What if BEN 10 ALIENS were D&D MONSTERS? (Lore and Speedpaint)

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Two of the big illustration inspirations for this channel are Dungeons and Dragons and Ben 10 Aliens. So, I figured it was about time I merged the two! Plus people have been so into the Avengers as Dragons episodes that I figured, I might as well stick on this whole drawing creatures trend a bit more!

So, today we’re getting ‘What if Ben 10 Aliens were D&D Monsters?’ Like with the dragons episodes, I’m doing lore and speedpaint. So I came up with histories and backstories for these altered alien drawings. We’ve got Chromastone as a Crystal Golem, WIldvine as a Shambling Mound, Heatblast as a Fire Elemental and Spider Monkey as a Girallon.

A lot of the alien heroes from Ben 10 actually transitioned into monsters super easily so I’m down to do another round of this if people want! Hope you enjoy the stories and art!

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