VHS Tape Reveals Ghosts Caught On Camera!

Created on April 24, 2019 at 6:06 pm by Bob Wilson


Today we’re gonna find out what’s on that old VHS tape we found in the safe but first here’s a recap to catch you guys up there is a secret hidden floor safe in our house that we don’t have the coaches are there any codes in here you guys see there might be some numbers or something if I can’t crack the code today then I get to break out the power tools and just dig it out of the floor oh my gosh it’s so excited right now okay so now that you guys are caught up I just want to say this if there’s anything inappropriate on this tape I’m not going to show it I’ll talk about it’ll kind of tell you guys what it is depending on what it is but I’m gonna be very careful about what we show also I don’t even know if this VCR works hi Chell so I’ve been thinking about this tape that Corey found and honestly I don’t know if I want to watch it because we have no idea what’s on it I’m hoping we see some really cute kids like playing and opening Christmas presents and having birthdays and not something weird maybe we’ll see a video what this house looked like before we lived here we’ll see how they decorated sorry guys you are you doing that that’s why you haven’t been napping well just gonna keep this going for a little while you are your father’s son that’s all I’m gonna say about that why do you always okay so here is the VHS tape and I forgotten about the floppy drive it looks like it says sans or something I don’t know what that says right there cross sans and then on the VHS tape nothing it looks like it’s it might be a brand new tape but nobody would actually put a brand new tape in a sleeve and put it in a safe like this so I’m sure there’s something on it so now we just need to get everything together so we can watch it all right what cables are we gonna need we’re gonna need either yellow or the coax cable and we also need to find a power cable for this there’s a power cable and this one’s got the TV stuff which I don’t have a whole lot of TV stuff our modem has a coax cable right there so maybe I could just borrow that for a little bit plug that into that into that and we should be good so everything is hooked up now I got the VCR running to the TV TV’s got power I use the coax cable from the modem to connect the two so we should be good and it goes so now no no no just don’t get my hand cut I got it okay so it’s I was really hoping for like family movie shoot stuff I’m a pool chair yeah ah yes good quality entertainment this is this is fantastic I could just sit here and watch this all day what would you name what’s what’s the name of this movie we’re watching right now it’s it’s a masterpiece maybe it’s an art piece it’s still going oh my god like really do we just sit here and watch this I think you’re tripping it’s like an epic nothing watch what happens you ready nothing nothing all right what do you see oh you’re right there’s like there’s like a line thing or something well I think that’s the sketch on the TV from the time I stole it no there’s that’s true story you know you’re right though there is like something dark here yeah it’s like uh I don’t know what that is I wish I wish I could digitally enhance but I can’t because it’s a VHS how’s your day today how you guys doing I just spent my whole day looking for cables to watch this this this is what I’m doing right now we’re it’s like it looks like security footage all the most boring night ever yeah it’s not as entertaining ah someday something will happen I think if you stared it really close I don’t know I want I wanted to see this house I wanted to see like all this stuff around here I wanted to see just like another family story yeah I think it’s safe to say I can upload this so yeah this is where I made the decision or you guys can watch this because I don’t think anybody’s gonna want this what do you guys see this turned on there’s the ball there’s still something happening holy crap I’m just hoping this is a hoax like this is some sort of weird like scare tape maybe right now that’s what we should say it’s it’s a scare tape it’s something just to freak us out something that somebody left to just mess with our heads and it’s working its Bravo hey dude well good news about our floppy drive I did manage to find it the only problem with our floppy drive is that it doesn’t fit and that’s because it’s not a floppy drive it’s a CD drive for some reason I thought this is a floppy drive I haven’t seen in a while it was packed away in the closet which means we don’t have any way to actually get into this to see what is on it so I think either maybe later today or tomorrow we’re gonna go out and try to see if we can find something to read this but yeah that’s unfortunate so now we’re calling a few different places to see if any of them can actually help us with this floppy disk hi do you have any computers that can read floppy disks okay thank you so much appreciate it and I found a winner so I’m gonna go to the store and see if they can read this floppy disk for me rough roads yep this is the right place look at all those floppy drives up there this man’s got it $awesome three lights on good to go oh you got that way looks like it goes the other way cuz I the metal part there we go sweet does in fact work so they’re all good to go there it is in fact Windows and it is a really early version of Windows it’s fat12 ms-dos how do you know that means but I believe you like Windows 98 95 type stuff whoo so it’s old yes you have to get some kind of Windows laptop to see what’s on there okay so I do have a PC it’s actually my gaming PC that I use for my my vr stuff so I’m gonna plug this into my PC and hopefully that reads it this is still plugged into all the VR stuff you know I’m gonna wait till tonight where are you going blow your pants just can’t get myself out of it I keep thinking about it it’s like I have these moments of like whoa and then like and then like whoa and then like do you feel that too like we really you know it’s like this up and down like like it’s exciting but also it’s really creepy because like I don’t know it’s alright laptop is on now we’re just running a couple updates and then once this is done we’re gonna plug this thing in there you go so loud okay forgive me I’m not exactly a PC person I only use PCs for gaming and still not very hot okay here we go this is a floppy drive here so it’s floppy floppy disk drive a which I would believe is that you double click okay so it looks like it’s got two files old files it’s got an alarm file and then a dash dash X this is actually on the front of the disk so whatever this disk is it’s this and then this file I think it’s probably just from when they accessed it earlier okay so let’s try this one first the alarm it’s a WAV file which means it’s just sound of what oh it’s this thing oh yeah I think it just it just has no music found okay all right let’s try the other one what is dash dash X and will it even open okay it’s word it’s a rich text format oh there was something is this already know this is there we go alright so there’s a lot written here and it looks like it’s there like some sort of journal or something March 21st 1999 so now we know how old this disc is there’s been a supernatural disturbance in and around our home lights have been turning on and off I’m almost certain that this ball is the cause of our paranormal activity the ball is well used with the markings – – X okay so – – X is whatever this ball is and then we saw that in the video so this is definitely linked and that’s why it was okay March 30th I placed the ball in the rafters of the shed if anything is going to happen then at least it’s up there and away from us I’m less worried about whoever this is now because they seemed somewhat harmless or the title for the time being after a bit of research and talking with paranormal specialists we believe his spirit and this ball were tethered hopefully he’ll find rest do not remove this tape from the safe Arthur is in this tape that is officially the creepiest thing I have ever read okay so we need to put the tape back

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