Ware Flying Saucer – REVIEW

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***Available in HD***
This is a review on the Ware Flying Saucer. 🙂 Read more below!

Everything is pretty much covered in the video already, but here is a recap of the product:

– It comes in 3 sizes; Small, Medium, Large
– It ranges in prices from $5.99 – $17.99 ( £3.99 – £17.99 ), depending on which size you choose
– The company that sells them is www.waremfginc.com but you can find them on other websites such as:

US/CANADA: www.drsfostersmith.com, www.amazon.com, www.petco.com, www.petsmart.com, www.petdiscounters.com
UK: www.petplanet.co.uk, www.petsathome.com, www.zooplus.co.uk

– Very safe
– Whisper quiet
– Easy to remove and clean
– Colorful color choices

– The 12 inch is very large and will not fit in most cages unless they are huge.
– The 4.5 inch is too small for any animal, even baby hamsters.
– Most of my hamsters seem to prefer the Silent Spinner wheel slightly more.
– Sometimes shavings and droppings all collect in the center section, but it’s easy enough to dump out.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 stars out of 5

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