that the
man was a random do-gooder who just so happens to
have superhero-like powers. As the previous example shows, not all mysterious videos are frightening. The same could be said of this video from a closed-circuit camera monitoring a vintage clothing store in Nottingham. In the video, there appears to be a transparent
figure wandering around through the racks of clothing
arranged on the floor. According to the workers in the store, the ghost isn’t exactly
an unfamiliar face. The building where this store is located was originally home to
the industrial merchants, H. Hopkinson Limited. The business was run by
Mr. Hopkinson and his wife. Many believe that the ghost in this footage bears a strong resemblance to the late Mrs. Hopkinson. Apparently, this is not the first time that Mrs. Hopkinson has returned
to check in on the building where she and her husband
once did business. According to the employees of the store, it isn’t unusual for
customers browsing the racks on slow days to report seeing or feeling a ghostly
figure lingering nearby. These visits only seem to occur when there are few people on the floor. Paranormal investigators have begun examining the strange footage. For now, the employees
of the store avoid being in the building alone, despite the ghost’s apparent harmlessness. Thanks to YouTubers Streetcap1
and Of Sound Mind and Body, this next video has captured the attention of UFO hunters from around the planet. This video was taken via the livestream outside the International Space Station as it orbited around Earth in 2016. According to the YouTubers, the video briefly shows
some sort of anomaly flying outside of the space station
before abruptly ending. They believe that the object in the video was an alien craft, and that the video’s sudden
ending suggests an attempt by NASA to cover up the discovery. It’s noteworthy either
recordings of the livestream were later removed from NASA’s website. In the video uploaded by
Of Sound Mind and Body, we also see numerous other examples from Streetcap1’s YouTube
channel, also uploaded in 2016, that show a similar anomaly. The video suggests that
the same type of craft has been spotted numerous
times near Earth. They believe that these
various videos provide evidence of an alien race keeping
close tabs on our planet. Some of the Internet’s
most mysterious videos have seriously troubling implications. For example, this 2019 video taken in the Ural Mountains of Russia has many viewers fearing
that a biblical plague could be descending upon Earth. This disturbing video
depicts hundreds of thousands of flies that have recently been swarming through the villages tucked
into the Ural Mountains. The images of dense clouds of flies are reminiscent of the “Book of Exodus” in which God says, “I
will send swarms of flies “on you and your officials, “on your people and into your houses.” “The houses of the Egyptians
will be full of flies “even the ground will
be covered with them.” Some viewers believe that the flies are merely the first sign that
the apocalypse is upon us. Even the skeptics are disturbed by the sudden swarms of insects. Locals have been trapped
inside their homes in fear that the insects
could carry harmful diseases that could be problematic for humans. Officials have implemented several plans to rid the villages of the flies but have so far been unsuccessful. Streetcap1 seem to be
a YouTuber who excels at capturing strange
things going on in space. Here, we can see another
video that they uploaded from the International
Space Station’s live feed. The video appears to come from a camera outside
of the space station. At first, the sky in the background of the video appears to be blank, then three objects slowly begin to form. The objects don’t have many features, but they appear to be long and flat. In the video’s comment section, we find out that shortly
after this footage was picked up on the livestream, the view quickly changed
to show another part of the space station
from a different camera. Viewers have suggested
that this is evidence that the objects were not something that NASA wants the general public to see. These viewers believed that the objects were UFOs or perhaps parts of a larger alien craft
disguised by the dark. However, skeptics insist that
it was most likely a satellite or some sort of debris or perhaps even lens flare
reflecting off the camera. In an interview uploaded
to YouTube by ApexTV, a rapper going by the name of Lil Corey makes some shocking and disturbing claims. – My name is Lil Corey, I’m
a rapper in Los Angeles, and I am a God from another universe. – [Kallen] According to the rapper, he was not originally from our world. He believes that he’s actually
a God from another universe who was sent to our
world to try and help us. – I believe I’m a God,
from another universe who was sent here to raise
the vibrational frequency of the masses through means of music. – [Kallen] Lil Corey states
that the major problem in our universe is that there are too many different leaders, and that people should listen
to influences such as him. – There are organizations. – [Kallen] He believes
that if we heed his advice, our universe can reach its true potential, and we can all become Gods like him. To the skeptics, Lil Corey
points to the existence of the butterfly effect as
proof that it’s possible to travel through time
and across universes. The butterfly effect refers to the idea that a butterfly flapping
its wings can cause, for example, a tsunami on
the other side of the planet or an infinite number
of other possibilities. According to Lil Corey’s explanation, if something so small can
make such a massive change, it’s perfectly logical
that tremendous actions such as shooting subatomic particles into a black hole could result in a God traveling to another universe. – Small flutter of a butterfly’s wing could cause a typhoon
halfway across the world. What do you think sending
subatomic particles into a black hole is gonna do? – [Kallen] Hunting for
cryptids is a passion for many paranormal
believers around the globe. These hunters frequently
take to the forests to search for evidence of creatures that many people believe
are purely mythical. This video came as a shock
to many such hunters. In the video, we learn that new evidence of the existence of the yeti may have been accidentally
discovered by the Indian Army. The official verified Twitter page of the Indian Army’s
additional directorate general of public information posted photos of what they claim to be yeti footprints. The photos were taken during an expedition near
the Makalu Base Camp, an isolated mountain area
between Nepal and Tibet. According to the video, the footprints measured 32 by 15 inches. (news anchor mumbling) According to the original Twitter post, Makalu Barun National Park
has been a common location for yeti sightings in the past, which they believe gives
validity to the find. However, skeptics have pointed to numerous scientific studies done in the past that have debunked evidence that the yeti is hiding in the Himalayas. Before we get to that number one spot and look at some fascinating
follow-up footage to a story we covered a little while back, remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications. That way, you’ll get alerts
about all our latest content. A little while back, we
brought you the story of eerie happenings at
the Deerpark CBS school in Cork, Ireland. The original video recorded
at the school appeared to capture evidence of a
haunting in the building’s halls. Now, additional footage has been captured that seems to confirm the
ghostly presence at the school. According to an official spokesperson, this camera has captured
a second ghostly presence in the school. The beginning of the video
depicts a dark hallway. The strange happenings begin
when a loud sound seems to shake the camera attached to the wall. (hallway thumping) A few other sounds echo down the hallway. A backpack falls to the ground before a poster suddenly flies
off the wall near the camera. The alleged ghost then moves two chairs, dragging one of them to the
opposite side of the hall. The legs screeching as it
slowly moves across the floor. (chair screeching) The school’s principal believes that the grounds have been
haunted since the 19th century when criminals were hanged on the land. Skeptics believe that the videos were made using tricky editing, but the principal has asserted that the school doesn’t have the resources to pull off such a hoax. Let me know what you think. A lot of people tried
debunking the first piece of footage to come out of Deerpark CBS, but what do you make of
the follow-up footage? Let me know what you think
in the comment section below. If you want more scary
videos just like this, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out that link on the top there. Otherwise, there’s a scary
playlist there you can binge on for hours and hours. Now, in the comments section
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thought was the weirdest. And that’s it for me, I’ll
see you all next time.

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