Time Traveler From 2033 Gives Timeline of Future Events – Believable?

Created on June 2, 2019 at 12:33 am by Bob Wilson

We at Apex TV were recently sent an email containing this audio file,,,

Hello apex TV.  My name is Daryl Dean and what I’m about to say is going to be very hard to believe for a lot of people all that I ask is that you whoever’s out there listening to this and wherever you happen to be. keep an open mind.

it tells the story of a man claiming to be a time traveler from the Year 2033 in the recording he gives amazing details about the future watch this and decide for yourself hello apex TV my name is Daryl Dean and what I’m about to say is going to be very hard to believe for a lot of people all that I ask is that you whoever’s out there listening to this and whatever you happen to be in keep an open mind my natural year is the year 2033 in 2028 time travel is released to the public and humans have the ability to travel into both the future and the past I’m going to be in the year 2018 very briefly and when I’m here I wanted to send you this in an effort to tell the general public what the future holds I’m 27 years old and was born in 2006 I still remember when time travel was released to the public it was huge it was around the same time when the existence of aliens was also revealed I want to walk you through some of the things that are going to happen when I was 15 years old in the year 2021 there’s going to be a chip release that allows your brain to become an average six times more powerful that it normally is it’s because this chip allows your brain to access the Internet and there is free Wi-Fi in the future that covers the entire planet the brain chip goes into forehead and there’s another chip that goes in your right hand and this is the one that lets you pay for things there is no cash in the future everything is paid for digitally I actually have both of these chips now when I travel back in time I call it came back to the year 2018 I can’t really use my brain ship because there is no global internet the chip really is amazing though because it basically gives you superhuman abilities there’s a lot of cool things in the future speaking of superhuman abilities we also have these SOC things that once you put them on you can run four miles of our games hired it lifts things are thousands of pounds of ease these are released in the early 2020s what are my personal favorite pieces of Technology are the contact lenses that not only give you better vision but they also let you record everything you see now I know many people in this time may think that losing privacy is bad but it’s actually a very good thing because there’s no crime in the future it’s really safe I’m not saying that there’s no problems in the future though global warming is a huge problem in the melting of sea ice in the Arctic has caused sea levels to rise tremendously and many major cities are underwater in the future in the year 2022 the government of the United States announces that all food will be provided for free to its citizens what hunger is not completely ended however because overpopulation is a big issue the population of Earth is nearly nine billion in the year 2033 it may be weird to think but India is actually the most populated country in the future in the year 2025 our base is open on the moon and people can actually visit it for a fee in the year 2026 there are robotic hands released that look exactly like human hands almost all diseases are cured as well because we can 3d print organs and other body parts which lets people just replace parts of their body if they aren’t working the period of the year 2025 to 2030 is absolutely crazy so much happens people in the year 2018 probably can’t even imagine it you guys are in for a ride I assure you that in the year 2027 artificial intelligence matches human intelligence it starts to become conscious and that’s a big misconception in your time most people think that people are going to go and explore the whole universe but actually as humans advanced everything is going to get smaller not bigger and eventually we will start uploading our brains to computers and start simulating the realities but that’s later in the twenty 60s the furthest I’ve gone into the future is the year 3000 and oh my gosh isn’t incredible it’s basically a utopia and I can barely even describe it when time-travel is released to the public in the year 2028 I highly recommend going to around the year 2000 just for a trip time vacations are very common in the future speaking of the Year 2028 though early in that year it is announced that there are actually aliens that have been visiting earth for a long time these alien species that start to integrate with our society and start living with us later that year like I said time travel technology is released to the public it does take around another year for time traveling to be made commercial and it is pretty expensive at first but the price drops down over time I almost think is more fun to use virtual reality in the future though because we have these suits that you put on and you really feel like you’re in that reality you can go anywhere and do anything you can either sit down and talk with relatives who have passed away another thing you can do all those friendships that I mentioned is telepathy if you think about it talking if your mouth takes way longer than it needs to this is fixed because since everyone is connected to the internet with their brain chips you can talk to someone by just thinking I know it might sound weird now but just wait it’s awesome trust me another thing we actually have dinosaur zoos in the future I know a lot of old movies talked about dinosaurs being cloned well in the future scientists actually managed to do it it’s really amazing quote to one of these zoos because they have t-rex is Triceratops all the dinosaurs you hear about as a kid they even have woolly Manus in terms of transportation the ability to teleport is released in the year 2030 before then though plans will become electric powered and in many major cities they’re these things called hyper loops and you will drive a car into and be able to travel hundreds of miles per hour speaking of cars all cars are electric in the future as well an attempt to cut back on carbon emissions because of rising amount of co2 in the atmosphere has caused the earth to be a few too warmer also all cars are self-driving there are almost no access for self-driving cars and people don’t have to drive cars you simply put in where you want to go and your car takes you there you can watch movies talk with people and you know look at the scenery oh yeah and all grocery stores and restaurants are managed and run by robots in the future for example when you go to a McDonald’s robots do everything from driving the food supply trucks to making the meal to deal with you as a customer and as I mentioned it’s super easy to pay because literally all you do is scan your hand is that fast coming back to 2018 has made me think about how much faster the future is for everything I’m actually getting pretty bored being here I miss my virtual reality and this has made me remember that you guys still have cable TV in the future all television is internet-based speaking of entertainment many of the TV shows and movies are actually created by artificial intelligence this is because AI can generate movies that are as realistic as actual movies filmed by production companies a lot of amazing things are in store for your future you might be wondering if me telling you all this will cause our paradox it won’t even though I’m technically breaking protocol by telling you everything I can about the future it won’t cause a paradox and I believe that by telling you whoever’s out there watching this you can help make our feature better now let’s talk about how the time travel process works in the year that I’m from 2033 commercial time travel is available to the public as I mentioned it is quite expensive but just like you might save money to go on a vacation it is very common for people to save up the go on a time vacation and visit the past or future go into the future is shiba then going to the past but I had plan on stopping by several different time periods one being right now in the year 2018 this was for a personal reasons I wanted to be a relative that was no longer with us it gave me the chance to publicly tell about my story so I’m not a scientist or anything but to my understanding time travel requires a lot of energy so basically there are several dimensions outside of the ones we as humans can perceive to travel in time we have to slip into these dimensions and then sort of back into the lower dimensions and the time we want to travel to there have actually been tests done since the early 1980s and in 2033 we’ve perfected it so we can travel to a specific day in location it’s an amazing feeling of time travel and it’s nothing like I thought would be you sit in this sphere machine thing and it starts to get really loud and that you basically fade out your consciousness essentially fades out and you see nothing but white this is when you’re in those higher dimensions we as humans cannot perceive them so typically you just see a bright color like white you might also hear some strange sounds but that’s normal then you start to feel yourself materialize in the place and time you program the machine to bring you and all you can bring a few when your time travel is your clothes and a few other small items like a cell phone when you go into the future going back into the past is easy because you can just go to a time station and pay a small fee to travel back when you’re in the past and once you time travel back into the future you have to use the implement that chip in your wrist along with an app you can download on your smartphone there are a lot of laws and regulations on time traveling so they tell you to do it in a discreet location where nobody is looking because the outside people who are watching they just see you disappear a few time travelers have slipped up and have them call security cameras and stuff but the agencies that police time-travelling do a pretty good job making sure everything goes smoothly I am really excited to go back to my natural time but I just wanted to send you this out of a file and release my story to the public when I do go back it’ll definitely be interesting to see if people in the future talk about my story in the history books thank you apex TV and thank you to everybody who listened to my story i jus just hope it helps make the world a better place I’m not staying much longer than the year 2018 but if anybody has any major question didn’t cover feel free to ask thanks again have a great day everybody and hopefully a great future what do you think was that man an actual time traveler from the Year 2033 be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comments below subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss an upcoming video in which an alleged time traveler shows us evidence from the future you’re not gonna want to miss it in the meantime check out this video in which a time traveler showed us a supposed video from the future thanks so much for watching everybody we’ll see you in the next video peace out

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