Top 10 Creepy Reincarnation Stories

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I used to think I had lived a past life. I wish I could tell you more than that – but the memory started to fade as I left childhood and now I cant remember it at all – have any of you had a similar experience? That feeling that youve seen this all before – that you were another person once who loved and cried and eventually died? A few of you will – but once in a blue moon, someone is born with a much stronger version of that. They can remember names and faces – sometimes they even still feel like their old self and refuse to accept their new life.

It gets very strange. These are my favourites – Im Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Creepy Reincarnation Stories. Starting off at number 10 we have The General. In 2015, retired Fire Chief Jeffrey Keene came across evidence which he suggested was proof that he was Civil War General John B Gordon in a past life. Yeah, not everyone can say that. While visiting a civil war battlefield, he was inexplicably overcome with emotion and had trouble breathing – at one point he even thought he was having a heart attack. A while later, he spoke to a psychic – as they talked – he felt compelled to say the words -Not Yet- … for no reason. He didnt know why he said it. Later on, he found a Civil War magazine and while flicking through it, the words -not yet- in quotations marks jumped out him. It was quoting the words of General Gordon who repeated those words while telling his troops to stay back – on the exact same part of the battlefield where Jeffrey felt like he was having a heart attack. The picture of the general also looked a lost like it.

It gets weirder though. When Jeffrey turned 30, he went to the hospital with an immense pain in his jaw and face – no cause was found. Sure enough, when investigators looked through General Gordons life, he was shot in the face when he was 30 years old. It could all be a coincidence, but its pretty strange don’t you think? Next up at number 9 we have the Golden Age. Ryan Hammons was a boy who, at the age of 4, began having nightmares of people and places he didnt recognise. After a few months, he began to describe the details – it sounded like he was remembering the golden age of Hollywood. He told his mother Cyndi about expensive vacations and the many wives he had. Cyndi became concerned that there was more to Ryans nightmares than initially thought.

Cyndi looked through a book about Hollywood and was amazed when Ryan pointed to a man in a photo and calmly said that it was him in a past life. A child psychologist interviewed Ryan and found that he accurately described about 55 details about the man in the photo – an actor and Hollywood agent who died in 1964. One creepy thing that stood out was that first, they thought Ryan had got the age of death wrong for Marty.

He said he was 61 when he died and the death certificate was wrong. Well, after doing a bit more digging – they found that the death certificate was wrong and Ryan was right. Coming in at number 8 we have the Grandfather. This is the story of a boy called Sam who was studied by Dr Jim B Tucker of the University of Virginia. When Sam was 4 years old, his Grandmother died. His father brought out an old photo album – Sam had never seen a picture of his grandfather.

When Sam saw a picture of his grandfathers first car, he pointed to it and said -thats my car-. When they showed him a picture of his grandad and friends when he was a boy, Sam pointed to his grandfather right away and said -there I am- … they told him no, thats your grandfather, he said again -no, thats me- … he then began to share a lot of details that were creepily accurate. One that stood out was when he turned to his mother one day and said that in his past life, someone had -turned his sister into a fish- … they asked him, who? He said -bad men-. His grandfathers sister had actually been murdered and her corpse was dumped in a body of water. Is this proof of his reincarnation or a bit of a stretch? Id be interested to hear your opinions on this one.

Next up at number 7 we have The Fire. This is the story of Luke Ruehlman, a 5 year old boy who claimed to have lived a past life as Pam Robinson, an African-American woman from Chicago who died in a fire at the Paxton Hotel in 1993. It all started when Luke was just 2 years old, he would talk about a woman called Pam. Eventually, his mother asked him who this Pam woman was, he said he used to be her but then he died and went to heaven. He saw God and then eventually, God pushed him back down and he was a baby and then he was named Luke. More details came later. Luke said he used to travel by train to Chicago.Lukes mother investigated and found Pab Robinson, one of the 19 who died in the 1993 hotel fire.

Luke said that was him. I encourage you guys to read the full story and see for yourselves if there is anything to Lukes story of reincarnation … Moving on to number 6 we have Shanti Devi. When this Indian woman was 4 years old, she told her parents that her real home was in Mathura where her husband lived. That town is about 90 miles from her home in Delhi. Her parents tried to ignore her story, which frustrated Shanti so much that she ran away from home at the age of just 6 years old. She was trying to reach Mathura but was taken back before she could get there. She kept telling details of her past life though, telling people that she used to be married and died 10 days after giving birth to her child. Eventually, her headmaster found a man in Mathura who said this story matched that of his wife who had died, Ludgi Devi. He too became convinced that Shanti Devi was the reincarnation of his wife. Shanti never married and continued to tell her story for the rest of her life.

Coming in at number 5 we have The Murder. Karanfil Tutusmus was two days away from the birth of her son in 1958 when she had a dream one night. In the dream, she saw a man whos face was covered in blood enter her room. She asked him why he had come and told him to leave as her husband was away. He told her that his name was Selim Fesli and that he had been shot in the ear. When she awoke, Karanfil remembered hearing about a man like that in a nearby village who had been accidentally killed. She told her husband about the dream, her husband said he used to know the man. The boy was born and as soon as he began to talk, he insisted he was the reincarnation of the man in the dream – except he claimed his death had been no accident and that he had been murdered. At the age of 4, he went to the village and talked with the mans widow. He recounted their life together and told the woman that he, the reincarnation of her husband, had not been killed in a hunting accident – he had been murdered.

The widow and her children visited the boy as he grew up and very much believed that he was the reincarnation of the man they knew … Moving onto number 4 we have Solving a Murder. There isnt too much to go on with this story. In 2015, he was reported that a 3 year old boy from Golan Heights had a long red birthmark on his head. He claimed that he had been murdered in a past life – that the mark was a sign of his murder.

Dr Eli Lasch investigated the case. When they went to a city, the boy recalled his original first and last names and the name of his murderer. A local overheard this and said that the name of the man who the boy claimed to be had actually gone missing 4 years before. The boy was then able to find his old home – he walked right up to a man nearby and said -I used to be your neighbor. We had a fight and you killed me with an ax- … the man turned pale and the boy said -I even know where you buried my body- … the boy led them to the site and also found where the ax was hidden. The man then confessed to the murder. Incredibly, the location on the mans skull where the murderers axe hit, was exactly the same as the boys birthmark … Next up at number 3 we have Anne Frank. Babro Karlen was born in Sweden in 1954 to Christian parents.

Around the age of 3, she told her parents that she was not Barbro, but Anne Frank. She stopped acknowledging them as her real parents and told them that her real parents would come and get her soon. As she got older, she told them details of life as Anne. Around aged 7 or 8, she became confused when her teacher began talking about Anne Frank in Class. She wondered out the teacher could be talking about her. Thats when she found at that Anne Frank was already a famous person who had lived before – a victim of the holocaust whos diary became one of the most important books in history. When she visited Amsterdam for the first time, she walked straight to Anne Franks house without directions. Inside the house, she was stricken with anxiety, broke out in a cold sweat and grabbed her mothers hand. She told her mother than the movie star pictures were still on the wall, her mother couldn’t see any, thats when one of the tour guides told them that they had been taken down for the day to be mounted on glass. This story goes on and on – there have been books written about it if youre still interested to hear more.

Its really interesting … Moving on to number 2 now we have the Pollock Twins. Mrs and Mrs Pollock were a couple who lived in Hexham, England. In 1957, tragedy struck when their daughters, Joanna, aged 11 and Jacqueline aged 5 were killed in a car accident. Their parents were devastated. A year went by and Mrs Pollock became pregnant. To their surprise, she gave birth to identical twin girls. They named them Gillian and Jennifer. Although there were identical, they had different birthmarks. Jennifer had a birthmark on her waist that looked just like a birthmark that Jacqueline had.

She also had a birthmark on her head that looked like one of Jacquelines scars. The family moved when the twins were 3 months old. Two years later, the girls started asking for toys that belonged to their older sisters, even though they had never seen the toys before. Eventually, the family returned to Hexham. Despite being too young to remember the town, they girls new landmarks only their sisters should have known. They were also scared of moving cars and kept telling their parents the car is coming to get them. After the age of 5, these memories began to fade and the girls led normal lives … And finally at number 1 we have Nazih Al-Danaf. In 2000, this boys story was studied by Dr Haraldsson, a psychologist from the University of Iceland.

At the age of one and a half, he told his mother -I am not small, I am big. I carry two pistols. I carry four hand grenades. I am a fearless strong person. Don’t be scared by the hand grenades. I know how to handle then. I have a lot of weapons. My children are young and I want to go see them- … the guns and grenades talks is shocking as it is – but his parents didnt even know how he knew these words at this age. The boy also showed an unusual interest in cigarettes and whisky. He asked them if he could go back to his -home town- which was 10 miles away. When they arrived, he directed them to a house and jumped out of the car. He ran ahead with his father while his mother and sisters talked to a local and told them what Nazih had told them. The man was stunned – the details matched his deceased father.

When Nazih returned, the man asked him questions about the house which he got correct. He got details about the familys history completely right. He even found weapons in the house that he had stashed in his past life. They showed him a picture of the man who had died and asked Nazih who it was – he said -This is me, I was big but now I am small …- Alright – thats all weve got time for but theres always time for a part 2 if thats what you want. Does anyone have any reincarnation stories of their own? What do you think you were in a past life? I cant wait to hear what you come up with – in the meantime, thanks for watching as always guys, my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video! .

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