Who Said Flying Saucers Don't Exist?

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CRAFT FILES: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ltyz7zx7skodeu5/AACnWWlv_ekax97oeS118Zcza?dl=0

“Look at that pretty pink planet, with all those fluffy clouds! Why it looks like a giant ball of candy floss, I’m certain it’ll be a wonderful place to live.” Bob was wrong about Eve, very wrong in fact. Using every sinew he had to fight the suffocating gravity, he dragged himself out of the lander only to be greeted by a turbulent hell-scape of noxious fumes and crushed dreams. Why was everything so hard here and why had he started liking country and western?

Fortunately there’s some glimmer of hope. New things called propellers are supposedly transforming life on Eve, allowing Kerbals to travel across the planet easily and cheaply. There’s also rumours of Kerbanaughts being abducted by strange saucer shaped craft that reportedly cruise high above the swirling cloud tops. This is no doubt nonsense but the powers that be neither confirm nor deny it. The truth is out there!

Hi Folks, It’s lovely to be back with you again. I had a wonderful time seeing my parents over in the UK but it’s always very painful saying goodbye, knowing that it’ll be another year before I see them again. As I’m sure you can imagine the time we have together is precious and we do try and make the most of it.

Back to the video, this one has a number of firsts for me. Amazingly it’s actually the first time I’ve shot a video on Eve. Eve is a place I used to make great pains to avoid as to get anything done you’d need to construct gigantic monstrosities which were a world away from my design aesthetic. However with the advent of propellers (also a first for me) Eve has become a lot more Cupcake friendly! The thick atmosphere is perfectly suited for propeller craft and dare I say it I actually enjoy flying there now. It is, it has to be said a very photogenic planet and it’s been fun showing it off in all it’s spender.

I’m quite pleased with the designs featured in this video though the flying platform took a lot of effort to get right. The Brabazon cargo plane came together pretty quick by comparison and is perhaps the most practical aircraft I’ve ever made, despite flying about as fast as a ride on mower.

I am curious to see how the soundtrack will be received when this goes live. I’m not observant by any means but I can appreciate the beauty of religious song, especially Gospel. For anyone (and I’m imagining this is most of you) who haven’t heard A Ship Without A Sail I can’t recommend it enough. There’s some seriously heavy hitters playing on this record, and though the youth choir are pretty rough the edges, there’s a raw beauty to their singing which just melts my heart.

Like everyone else I’m very excited about KSP2, however I suspect it’ll take a while for the cinematic tools to become available that will enable me to do my thing. I think it’s good that the new dev team are starting from scratch as it feels like a lot of the KSP code was a bit sketchy and held together with band aids and bits of string. While the trailer was very impressive I just hope that it doesn’t go all Star Citizen on us!

Anyway I really hope you enjoyed the video and it’ll be lovely to hear your feedback as always.