Tokyo Mirage Sessions – Reincarnation – English Cover

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Reincarnation English Cover

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▼Track Info:
Game: Tokyo Mirage Sessions
Original Artist: Nanjou Yoshino

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▼Outro Credits:
Music: REM by Deoxys Beats |
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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

I’ve always wanted to redomy English Cover of Reincarnation from Tokyo Mirage Sessions and since the game came out again on the switch I decided to take the change to do so! I’ve always loved this song and I wished more people knew about this game, it’s so much fun!!! Please enjoy this redone cover!!

I’m breaking down-
All the walls that I’ve built up
Surrounding my lonely heart now
You’re the one to take it all away
My solitude
And all my pain!

I wish I could disappear

I walk alone through
All the bright city lights
I see the same fake smiles
Every night
Cause everybody hides
It’s a game they all run from
Their truest of feelings
And all of them
They all can feel the weight
The pressure
That’s just the way the world works
The status quo!

I’m breaking down-
All the masks that I wear to
Hide my cold and lonely heart now
Maybe I’m telling lies
To myself
If even now-
You still want me when I’m here
Broken and lost in the downpour
Then at least help me destory it all
My solitude
And all my pain!

I wish I could be reborn!

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